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  1. Melody started crying.

    Harmony came back with the towel, "Mel-Mel?"
  2. My horrible attempt at contributing....

    White: Forgetting to post

    White: Fire Emblem characters

    White: Nintendo in general

    White: Butts

    Black: Takumi's using ____ again?!

    Black: ____ makes even Chuck Norris cry!
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    not mines btw
  4. Maine
    Maine's slash cut through the air, completely missing its mark and causing him to stumble a bit. He watched as Anderson gracefully leaped away, with Nyx still grabbing his legs, and pierced her right in the stomach. The pain was overwhelming for Nyx as she felt the blade pull out of her chest. "Ugh... You motherfu-" she gasped, slowly rising to her feet. If it were a normal person, the stab would have killed someone, but luckily for Nyx, the stab left a nice hole and excruciating pain. Clutching her stomach, she backed away from Anderson and locked eyes with Maine. "Stab this son of a bitch would you?" she muttered as joined Maine once again as his shadow.

    In what seemed like the blink of the eye, the advantage Maine had was vanished. Every instinct in his body screamed at him to grab his rifle and start firing. Yet why was he instead gripping his sword tighter and advancing toward Anderson? He had no real powers compared to Otto's fireballs or Tyler's tornados. The only thing that separated himself and any normal person was that he had this talking shadow. The sole reason he made it this far was the fact he could shoot a gun pretty well. Without that he was useless. This fight proved his point. So the only way to get better, for him, is to embrace the suck and train. Well this is one helluva a way to get started.

    With each step closer, Maine speed increased until he was in a dead sprint, sword at his right side. Once he was close enough he raised his sword and brought it down in a diagonal slash to close the distance between the two and distract Anderson. In one swift motion, he dropped his sword,placed his right foot in the middle of Anderson's stance and shoved his head into the man's chest. and suddenly Maine's close combat training kicked in. He swept Anderson's leg with his right foot and bear hugged the man in an attempt to tackle Anderson on the ground. If all went well, Maine would be on top of Anderson, sword hand pinned by Maine's knee, and he would begin to pound Anderson in the face with his fists.​
  5. @conman2163 Finally got that post in. Ill be honest I started to run out of ideas so I just went with what I had.....
  6. don't know. Hoping soon.
  7. We're doing Little Mermaid, so this show is just an absolute gem. I get to play Grimsby!
  8. "May the Sun embrace me as I embrace the Sun. Blessed be."
  9. None can withstand the might of Telmar.

  10. I'm calling our final card. I'm calling the batphone.

  11. She became much more important to the Season. Plus, I'm on an NGE roll.
  12. That looks awesome, Melon! :O
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  14. Doesn't Chronicles of Narnia hold a ton of allusions and allegories to the Bible?
  15. I know I'm super late to the party, but I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Barren

    Way to go man :)
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  18. "She's getting upset at me early."
  19. Lucius smiled as he continued thrusting.