Random Zombie Cat Poem?

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  1. So...zombie alice in wonderland anyone?

    One has intruded, one has come through, down the rabbit hole, bad rabbit you.

    Visitors are banned, they are not to be here, you went along anyways, white rabbit, and brought us a deer...

    Now what shall we do, what can we say, your actions conflicted the rules and the way.

    Bring them back, make them leave...or I'll tear them to shreds...best you believe...

    My claws are sharp, as is my mind. Rabbit, do you think, you can hide it this time?

    I know you've brought them previous, those smart, idiotic things,

    but this time my patience wheres dangerously thin.
    Those who live here call me abomination, no, my friend, they do not use their imagination.

    A zombie, undead, is what I am to be. A cat, named Cheshire, is what you shall see.

    I was hired, no inquired, to take care of those who intrude,

    and your toys, dear rabbit...never elude.

    I've killed them all, every last one, those strong little weaklings you like to have come.

    Now my final warning I shall say to you, hare,

    and suggest you keep it in mind, unless you don't care...

    The next time you bring one through your little till,

    I suggest you run...because you'll be my next target to kill.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.