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Jack Shade

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Magical, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci Fi, Steam Punk, Noir, HORROR, and I'm willing to try Romance.

This Roleplay is currently open to Five participants. If the spots are filled and you still want to be a part of the rp, express interest. I may have room for more.

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(Optional. Voice Over intro to music)

"All concerns of men go wrong when they wish to cure evil with evil."

"Where there is a choice of two evils, most men take both."
-AUSTIN O'MALLEY, Keystones of Thought​

The year is 1873. Railroads criss-cross the back of the United States like maniac stitches. In the wake of the Civil War, the country hopes for a New Age of prosperity and advancement. Stirrings in the North speak of four-man dirigibles, and a steam-based street tram is being installed in Los Angeles. No one speaks of war, not today, but unrest is a catching sort of fever and the West has never seemed tame.

From April through August, a rash of crimes in California and Arizona leaves the residents in nervous terror. Johnny 'Black Heart' Williams, a former lieutenant in the Confederate Army, has turned his skills to a different sort of battlefield. Bank heists and murders are the tip of his operations and he leaves a black calling card stuck in the hearts of his victims. Villainy takes many forms and men are quick to don them if profit may arise.

Johnny rides at the head of a gang called the Sundowns, named for their eerie habit of attacking when the sun sets with neither torch nor lantern light to guide them. Perhaps more terrifying are the rumors that savages now ride with Black Heart and his men, providing curses and mystical travel. Identified among them is the supposed dead man Captain Jack of the Modoc tribe, riding stride by stride with Scarface Charley, phantoms championing their revenge from beyond the grave.

But the recent news is too much to ignore. Ten children have been spirited from their homes by the bandits, for reasons guessed but never uttered, and in each case there is word of neither break-in nor conflict. The Governor of California scrambles to formulate a response. His best men could not catch them, the guard cannot catch them, and in desperation he turns to the ruthless and the wretched. Legends in their own right.

A sum of $2000 will be paid for the head of Williams, and a $100 award for each of his band. And, in a surprising gambit, the governor has offered one last prize…one too precious for even the most hardened of criminals to pass up.

A full pardon in the state of California...in exchange for the safe return of the children.

With the reward warming the guns of every outlaw in California, the governor sends personal letters to a chosen few he hopes can bring down the famous outlaw. This group now rides to meet in the small mining town of Mariposa, ready to fight for gold, clemency, or something more personal.

The Ransom is set, the Bounty chosen.

But the question on the minds of the governor and his loyal entourage is a fundamental one, a pressing doubt cast on the urgency of the situation.

Can Evil cleanse Evil?

• Abide the rules of Iwaku

• The Genre for this game is Weird West. While we aren't swinging around claymores or hurling fireballs, there will be aspects of folkloric magic and strange coincidence. Most of these 'abilities' are covert rather than overt, enough to build a legend but not enough to make you a walking monster. Remember the genre.

• Collaborative Storytelling means we are all telling a story. This is a chance for everyone to shine in the spotlight a few times and for every writer to WANT to see their fellow writers glorified for their writing and contributions. This is OUR story, let's make sure it stays that way.

• I hold the final say on character sheets. Not that you can't convince me otherwise, but if I don't think it fits…best to roll with it and we'll find a compromise.

• I reserve the right to Asmo-jack if necessary. I will always check first to make sure it's alright for anything overt, but sometimes action scenes flow smoother if all described in one narrative. The worst I'll do is have you dodge things and if I want to injure you, rest assured you will know well ahead of time.

• I expect at least one post a week, barring severe circumstances. If you cannot make that commitment, this roleplay is not for you. If there is more than a week or so of no posting and we need to move the plot, I may take control of that character till you return. Should you drop out entirely, let me know please...and I will feed your character to the dramatic narrative machine.

• Any questions? PM me. I'm a friendly guy, even if no one knows who I am.

• Have fun with it or I shall be forced to feed you to Grumpy.

Name: (Self Explanatory)
Age: (Likewise)
Appearance: (Picture preferred, but a good paragraph will do fine. If there is deviation from the picture at all, scars and such, note them below the picture.)
Equipment: (Everything you feel is worth mentioning)
Legend: (This is for all the information publically available about your character. Some of it may be true, some of it false, and maybe some eerie facts may come to light...either way, this is where you should build your reputation. I'm looking forward to the creativity in this section)
Ability: (Limited to one. Remember the theme. Uncanny luck in combat, ritual magic taught by native Americans, The ability to come back from the dead (at a cost) and many more. Be creative! Abilities and legends are the fields I will be watching the closest.
Motive (Money? Freedom? The thrill of the Hunt? Revenge? What is your character doing, heading to Mariposa?)

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Name: 'Fortune-Favored' Jack Redwood

Age: 28


Equipment: 18 Knives of various sizes and shapes festooned in different places along his body. A bow is slung across his shoulder and a quarrel of arrows, saddlebag with necessary supplies for survival, and a cavalry sword sheathed at his side.

Legend: Jack Redwood perhaps knows his former Lieutenant, John Williams, the best. The youngest of a powerful plantation family from Virginia, he tried to make a name for himself against the North. They say that he was never hit with a single bullet, no matter how many times he hurled himself at the firing line. After the war had ended, Jack returned to find his plantation had been burned to the ground and his family murdered. Afterwards he became a bandit, much like Johnny, but murdered his men whenever he came across them. They say Johnny wronged Jack somehow, took something dear from him. Now the man who cannot be killed by bullets rides to Mariposa for more than forgiveness or money…he rides for revenge.

Ability: By the Gun you have lived and by the Gun you will die- Jack cannot be killed by bullets. So long as he never fires a gun again, bullets cannot harm him. They veer at the wrong moment, or inflict only glancing blows, but cannot seem to imbed within his body. Should he ever fire a bullet, he almost certainly will die from a gunshot wound thereafter.

Motive: Revenge


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[DASH=green]Name: 'Risky Roulette' Barbara Mitchell

Age: 26


Equipment: A LeMat 9 rifle that hangs in the holster attached to her brown belt. On the belt buckle is a tiny compartment with more bullets if ever needed.

Legend: There were so many nicknames slung around for Barbara: Mustang Barb, Barbed Wire, Devil Barbie. She kept up a big reputation for herself in the small Southern town she was raised in. As a kid, she discovered her first gun and used the birds as target practice. The skill scared the townsfolk as to how a lanky teen of 16, a female at that, was able to wield a hand gun with such accuracy. Didn't matter much to the family. It put birds on the table for dinner, so why not let her keep at it? Growing up in the years, the townspeople became restless and distance of her since the war was closing down to a end. They were a "no violence" type of people and 16 year old Barbara wanted to go out and serve the Confederates with her handgun. Fearful that a teen had that deep of a blood lust at that age, they demanded for her to be quarantined in her house to rid herself of the horrid 'sickness' of insanity.

Well, in that house, she found her first bottle of whiskey, and the story winds on in that manner. Practically banished from her town, Barbara only made their loves a living hell from that point. Because they were afraid of the little 8 year old girls, she finally gave them a reason to be afraid. Drunk and disoriented, Barbara waltzed into bar upon bar, demanding for drinks and when she didn't get them, she would spin in a circle and fire, hitting them right between the eyes. Being 'insane' had it's qwerks she supposed.

Barbara was instantly feared and as she grew up, she fathomed that since the war was over, there was probably nothing more she could do with her gun...except find different brands of whiskey in different towns. Mariposa was her best bet at alcoholic closure.

Ability: Booze Infused: With great whiskey comes great responsibility. Or accuracy in this case. Since drinking to Barbara is an equivalent blinking, her alcohol intake does not throw off her skills with a gun in the least. as a matter of fact, it helps! With the more alcohol in her system, the better her shot is. Since she is something of a Russian Roulette shooter, this skill helps her achieve her all too famous kill shots with the more liquour in her system, regardless of her slurring, slipping, or swaying.

Motive: Other than wanting to hop from town to town in search of new types of alcohol, Barbara has her skills for a reason. She might as well use that skill to kill some outlaws and make some money while she's doing it. Killing for Profit and Profit for Alcohol.[/DASH]

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Name: 'Half-Cut' Hal Brandt

Age: 41


Equipment: Colt Peacemaker, pocket watch, Bible, hunting knife, medicine bag.

Legend: 'Hal' is the shortened form of 'Halona', a Native American name meaning 'happy fortune'. He is the son of a German-descent missionary and a Native American woman. Questions remain on whether Hal's birth was the result of two people forsaking their cultures in mutual love, or of a preacher losing his faith and raping an innocent. Hal was raised in the wilderness, by the earth-wisdom of his mother and the academic teachings of his father. When old age took them he returned to civilisation, a travelling preacher and healer, finding equal share of disdain and acceptance.

Ability: Bone Weaver. If he focuses hard enough, and has line of sight, Hal can weaken a single bone within a man or animal. The larger the bone, the more he has to concentrate. By weakening the bone, this makes it more susceptible to break when force is applied.

Motive: 10 years ago, when preaching in a village, Hal won the affections of a lonely farm girl and with her embarked on a secret affair. She was only 17. She bore him a child yet when she saw its half-cast features she tried to drown it, for fear of how the village would judge her. Hal stopped her and took the child away. He raised the boy, Nate, by himself and told him that his mother had died in labour.

Seven nights ago, Nate was taken from his bed. Hal rides to reclaim his son.

Name: Zhang Meng
Age: 35




The anti-cavalry saber of the Chinese. It has an extra long hilt in order to allow you to wield it comfortably in a two-handed grip. As its name suggests, it is extremely effective if you are on foot and going up against a rider, and even more so when you are on a horse.


Zhang Meng carries about eight of these around. They are a little too heavy to be thrown further than 5-10 metres accurately but he does use them for combat in cramped spaces when his anti-cavalry saber does not apply.

Whispers are abound that he is one of the many sons of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, though in the Machiavellian court his mother was framed as a traitor and killed and his entire family. He was the only one that managed to escape, fighting his way out with a team of loyal bodyguards. However, he was the only one that survived and managed to get on the ship that was bound for America - A land outside the sphere of influence of the Qing Dynasty. A place where he could be safe. On the ship he learnt English from a contracted tutor and when he arrived in America he parted ways with the crew, out to forge his own path. They say that his skill in martial arts is legendary, magical, even and that he can kill a man with a single, well-placed punch.

From his training in the field of martial arts, Meng's physical strength has surpassed human levels. It has been said that he would stop a charging bull in its track by catching its horns and proceed to wrestle it to the ground.

To forge a new path in life.

Name: Charlotte "Crimson" Calaway

Appearance: The little lass may have been considered a cute little thing, perhaps before a closer examination. Barely standing over five and a half feet, with a feminine frame that offered blatant insight to the curves laying beneath. Hair was a bright auburn while emerald green eyes offered a stunning if not intense contrast. Facial features were angular, with high cheek bones and a thin pointed jaw line. Attire was intricate yet deceptively simple. A pair of sturdy black boots adorned each foot, and raising upwards they met a matching pair of black trousers that remained fastened to plush hips with the assistance of suspenders. A long sleeved white blouse hung comfortably across shoulders, laying beneath a thick dark grey waist length coat, and to finish it off a black duster sat atop her head.

Equipment: While a pair of Chamelot Delvigne Model 1873 Revolver's sat upon her hips, you would be hard pressed to ever see her drawing those puppies. Instead, if you had the misfortune of drawing her attention a wide variety of blades were always found lurking upon her person, whether their intent is for being thrown, slashing, or stabbing was not always clear until she was upon you.

Legend: Her notoriety came from how she dealt with her enemies more then it came from anything else. Her name was known amongst the west, and while she may not have been known in smaller circles some of the godless acts committed upon men of sin was enough for people to quickly learn. She is known as a mercenary, originally starting at a young age having killed a corrupt Sheriff within her hometown along with his four deputies with nothing but a few blades. From there, the stories ran more and more rampant and wild, some claim her as a sadist killing for the enjoyment, others claim she is the hunter of men simply looking for another bounty. Perhaps, both are a bit true.

Ability: The Judge and Jury - Charlotte's notoriety has increased of recent years, having lost a close friend and what others would have considers her 'right hand man'. After going through a particularly brutal depression, she eventually recovered only things no longer remained the same. Now, when she moved from town to town and spoke to the inhabitants.. it was as if she could look into their souls and see their sins. Who they've killed, that they've stolen, and how corrupt they were.

Motive: Money, is the main reason for her choosing such an endeavor, however that does not necessarily mean she didn't have an ulterior motive such as her enjoyment in mind.

( I Totally took that Idea of yours Jack, I hope you don't mind! xD )

Welp, I already talked to you about a spot, but now it seems here's already full up. Just let me know if that's the case.
Alright. I've decided to let in those with current interest. If you have a great idea or character, post it up. In order to control the flow of characters, I may have some in the first chapter, and introduce others in the second. But as for now, those who have shown interest are hereby authorized to submit a character.
[size=+1]Name: Jacob Cha'tima
Alias: 'Jake of Shadows'
Age: 23
  • A pair of Colt revolvers
  • Tomahawk
  • Winchester 1873 Repeater
  • Horse
  • Medicine Bag
Legend: When Kintpuash, Chief of the Modoc tribe and known better as Captain Jack, rode to war against the US Army his brother Cha'tima rode with him.

He fought in the Battle of Lost River, held off US soldiers from the stronghold his brother settled in. It is said it was Cha'tima who shot General Canby on his brother's orders, leading the ambush group to the meeting with his uncanny skill with stealth and disguise. His skills earned him the nickname 'Jake of Shadows' from the Army forces attempting to track and kill him, a sign of respect that he quickly adopted for his own. The brothers hoped to drive the Union forces away so that the Modocs could return to their ancestral home they had been deported from.

Yet it was all for naught. Captain Jack was eventually betrayed by his own followers and executed. The Modoc warriors splintered into factions and gave up the fight or were killed. Soon only Cha'tima was left, a solitary warrior who's ability to remain unseen has meant that he has never been captured, despite the bounty on his head for his part in the killing of General Canby.

Now he has heard tell that his brother rides once again, in the service of the outlaw Johnny 'Black Heart' Williams. Styling himself Jacob Cha'tima he has come to answer the governor of California's call. Not for the money. Not for the pardon. But to save his brother from whatever dark magic has forced him into the service of Williams.

He will put Kintpuash's spirit to rest, or he will die trying.
Ability: THE SILENT STEP - Jake's skill at stealth, tracking and hiding are legendary; it is said he is capable of hiding from Death himself. Through the ritual scarification he has covered his body with it is said it is even possible for him to turn invisible for short periods of time, completely removing any signs of his presence from the earth.
Motive: To save his brother's spirit.[/size]

That's that, chief. Hope it works okay; I've tried to tie him into the history of the Modoc War and Kintpuash as well as I can, but if something's off just let me know.

Name: A'Way Tuk'e'm (Lunar Mountain Lion)

Age: 27

Appearance: [SPOILI]
[/SPOILI] Note: She does not travel around with her full native american clothing. Instead she wears Levi's, and a leather shirt fashioned from buffalo skin. She also wears cow hide boots with spurs.

Equipment: A'way carries with her a Colt SAA, with enough ammo on her to last her a few more shots. Her close comrade is a Paint Horse whose name is I'saw, meaning Sun. Strapped onto her back is a quiver of arrows and a bow.

Legend: It's well known that Tuk'e'm was the former lover of Johnny. No one knows for certain how long the two of them were together or if Johnny had taken her in as a slave. At some point she left the Sundowns gang but not without residents of California spotting her with child. When she returns her belly is flat, there is war paint smeared over her face and she's wearing Levi's. The government has avoided arresting her due to her allegations of being enslaved by Johnny. It is believed she stayed with her tribe, the Chumash, before being called away.

Tuk'e'm did participate in the nightly raids, seen often at Johnny's side. Many remember her long black hair fanning out behind her and her ear piercing war cry.

Ability: Night Vision - It's believed that this was how the Sundowns may have performed their raids during the night.

Motive: Revenge and Money

Name: Li Jia a.k.a Julie Lee a.k.a Remington Julie Lee

Age: 24


Equipment: Julie Lee carries a pair of .44 calibre Remington New Models,decorated with mother of pearl, each with three spare pre-loaded cylinders. She carries an old army knife in one boot.

Legend: Legend has it that Li Jia was born to Chinese Immigrants working on infrastructure projects in California. When she was a child, her family took her to see a small trick shot show and she caught a feverish love of guns and horses that would last til this very day. Intent on making money to help her family, she apprenticed to a local trick shot champion and learned from age thirteen onward. She started performing, specializing on shooting while riding and making ricochet shots that would keep audiences in awe. It was said she would often ride through her own ricochets, never once getting hit. She knew, it was said, just where the bullets were in the air. She performed under her given name for a time, until a man by the name of Stanley Travis saw her one night. He signed her to a traveling wild west show, and her trick shots drew crowds from miles around. So many people were put off by the thought of a Chinese trick shot artist that her name on the posters was changed to Julie Lee, the Remington Rider.

Ability: Uncanny Trajectory. As long as Julie can see the gunman, she can predict where the bullet fired will hit as soon as the gunman aims. This gives her a split second to dodge out of the way or decide to try to get her own shot off.

Motive: The show doesn't pay well, especially to a woman. Julie Lee's manager keeps most of her money, and her family needs what help she can give, so she rides to collect the reward to help her family.
Remade my ability.
Alright all. I'll be working on the IC this weekend, so it should be up by Monday. Those who haven't added their profiles *stares at Revision and Orion* or edited *Stares at Synaptic* Should do so post haste.

Jake, Charlotte, Hal, Sally, Barbara, and Jack will be the first active players in the chapter. The rest of you will be introduced by Chapter 2 or 3.
Yeah Jack. Don't secretly start the IC and not tell us.
It's part of the mystery! The thrill of the hunt!

We must lie in wait and search for signs of the thread ourselves. The first to happen upon it gets the kill.
I bet it's already at Chapter 2. :(
Noobs. We are already finishing it up.