Random Writing Prompts

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  1. 1) You awaken speaking a different language/out of order like Yoda, but to you, you sound totally normal. What caused this, and how do you change it back?

    2) Your girlfriend/boyfriend hits you with some very sudden news; They're pregnant. However, you know for a fact you have never slept with eachother and you don't drink. What happened and whose child is it?

    3) You fall asleep with your world normal and happy. When you wake up, you are in a dark rainforest. Everyone else in your city is too. You have been teleported there and now you must survive by all means necessary. There is no way of getting home. Write what happens.

    4) Your dog is acting odd. S/he's been an inside dog all his life, and he only goes outside when you take him out. Why is he acting strangely, and can it be fixed?

    5) It suddenly comes to your attention that your worst nightmare has surfaced; You're at school totally bare-assed. How do you cope with this embarrassment?Has anyone else noticed your nakedness?

    6) You are born into a Cult. There are two big rules to this cult: "Do Not Murder the Chief," and "Do Not Go Outside." You live in a deep, very complicated thread of caves, so this doesn't seem so bad. Then you discover an entrance to the Upland.

    7) You are a rat. You were once a Pet, but then your Family goes on vacation and leaves a petsitter. Said petsitter hates rats and throws you on the streets. The heavy rain forces you to take shelter in an abandoned Hotel far away from the Town. You are shocked to see a whole Society of rats and mice have taken up residence in this Hotel. The higher the floor you live on, the richer you are. How do you rise through the ranks? Or do you try to find your way back home?

    8) A massive plague has swept through the world. You live on the only Healthy Country left: Australia. What happens when you go for a normal Checkup and discover you have contracted this deadly virus?

    9) For years a secret society has been building. You are the Leader of this secret society; You hope to overthrow the country you live in and induce Anarchy. You have over 1,000 members in your Secret Society. What happens when a few members start preaching of a better world, and start turning people against you?

    10) The Ice Age has returned. You were born not long after it hit. You are accustomed to the cold weather and having to eat snow for water. But one day, you wander off and discover true Warmth for the first time in a small paradise buried under the ice. What do you do?Do you go back and tell everyone else? Do they believe you?

    Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of these. Post writing prompts of your own! I'd love to see them.
  2. !) Normal, I am. Care, I do not.
    2) I would laugh and take her to the hospital to get thoroughly examined, and if she is, have the baby tested after aborted to find out who's it actually is.
    3) First, I would look for food, most likely berries or other things assuming this rain forest is realistic. Second, I would have the people that are addicted to drugs go search for mushrooms or raw tobacco plants. Next, we would need to make a place to lodge, meaning find a cave system or something relevant. Then, we would need tools, so carving wood with sharp rocks or just bashing wood with rocks might work for a quick fix, but only temporary. Once we actually have tools, then we can worry about making houses or whatever we need to survive. After those things, It would just depend on the needs of the people there.
    4) Depends on your definition of strange, is he talking or is he climbing walls? Regardless, I'd send it to the vet.
    5) Being naked is natural, you other people are just jealous for one thing, and being nude is not my greatest nightmare. My greatest nightmare is that there would be no more food on Earth, that it would be all teleported to Mars.
    6) I would murder everyone but the chief and myself, then force the chief outside so I can then murder him and be the new chief, of which there would be no point in.
    7) I would rise through the ranks by being the best rat there is and a lot of murder. By the time I would be done, there would be only me in that hotel, of which I would grab all the money and then go home to that babysitter and eat her heart out from her now dead corpse.
    8) I have the virus? hmm, I think I would burn myself over the ocean.
    9) I would gather the few members together and tell them "you may have this organization, if you survive killing one another." Then I would just get some popcorn and enjoy.
    10) I would go get four women and one other guy and then go back to the warm area. I don't need a whole tribe with me to start up a tribe.

    1: Your cat is very active normally, but one day it just seems lazy. What do you do and what happened?