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  1. Its been a long couple days and i am in the mood for random things. Anyone got anything that can put a smile on my face?
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  3. I think you'd like this. Everyone I've shown it to has.
  4. Woo I'm the actual 1%!
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  5. Here's another one. :)

  6. There's this big problem with me liking these videos where dubstep gives me nausea, headaches, and a big driving urge to jump off the Fraser bridge, all at the same time.
  7. Well I've always described the videos as a way for me to feel high without actually being high. :P
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  8. You don't like that video?
  9. Neither did I really.
    But I have yet to see UP, so I'm suspecting it's a matter of not really being able to relate.
  10. It hurt my head >.>

    I just don't have the energy for dubstep anymore.
  11. First of all, that's not dubstep.

    Second, you're a poo. And so is @Gwazi Magnum.

    I kid.
  12. I may be a poo, but I'm a kick-ass poo.

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  13. This was beautiful hahaa

    Ive seen this hahaa I saw another one that was about Hermione from Harry potter and out was my ringtone for the longest time.
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  14. My roommate laughed get fucking ass off hahahaa
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  15. Can you link it? :P

    Though this did remind me of this vid.

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