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Random's Interest check

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lawful Random, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. reetings!
    My name is Random and welcome to my fresh new interest check!

    -I'm twenty years old student, trying to get my degree from international relationships (hail future unemployment!)
    -I'd consider myself to be able to roleplay on high-casual level, but grammar in my posts may be a little bit off since English isn't my first language.
    -Can reply on daily basis most of the time and will always come with proper apology and formal offering of imaginary cookies if I make you wait longer.
    -My posts usually range from two to four paragraphs.
    -I'm pretty talkative and friendly in OOC. Don’t be afraid to chat.
    -My sense of humour can be little bit strange (read: dark or nonsensical at times)
    -Romances are nice, but not obligatory. Also, I prefer female x female relationship, though exceptions can be made.
    -World-building is huge hobby of mine.
    -I love all things weird and original; don’t be afraid to release your inner Dali.
    -Pretty much no limits when it comes to more „controversial“ stuff (gore, violence, swearing, or even incest, etc.).

    -Be at least eighteen years old.
    -Activity is encouraged.
    -Be friendly (or at least polite).
    -Should you disappear for a while, let me know.
    -Don't force me to drive plot forward just by myself.
    -Don't post one-liners.
    -Don't be afraid to twist the plot a little if things get stale.
    -Have fun!

    -Dark/High/Urban/Science Fantasy
    -Science fiction (space operas, mechs, alien invasions)

    -Noble x Peasant
    -Rogue x Lawman
    -Priest x Demon
    -Cultist x Angle
    -Hunter x Dangerous prey
    -Mentor x Apprentice
    -Sith x Jedi
    -Madman x Unwilling accomplice

    -Star Wars
    -Dragon Age
    -Mass Effect

    Thanks for reading and please, let me know if this sparked any interest!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.