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    This thread is for RANTING to get annoying, pissing, crappy, damnable things off your chest. Please follow the rules of this forum. If you need advice or want to talk about your problem, post a new topic in the Counseling Forum.
  2. Stupid dry air, making my throat so dry I gag and retch and then almost vomit. I still might if this coughing doesn't stop long enough for me to take a drink of something...

    Urgh. Why does air, fucking air, nearly make me sick?
  3. Having dry skin suuuuucks -__-
  4. I want more money for fuck sake, when i dont need i have alot, but when i do need, fuck its lacking, why cant i be blessed with a lot of money FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What the fuck is your problem, you little bitch. You've already bragged about what clothes you wear, what you're going to buy, and all this other shit. Do you not see the sense and rationality EVERY OTHER FUCKING PERSON IN THE CHAT IS TRYING TO SHOW YOU. Honestly, what the fuck is your problem you dumbass bitch. Pressuring people into buying expensive clothing? What the actual fuck? If I knew you irl, I'd find you and nail your feet to the floor with a thousand fucking nails WHILE YOU WERE STEPPING ON LEGOS. THEN I'D BURN ALL YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES AND ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH RAGS. HOW WOULD THAT FEEL, FUCKTARD. Stop being a prissy, bitchy, rich kid AND GROW THE FUCK UP.

    Aimed at a dumbass shit-for-brains on another site, not any of you lovelies. /no flames please
  6. Alright dude, what the hell? You just welcome yourself into my house when there is a moose running around outside. You knock and just walk in without me or my wife opening the door for you. You ask me 'what's going on out there?' I tell you that there are moose out there, and the police are trying to get them away from the apartments. I then tell you as we were on the subject about getting chased by them while trying to go on a walk, in which in turn you rolled your eyes like a child. What the hell man? Why must you always treat me like I am stupid or treat my kids like they were?

    Don't come to my house again. Please for the love of Pete do not return, or so help me I will call the cops on you for trespassing. I am tired of playing games with you. So is Kate. So please, before you cause my family anymore stress, just stop. I was kind enough to you when your daughter and I grew up together because she was my best friend. I've never liked you. You are pushy, rude, snarky and act like you own the place. The only reason I even tolorated you was because of her (a good childhood friend of mine). You've always made me want to stick my fingers in a meat grinder, that is how much you irk me. You wouldn't be so damn annoying if you'd just learn to ask.

    Just because you are my friend's mother does not mean you get the right to treat me like a door mat. Every time I see you it's 'How's it going Chance? Take any chances lately huck yuck yuck yuck' 'What's it like dealing with abnormal people?'

    I don't know man, what's it like having my foot shoved up your...I won't finish that sentance. You irk me, to the point to where nobody wants to be irked. Now I am not mad, I never get mad but I do grow tired of your antics. No, I don't want you to babysit my kids; last time you did they called daddy up and told me that you'd left them at the house alone.

    I think if I pull anymore of my hair out I'll be bald...
  7. There needs to be a custom bathroom for me right now.

    I shouldn't have eaten that food from the gas station- I thought it would be ok, I wasn't eating that much, just a little....

    Now I'm dizzy and puking every couple of moments- or shivering or my stomach decides to feel like it's being ripped in half.

    I'm sorry stomach, I won't do it again, so stop trying to kill me!
  8. I have had more headaches and migraines in the past month than I have had in over a year. x__x this is ridiculous.
  9. For fuck sakes.

    I hate going home with your sister! I hate her driving, she's going to get a speeding ticket like last time and then probably will make us pay for it too since "We were there and didn't tell her/warn her."

    She's going to bitch and complain all the way home about stupid fucking stuff as well when Tony cries because he doesn't like car rides. And when the fuck are we going to be coming back? Are we going to leave at 10 in the fucking night? Not to mention she takes the way home that is THREE AND A HALF HOURS LONG. Not counting the detour lovely nature bestowed upon the hill. I can barely stand her for 15 minutes let alone three hours of her in a small enclosed place like a vehicle.

    And how the fuck am I supposed to take my stuff home? Her car isn't reliable so with my luck it'll break down and we get to listen to her bitch about that.

    FUCK. THIS. SHIT. Weekend is already fucked over. Thanks SO fucking much Mr.AL's Dad! >:[
  10. Screw you Keratosis Pilaris! Screw you!
  12. One half of my face is all swollen and puffy. I look hideous. The fucking dentist had to give me 2 shots. I experience lots of pain in my mouth, and numbness outside of it. I can't open my eye all the way. I can't smile. I can't open my mouth all the way because a horrible stinging pain shoots through my jaw every time I do. What the FUCK did you do to me!?

    What dentists do for us is awesome and all because taking care of your teeth is hella important. They make me so apprehensive, though. Knowing I have to go back one more time, and then several more after the baby's born is a good way to give me nightmares. I'll be having bad dentist dreams for a long time.

    Doesn't help that I've been annoyingly emotional lately, too. I think my face looks so chubby and ugly from those shots that I don't want to be seen by anyone. I even cried about it. That's usually not my thing, I usually couldn't give a rat's ass about what people think of me. I feel... Lame. And girly. And I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. ...hate it.

    Hmpf. *buries herself in a mountain of blankets and stuffed animals*
  13. In pain from eating again.
  14. Hooray for an endlessly stygian future.
  15. I don't care if it makes me a horrible, ungrateful child. Fuck you. Fuck you so much. I come to you trying to feel better about shit and find solutions, and your response is basically just "Sucks for him!" and "Well, you can't do jack shit."

    I know I can't do anything. I know I have zero resources. I know I have to work on just my half of easing the way. And I know it's a lot to ask of you to do anything, which is why I didn't. But FUCK YOU for coming down with a negative when it's not even a discussion on the table right now. Fuck you for saying "I'm not trying to belittle your feelings" while doing just that. I'd rather you sign a goddamn slip of paper for this person's sake than spend a single cent more on me. THAT is how I feel. Do you fucking get it yet?

    Sometimes I really hate the way you look at the world.
  16. My boyfriend's best friend is getting married and we can't make it to the wedding.... T_T
  17. Had an awesome, realistic dream... and then I woke up, checked my keychain like some kid that just heard "Santa" on the roof" and goes and checks their stockings....- easy to infer, but there was not a car key on there. Dammit...

    Seriously, it was fucking realistic, I dreamt I woke up early, checked out a lot with my father (Who's agreed to pay for it since they paid for a car for my brother when he was EIGHTEEN... gahhh) got a car, and got back, and worn out from the excitement, I took a nap in my bed. END OF DREAM. I wake the fuck up, happy like a little idiot and check my things..... and... well, as I said.... nothing was there.

    It is really stupid, I know, but I wanna cry a bit...
  18. It amazes and upsets me that one of the few times I actually want to talk about stuff going on in my life to someone, none of the people I trust are around and available. And then I think, no wonder I don't actually talk to people about my life. Who cares?
  19. I'm all emotional, extra sensitive, and self conscious lately because of looking more pregnant. It does not help when you tell me my siblings will react with shock, and that my brother worries I'm "fat". Jeepers, mom. Now I'm a blubbering mess of tears... Pregnancy usually makes me feel proud and lovely, but now I feel like an ugly beast. >:[


    On the bright side, I can mentally prepare for this and maybe not break down into tears in front of my folks when I visit and see my little siblings' reactions. By then, hopefully I will be rid of the anxiety.

    'Till then... *shovels cake into her mouth and weeps some more*
  20. Oh just get over it you cunts.

    Gay marriage is gonna happen. Abortion is gonna happen. People are gonna piss on your religion and black people are gonna take your jobs.

    Deal with it.

    Be secure in yourself and adapt to the changing world. Stop whining like children and shitting yourself whenever someone suggests something different. If you're afraid that everyone's gonna get corrupted by liberal values, then that just means YOU'RE afraid of getting corrupted, which means those values are probably pretty fucking tempting to you, right?

    Black culture? Sticking your dick in some guy's butt? Letting women decide what to do with their bodies? Accepting that God might not exist? THAT'S CALLED FREEDOM. It's the Dionysian impulse. It came before and it will come again.

    Right now you need to shut the fuck up and die. The time when throwing up walls is a good idea probably won't come around again for another few decades.

    Let everyone rape the world and find out who they are. We all need to unclench our sphincters and be happy with ourselves. Stop fighting on behalf of people who you assume are unable to choose their own path.
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