Rant; lying (not looking for advice)

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  1. I live in Northern Canada and it's pretty damn cold here in the winter; we have to plug our cars in so they don't freeze

    To this end, I purchased a new 50' all-weather extension cord. And a few days later came home to an identical one inside

    Asked what it was, bf says his dad bought it for us

    1) wtf, were adults; did he think we didn't know to plug in? (That would be like not knowing our ABCs)

    2) I know that cord cost $60.00 and we really have no use for it. I tell him to give it back so his dad can get refunded; I don't want him to pay that kind of money for nothing

    He argues, says it was a gift (he's an eldest child and his parents baby him like this more than I think he realizes; he has a hard time saying no or doing things himself if he knows he can get their help) but finally says 'fine' and walks out with it (he was on his way somewhere)

    Hasn't really been cold enough to need to plug in since then

    But last night it got down to ~-18 so I got the cord out, faced my car so he could share the cord, and plugged in

    He got home later, we had supper, etc etc

    This morning I go to scrape the ice off and find that second extension cord plugged into my cord

    Even though there was no way he couldn't reach it

    Even though he told me he gave it back
    I've been lied to

    He chose not disappointing his dad over 1) doing the right thing and giving him $60 back and 2) BEING truthful to me

    I can't even describe how hurt and angry I am right now; last night he was cuddling me and telling me he loved me all while LYING to me

    I know it's just a cord, that I'm not even out money for it, but I am not discussing the degree to which I was lied to; there was a lie; he doesn't even feel bad. That's enough.
  2. You don't need advice, so I shall offer you hugs. <3 *hugs* :3
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  3. Reading this, I can understand why you feel the way that you do. I'm a hopeless romantic- the relationships I find myself in, I utterly believe that my better half should never have any reason to lie to me. And when it inevitably happens (humans can be dumb), it hurts badly.

    I admit I have similar issues, but nothing insofar as lying to my mate about something so trivial. But I hate being *that guy.* Disappointing people. Feeling like a burden. Asking for help. It's hard for me to even look family in the eye for something as simple as a car ride. Which is a rather clashing trait, as I will gladly take up arms against someone who would seek to wrong compatriots with some locked away courage.

    I'm not preaching my advice, just sharing my thoughts on the matter, how I am on the other coin here.

    I hope you can work this out with him. Kudos!