EXERCISE Random Word Inspiration 9

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  1. Thoughts can be fickle things. Sometimes all it takes are a few words to spark an idea and those same words can have a different effect on everyone.


    What do these words inspire in you?
    Write whatever comes to mind, be it poem or prose. It doesn't even have to include the words if you don't feel like it!



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  2. With fingers trembling from excitement, I slid the glass slide carefully underneath the lens of the microscope and tried to remind myself to breathe normally. My twitchy movements caused the process of adjusting the stand height to take longer than it should have and my frustration multiplied when it was my own fingers causing the holdup. Eventually, though, I had adjusted the knobs just right to look closely at the mounted specimen. My breath caught in my throat as I marveled at the delicate structures laid bare for my eyes, the innermost workings of the parasite at my fingertips.

    Quickly, I tore my eyes from the microscope and fumbled in the pockets of my labcoat for a pen. The papers strewn across the table were littered primarily with complex calculations and notations that would make little sense out of context. For the actual observations, though, I would have to use the cipher that we had agreed upon. My tongue poked at the gap between my right canine and incisor while I mulled over the first few words that I wanted to use and how to write it in the agreed-upon code. There were several steps and I considered briefly having to write out my pre-planning for the message to get the pair substitution portion correct. I discarded that idea almost at once, unwilling to deal with the consequences if he visited my lab by mistake and saw a scrap piece of paper with partially coded text on it. As good as a key, he'd say.

    Before I had even begun to write the first word, I heard the click of a gun's hammer. I spun to face the sound, swiping the microscope off of the table as I did so. The next instant, I felt an immense pain rip through my chest and I crumpled to the floor. From my lowly vantage point, all I could see were the gleaming black leather shoes that the man was wearing. The edges of my vision started to fade to black, details becoming harder to focus on. I felt at the wound with my fingers, soaking them in my own thick, warm blood.

    "You bitch."

    I took pleasure, though, in the anger reverberating in his voice when he discovered that the slide had broken into pieces on impact. I reached up with my bloodied hands to smear as many sheets of calculations as I could reach before the man pistol-whipped the side of my face, knocking my body into a slump against the table.​
  3. You know what bothered him the most? The stares.

    The entire village came to see how the infamous.... what did they call the group here again? Parasite squads? He didn't understand how they could know what a parasite is, yet call them by that. Parasites don't benefit you. Hence the name parasite. He's sure it probably had some long deep meaning originating from the ancient Greeks and is oh so incredibly important to someone. Luckily he wasn't that someone.

    The kids he could forgive. Those who manage to break the hold of their parents or never had one to begin with anyways. He wondered how alien he must look for this rural backwater. They probably thought they were some sort of devil come to life. They are so very fond of giving things a spiritual meaning after all. No matter. A job's a job. Some rich bastard decided that this little town in the middle of fucking nowhere had to survive this civil war. Oil maybe? But why not disclose it then? If some artillery shell, however unlikely it is for them to have that kind of firepower, were to dig too deep, massive problems for the potential Oil Baron... or did they call them kings? This wasn't necessary, he had to prep Misha.

    He reached into his bag and pulled out a long, tubular mass seemingly made of hard shells. There was a little hole on the top of the pillar like structure. He unceremoniously jammed his middle finger in there and let Misha have a taste of his blood. As expected, she unfolded like pop up and quickly swallowed his entire forearm. From there needles dug in, supplying her with the blood she needs. Then as a thank you came out the tip of a bone spear. Twice the penetration of a bullet, lower speed but a lot more power. Renewable too. Perfect for operations like this where they had to drop off the radar for a month. Murder on food intake though. He and his three team mates eats as much as three times their actual amount. Though that's easily handled with the engineered crops and some good old fashion hunting and fishing.

    Before he went to his nightly patrol, he scribbled a bit into his journal. They'll sure as hell won't let him talk about what happens here, so he kept it in a neat cipher that looks like poetry and myths. It kept him sane, kept the Company looking like saints, and above all else didn't let him get impaled between the ears. All's well that ends well.
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  4. Cipher wasn't dead. True they were disbanded two times by two outliers that managed to get their hands on a snag machine, but that didn't mean it was completely dead. No, they were still there, underground, organizing to take back what was there's. They waited and experimented on the Pokemon they captured, closing their hearts and making them the perfect tools for conquest. And what luck! They found, from other regions, more legendaries they could hope to capture and make them bend to their will.

    They watched as they captured one such legendary and closed its heart. Yes, this one would bring them back to their former glory, the ones that stayed thought. But they needed to make sure that no one was watching them, no one was looking for them. They paid close attention to the outside world of Orre, trying to find gaps and closing them. They listened to the news of XD001 being purified and seethed with hate. It was supposed to be unable to be purified, how did they do it? It was back to the drawing board for how to close a Pokemon's heart permanently.

    And so they continued their research, hidden from the rest of the world as they plotted to take over the Orre region. And hey, maybe they could try the whole world later.
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