PROMPT Randomly Generated Character Challenge!

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  1. Greetings roleplayer!

    I haven't done any challenges in a while, in face there are so few here who would remember me doing a weekly challenge but here I am again playing around with the random generators! Well I had to MAKE them first...

    Randomly generating characters can be fun but all you get is a bunch of sentences that have nothing to do with each other which can be great for getting ideas or overcoming blocks but the real trick is making them work seamlessly as a character, or plot, or whatever you're generating.

    So that is the challenge, take this character I have generated completely randomly using one of the forums' generators and make the best character you can!


    Challenge: Flesh out this character!

    Name: No Name, make your own!
    Maid Types: Pure (Affection +1, Cunning -1) and Heroine (Will +1, Luck -1)

    Athletics: 3
    Affection: 4
    Skill: 2
    Cunning: 0
    Luck: 0
    Will: 3
    Favor: 8
    Spirit: 30

    She is childish, young, innocent, cute, and sweet.

    Uniform: Navy.
    Hair: Orange.
    Eyes: Green.

    Special Features:
    1: She has an unusual uniform: tights (treat as a skirt).
    2: She is an android/gynoid.
    3: She is a vampire.
    4: She is a princess.
    5: She is greedy.
    6: She has magic: she is a fortune teller who can read the future.

    Stress Explosion: She starts eating like crazy.

    Roots: She became a maid to acquire the skills to be an ideal bride one day.
    Weapon: A seemingly endless supply of shurikens or kunai.
    Maid Power: World for Two: By taking 1D6 Stress, she can create a ′world′ for her and one other character, where for 5 minutes no one else can intrude.
    As you can see there are a lot of elements that at first don't seem to go well together, but that's where creativity comes in. Go on, give it a bash!
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  2. Android vampire. Oh my.
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