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Note to self: If someone has written a 2edgy4me story, do not attempt to initiate conversation with any sort of humour.
In fact, do not attempt to initiate conversation anyway.


Why, why, would you put Boston Cream filling in a Reese's doughnut??? I love Boston creams, I do, but the flavours don't mesh well at all. The filling does not belong there. You know what filling does belong there? Peanut butter
RIP Toshiba computer I have had since I was a freshmen in high school, rip.
Got rained on. Feel icky. Hair wet again. Clothes damp and sticky. The next class will be in a cold, airconditioned room. Fantastic.
Fucking bullshit ass sleep depriving bitch.

Yes, using all 4 main cuss words in a single sentence was entirely nessesaary for my feels

This god damn body of mine just CANT SLEEP! I've been trying for the past SIX HOURS to sleep and my body refuses. Do you know what I COULD have done for 6 hours?! Quite a bit of things. But no, my body decides to be a little passive bitch and be tired but not sleep. Or maybe it's my mind. I get to the sleep paralysis but nothing happens. You would think that it would be perfect to use that opportunity to do something like maybe astral project. But no, why would your body/mind actually do what you want it to do? That would make far too much sense.

The human body is the ultimate example of why middle ground is worthless. We HAVE a tail bone for a tail, but we're tailless. We HAVE shoulder blades for wings, but we don't have any. We HAVE those skin things Inbetween our fingers for swimming, but their too small to be significant. Our bodies are so vanilla we can't take extreme cold or extreme heat. Not that it'll matter because none of those would function correctly anyway because physics. the human body is one of the most worthless and overrated things in existence. And the worst part is my bodies actually quite strong compared to most people out there, so I REALLY feel bad for most people. Don't believe me? My body is About as clean as it gets. No mental disorders, only a physical injury that lingers because it was too weak to recover from a landing. Plus it gets significantly stronger than before for no reason. But in the end, it's never enough for anything important and hardly makes a difference in anything I do. My hands are super steady with God like aim so wherever I go, No matter if it's shooting/pool or whatever, I get the nickname "Sharpshooter"

So why am I complaining? Because it shouldn't BE like this. My vessel shouldn't be stronger than most. We all SHOULD be much, much stronger, But we're not. In fact, in a world of payoff, I probably should be one of the weaker ones. I've done nothing for my strength, but I'm one of the stronger people I know as I was blessed with amazing genes. That's not fair. (The only people being stronger than me are body builders, but even so I can take them down because my body can take quite the beating... For some reason)

I HATE how this world functions. So many things I would change in a heartbeat if I had the chance and ability. If there is a creator/God, that mother fucker is THE most evil thing that can possibly exist. If you have the power to fix something, you do it. Pretending it doesn't exist Or watching makes you a coward, or simply evil and selfish.
My insurance is confusing and terrible and they send me letters pretty much every day about the most ridiculous, nonsensical shit and I'm so tired of it. I now wish that I was healthy just so they would stop bothering me, not even because I don't want to be sick anymore.
Freakin' indy games have better worldbuilding and fun things to do than professionally published titles sometimes, and nobody is ever going to remember them because they didn't have an obscene budget with cookie cutter "trying too hard to be batman" protagonists. It's also really cool to have festivals in them where actual prizes can be won besides sacks of coins: prizes that it wouldn't just be better to sell off.

It's giving me downtime ideas for my campaign, and I'm kind of happy with this.
Totally fine if you want to test me, life. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Seriously, all this shit upon shit that keeps getting thrown at me tonight... It's edging me closer and closer to a goddamn breakdown. The physical and mental pain is to a point of making me sick. Really don't feel like hurling right now.
Okay, so I was thinking about Halloween. My last one was a disappointment. Most our decorations were sold off so I just had 2 skull tiki torches and a small skull that produces fog. (And rob zombie blasting XD) And then my costume from many years ago. Allot of people simply gave us a weird look and kept going, even know the child WANTED to go to our door.

BUT then I started thinking about my older Halloweens from 5 or so years ago. Back then, our house was LOADS more scary. It had tomb stones, skeleton spiders, skeletons coming out of coffins, cloaked skeletons hanging from the tree/side of our house, spider webs on the sides of the door with my dad hiding behind one, my mom dancing in the window with a costume and a black light where you can ONLY see her mask, and certain costume parts on the arms. And my favorite, the fog machine. Our yard will fill with fog almost instantly, leaving me in costume to move around in the fog as they see shadows and I can sneak up on them :D :D :D :D etc etc etc. (I once scared someone so bad that they nearly knocked over the tiki torch and they ran across the street o.o) But there was no parent preventing their child from coming to the door. AT MOST when I played dead in the yard and get up, they'll look at me and be like "Please don't" But the way they said it wasn't "Don't or else i'll be angry" It was "I won't blame ya if you do it... But please, don't." And since I was nice, I was like "Uggggg... Alright alright, Plenty of people will show up anyway -.- (Lots of people went trick or treating specifically for our house, it was nice back then ^^)

So what's my point? Well 4 or so years ago is when I say the beginning of people started being insulted over everything started. (Some may know it as pussification of america) People loved our Halloween house, even people who didn't want to be scared came to it and just gave us the asking look to not scare their child. However, now parents literally yanked their kids away from my house which is barely a shadow of its former glory, pulled them away as it was "Too scary" And the kids act shows too, my costume scared each and every one of them to the point of paralysis. 5 years ago, kids didn't get paralyzed, yeah they jumped back and screamed, but then they were like "NEXT YEAR I WON'T BE SCARED! JUST YOU WAIT!" And i'm like "That's the spirit! Can't wait till next year then >:D" (My parents loved that girl XD Each year she'd try not to get scared, but we always added something new to the yard which will get her. T'was cute. It just boggles my mind how the world went from "I'll be stronger next year!" To people not even wanting to try and overcome things in a mere 4 or so years. Did me not doing Halloween have a ripple effect that traveled the US? Because oddly enough, it all started the moment my mom left my dad and we quit doing Halloween (I doubt it XP Or at least I hope not o.o)

They say that people who have a shit ton of talk generally can't back it up. I wonder if with how big kids mouths have gotten has something to do with their parents shielding them from anything slightly bad/scary/whatever and... Well not being a parent XP People seem to have forgotten that kids need to grow. If you shield them, they're not growing in that aspect of life because there is nothing to grow from.
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I just found a noticed slipped under my door about the water being turned off tomorrow. This happens all the time in my building, but I do not think it's right for them to do this during 35-40 degree weather, when there is no AC in the building. SO NOT IMPRESSED. Even the number at the bottom of the page wouldn't let me leave an angry message about the wrong this is!
A thirty year old woman tried to beat the hell out of my daughter. I called the police after she shoved her and punched me when I got in between the two. How the hell is is possible that I get charges pressed against me when I was just standing between her and my daughter?
A thirty year old woman tried to beat the hell out of my daughter. I called the police after she shoved her and punched me when I got in between the two. How the hell is is possible that I get charges pressed against me when I was just standing between her and my daughter?
That carries over to real life too? DX It's a school rule where you're not allowed to get in between a fight but instead, get proper authorities to deal with it. (Some schools go to the extreme where you can get expelled by simply watching) Oddly enough these days, it's becoming frowned upon to stand your ground and protect yourself and/or others.

What were the polices reasons for charging you? What happened before the event? Was she walking and suddenly decided to push around your daughter? Did your daughter accidentally run into her at a park and she took it super personally?

As for my rant. Started getting a headache, had Aleve, and it STILL ended up being a medium sized headache o.o (Woulda been unbearable if I didn't have aleve) Even worse, I had 2 nightmares the 2 times I did get to sleep making me wake up and endure this pain even more DX
While cleaning the oven the desire for a place of my own just rises steadily. WFT is stuck on the bottom?! ;-;
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