Rap: Two Stars

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  1. Two Stars

    Rest in Peace, Philip and James Tarr.
    This one's for you.

    Check out the stars
    How they shine so bright
    Light up the night
    And it feels so right
    That I might just up and take flight tonight!

    A sharp twist of fate
    A dark twisted state - but wait!
    That clock's a little late
    I'm a little irate
    With no room for debate
    It's emotional checkmate
    I feel a crushin' weight
    Just wanna clean the slate
    Erase all the hate
    Go back to '98
    Man, wouldn't that be great?
    But that slate's carved in stone
    Just thrown forth into a future unknown
    Two kingly seeds, now rest unsown
    In their stead heartache has grown
    And two stars have shown
    That it's never too late, man you gotta keep goin'!

    I shed two tears today
    To pray for a day when there may be a way I can say all the things that I couldn't say
    When we were far away
    Livin' day-to-day
    So in my heart you'll stay
    Oh by the way,
    I play Messfolk and Canker like every day!
    And I'll never end up astray
    From livin' my life in your memory - hey,
    I'm doin' it big for you every day!

    Man I feel like I'm freakin' out!
    My soul's so cold
    And this ain't how I was told this whole life would unfold but I suppose
    Life is a joke only Gods knows
    And only God gets
    It's lonely to laugh alone I bet
    But I won't cry bro I won't fret
    I'ma treat this life like it's in my debt
    And make damn sure they never forget
    Hit that stage and rock that set!
    It's no goddamn remorse my brothers
    No goddamn regrets

    Rest in peace my brothers...

    In memory of,
    Philip R. Tarr 1987-2012
    James F. Tarr 1987-2013