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  1. Save it in all it's PNG glory before you get a like from me.
  2. It was Jason, as an NPC.
  3. Characters from top left going clockwise: Asuna Ayase, John Marston, Lucy Kuo, Asher Forrester, Pyrrha Nikos, Newt, Jayne Arc, Sanae Hanekoma, Saya, and Nathan Prescott. And in the center is Teresa Agnes, Joshua Kiryu, and Arya Stark.
  4. It's ok, Diana everything will be fine!
  5. Hey, it's a little overwhelming, I guess, but it's us, right ?

    WE CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE <3 Cuz we're all super geniuses /nodnod/

    As long as we all put our heads to it, we'll fix this like new !

    It'll take time, effort, and alot of brainjuicing, but hey, that's what we're best at !

    /prances around/
  7. Why does she have to use that voice? Seriously, why?

    No I don't want to say hello to your baby you bitch

    BIKES BIKES BIKES. That's all you ever talk about. Get another hobby you freak.

    There's more to life.

    Jo, I'm sorry. So sorry. I used to think you are weird. Now I know why you sit there with your headphones on, never smiling, always miserable. Now I know... I'm sorry. You rock dude. We'll be undead together. Braaaaaaaaaaaains!

    So... you're allowed to discuss your entire family politics over my head, but I'm not allowed to look at Iwaku. Where's the justice? At least I'm achieving more than you, rather than churning the foetid stool-water of your gene-pool's machinations.

    Machinations... I love that word.

    Sounds like paper mache...


    Oh shit! Extendible is spelled with an 'I'!! Since when?

    Are ALL South Africans that friendly?

    Oh wow, you're trying to shock your parents. Aren't you special? Yes you are, you special little dreadlocky fuzzy-wuzz. Oosa boosa, oosa boo! Wanna cookie? Cookie, yum yum!

    I wonder if she's lonely. Does she yearn like me, for something more? Or is she numb like the others, nothing seeping past the eyes and face, nothing deeper. I wonder... and I guess I always will. Why jump the chasm when you fear to fall? I guess one day I'll answer that, when it's too late...

    Ooh! A German!

    He's not ill. He got wasted on drugs last night. That's why he's not coming in. Swine flu my ass.


    Why can't I walk properly through this office? I always have to put thought into it, so I don't walk funny. Maybe I walk funny when no one's looking. So much self-consciousness, just to get to the coffee... it's not even good coffee. Oh well, here I go. Time to move the camera to third person... I'm a character in my own TV show that's about to be axed... wheeeeee!

    Oh shit, it IS swine flu. Bad karma... I'm going to hell. Sorry Scott - Allah be with you. Wait, pigs - no! AAAAGH!

    Dear Warehouse staff. I know it's hard, what with your knuckles dragging on the floor and the lack of opposable thumbs; but could you please try not to spill half your coffee when you make it? The kitchen is a fucking mess, and it only compounds the stereotype that all men are dirty bastards. And God knows there's enough cliches being reinforced in this place, without you gorillas dancing on the graves of our forefathers.

    Hmm, not a bad coffee.

    Yes, I've got my books arranged on my desk. Deal with it, Monkey-Boy!

    I wonder if my Paladin will break his code and be forced to change his alignment? It usually happens. Maybe I can be the first Paladin in the history of D&D who doesn't compromise and simultaneously keeps his friends? I've got Palonis playing another paladin - maybe he'll be the one who falls and I'll have to hunt him down like Obi-wan.

    What the hell? Now my coffee tastes like fish!

    OHMIGOD!!! YOU WANTED GREEN SLEEPING BAG AND YOU GOT BLUE ONE? CRAAAAAAAAAAAWLING IIIIIIIIIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIN! I don't know how you get from one day to the next, seriously. I mean, how do you cope with the cruel twists of fate that are delivered upon you? Now all the other campers will laugh at you can call you Mister Blue Bag. THESE WOOOOOOUNDS THEY WIIIIIIIIIILL NOT HEEEEEEEEEEAL!!! How will your wife look at you, knowing that your bag is not the green one she has dreamed of since she was a little girl.... how will you kids deal with the fact that their father is a blue-bag? The Horror... the Horror...

    Yes, that's it you two, gather around your supermarket bag. It is your temple now - your church of cakes and chocolate treats. For what else is there for you, you who will not see what I have seen, who will not feel as I have felt? What compensations for you, beyond the sugar loaded appeasments of a half-life? Do the greater things nag against your brain like a rusted blade? Or are you simply of a different sentience, one who has no concept of a higher metaphysic? As I will never feel the elasticity of time or the rumble of distant planets, so you will never know these thoughts...

    Woohoo! 12.21 and I'm still not hungry. I might be able to starve myself and get my flat stomach back!

    Oh fuck you too!

    Sure boss - I'll email 187 people. Great idea boss.

    Copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste

    Paste paste past the copy paaaaaaasta! Email all the customeeeeeeeers!

    Hmm... should I make the joke about blowjobs? I wonder how they'd take it...

    Oh you whiney little bitch! Do you really think we want you to drag your whole domestic cesspit into our office? Get the fuck out and break up with your boyfriend on your own time you little cunt. No wonder he's a lazy fuckbag if you treat him like that - you've probably sapped his will to live you braindead harpy. Shut the fuck up and stop disturbing me before I vomit in your face.

    How? How can you have the same laugh for EVERY single occassion. The exact same tone, style and duration. Is it just a reflex - you laugh at things that scare or confuse you? You strange little woman. Do you have any concept of how annoying you are? You're the reason people get pissed off with telephone operators.

    Bored, so fucking bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.

    Oh, a water bottle shaped like a car tyre - how splendid!

    Man, this website is shit

    So huuuuuuuuungry. Must be strong... no food till after run. Must get fit. Chicks dig clean arteries.

  8. Awwww, Asmo....... Let it all out..... Poor thing, the workplace finally drove you insane.....



    There will be a rant from me soon I'm currently bottling up, and waiting for it to explode in my face...... like all the science projects I ever did.
  9. I got my van back and the fucker that picked me didnt help me with the door, didnt help me with the carseat and the fucker didnt even say HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! he just honked the horn and waited for me.

    He didnt say SHIT!!! all the way from my house to the dealership... WTF!!!!!!! the first one wont shut up and the second wont say a fucking thing!!

    Fine FUCK YOU TOOO!!! you bitch.. oh sorry you had to leave your greas monkey garage to pick me and my son up you fuck! Sorry that your day was soooo inconvianced by my needing my van back you whore!!

    Fuck you! and your stupid rap music and ugly ass piece of shit looking gotee thing on your face it looks like a shit stain.. was that from your boyfriend??? you ass monkey...

    Argh... I hate you..
  10. Name: Kyra
    Age: 13
    Info: (open)
    Kya has long blue hair and bright blue eyes. Prior to her death she tended to wear white and blue, white shirts, blue skirts, blue ribbons. After her death however Kyra’s base appearance changes. Her hair dulls out turning a more teal color, her eyes change into a more green color. She starts wearing a more warrior style outfit.
    As she goes through the academy she becomes an odd girl, her primary weapon is not her sword but rather a bow. This bow is taller than she is, however her attacks from it are stronger than even a Quincys. She does not use arrows instead using her own spirit power similar to a Quincy, except her bow is not spiritually charged. Now having a normal (all but made in the soul society) bow may seem like it would be weaker but the truth is this makes it stronger. She does not have to worry about making the bow itself, instead she can put as much or as little of her energies into the arrow as she wishes.
    If that fails (or if the foe is close) she also has her Zanpakuto, two twin blades named Lily and Lexi.

    Lily craves blood and her releases aim to draw out more and more blood. Her Shikai form is called out with the phrase ‘Bloom, Lily’ and the blade turns into a shark toothed serrated double edged blade. Each of the ‘fangs’ are shaped differently and many face different directions. Even the most simple cuts from Lily will rend and slice through muscle with ease. ‘Scatter’ is Lily’s Bankai phrase and the blade seems to turn into a mass of metal shark teeth floating above the hilt. These metal shards maintain a basic ‘blade’ shape, but when she slices the teeth will rapidly shoot out seeking and ripping apart their foe.

    Lexi despises blood and her releases aim to incapacitate. Her Shikai form is called out with the phrase ‘Lexi, Arrest them’. The blades shape does not seem to change, though the blade itself does dull down. However upon making contact with her opponent, even just the opponents blade, Lexi will drain the foes energies, sapping their strength. ‘Banish’ releases Lexi’s Bankai, the blade completely disappears and creates a massive field. Anyone within this field is under Lexi’s whims, she can completely stop someone from moving, or force them to move, and she can make them unable to speak.

    Kyra herself has a strong spirit power, it is large enough that she has issues hiding it all that well without items. Now this massive spirit power gains the attention of the eleventh division getting her recruited within, making her one of the only ones within to not only have a focus other than melee but also to have a Zanpakuto that is something other than a melee type Zanpakuto.
    However her spirit power also has something unique, she can craft or mend a Zanpakuto, including ones which have been broken in Bankai state. Once this is found out she will become extremely useful.

    Bio (open)
    Kyra has never known her parents, she has no clue who they are, why she was abandoned, or anything like that. She has been in the orphanage all her life, and spent much of her time there on her bed. She didn’t interact much with anyone, choosing to spend her time playing games with herself, reading, or just daydreaming. Some part of that was the fact that others didn’t really like her because of the fact she had blue hair, but the other part of it was she just didn’t like the other children.
    Now personality wise Kyra was very quiet, reserved, she was kind to others but only if they were kind back. However there was also times where she was very clearly…disturbed. This was most noticeable any time she was holding something sharp where she seemed to have a glint in her eye that suggested she would be quite happy to just stab someone. Bullies tended to avoid Kyra because of this, usually the only ones to try anything was ones that were new to the orphanage, especially since Kyra could hold a grudge for a long time.

    When she met Sara Kyra was practically pulled along into becoming a more outgoing girl. This is a good thing in Kyra’s mind, and she sees Sara as her best friend, her sister (She’s never really understood her feelings for Sara) All the things that Sara did Kyra would follow along happily. Becoming ‘leaders’ of the orphanage, making money by betting along side various gang members, helping the gang leader make money. Sure she wouldn’t have done any of that if it wasn’t for Sara, but she also went along with it because it was fun.
  11. No, Genesis is the MG after Xover which is a prequel to the Murder Series as a whole.
  12. Glory is also fun.

    Thus also banned.
  13. No more that, well, you kind of just affected all the hotel without taking into consideration anyone entering.
  14. >mrw Atomyk likes a post by me

  15. I'm sorry, Kura, that sucks.

    I'm trying to cut down on the people who cry on my shoulders, but you geniunely have a shitton to put up with, so contact me if you need someone to talk to.

    I have a rant that can be summed up in two words:


    That is all.
  16. >mfw Marx blames Grumpy if he gets banned

  17. > Wanted to play as Nicki Minaj

    > Jason said no shit posting

  18. Working fine for me and presumably most others.
  19. I feel bad :(

    I was supposed to go out with a foreign exchange student that I liked, but she had to cram for some paper shiz coz she's going out of town for 5 days.

    I was pissed, so I hooked up(read: affection-less sex) with an old fubu instead of going to her school to meet my best friend(who's going out with another foreign exchange student). But I forgot that the last thing I texted the first chick was to tell me when she's free. And so she did, just now.

    I feel bad :(
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