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  1. Thoughts can be fickle things. Sometimes all it takes are a few words to spark an idea and those same words can have a different effect on everyone.


    What do these words inspire in you?
    Write whatever comes to mind, be it poem or prose. It doesn't even have to include the words if you don't feel like it!



  2. The hand slid the piece representing the northernmost battalion forward, across the border, with a lazy movement. One could almost have mistaken the casual shove as an accident from the man with his chin resting on the other hand, his half-lidded eyes studying the board in front of him with an expression that conveyed a sort of ennui. The man standing behind him, however, knew better. He knew the gears that were whirling rapidly behind that indifferent mask and was well aware that the movement of the piece was no mistake, even though he might have wished it was.

    "We will send this unit first, to draw their attention and concentrate their fire on this location" another push of the piece, sliding it to a copse of trees a little to the right hand side "while these two support units maintain the utmost stealth and wipe them out from this side in the night". When he moved the two other units toward the left side of the enemy piece, the other men who were watching his movements intensely gave a small frown. The pieces seemed so simple when he moved them around the board like this and the way that he presented his ideas was simplistic and unnervingly matter-of-fact but when it came time to analyze situations, he always seemed to know what to do and his prestige was an indication of his skill. This was not the real bulk of his command, anyway. He would save his thoughts for those who could understand him. Louis, watching from his right elbow, knew that this was dumbed down a little for his benefit and some of the men watching from around the table.

    "When it is all said and done, we will have what is rightfully ours" he finished, laying his hand on the table at last with a satisfied smirk. Louis shifted with some discomfort behind him, mulling over the scenario in his head. "They will declare it an act of war, of course, William".

    William turned his head, lifting his chin to look Louis in the face as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "I would be surprised if they did not". Clutching the string of beads in his pocket, Louis swallowed and thought of the lives that would be lost and wondered briefly if there would come a time when he could ever atone for the chaos he was about to help unleash upon the world.
  3. Not to derail, I shall post mine! And then, I will give three words that the next post will need to use! ^_^

    "Smiles, Smirks, grins and laughter, it is all I desire in the life I choose to live. The word choose is a very unfair word to use though, I prefer the word indoctrinated more than the word choose in many situations. Because you will always choose the path you are indoctrinated to believe in, until you have experienced all their is to experience then you will only be bias in the decision making that you've made and will make today. And on this day, after class, I have to entertain you because you believe that my way of life is not only villainous and evil but also because it clashes with what you believe in and not only that, but what the academy believes in, what your family believes in and what this country believes in. Not only do you not support freedom for those wanting to celebrate what is consider a heretics foolery but you refuse to atone for what is clearly wrong.

    You honestly believe that law should dictate moral and social activities of non violent behaviors because you disagree or believe those activities to be too uncivil; if you do then go ahead, walk out that day and leave my class. Wait until next year, I will never raise a sheep up into a wolfs status because only then you will have the sheep's mind and soul; never will that sheep trapped in a wolfs body actually act like a wolf, speak like a wolf. What you are wearing is an absolute travesty, how dare you wear such a uniform in this class. Matter of fact, I forbid it if you even so much as hear a whisper of what I am teaching, because you don't deserve it. You are absolutely blinded by the prestige your family has created, policing the world will not last very long.

    Prestige is a funny word though, isn't it? I think so, because the first time I heard that way I was treated so well from a family who took care of me so willingly to take any loss to assure I had a good time. I was given food, water, I was also taught many things. More importantly though, they didn't only teach me what they believed in but they taught me what everybody in the area believed in. Why what is right for what is right and what is wrong because it just is wrong. When something has so much prestige that they are capable of controlling others, what they eat, what they drink, how much sex they should be having and who to have sex with; maybe then that the prestige is being consumed until nothing is left but a collapsed empire? Because let me tell you something, only those nations today that have been unwilling to enforce all of the above are around today, and those who have fallen are because of people like you. People who believe it is a right to enforce morals and beliefs.

    Because your clan name, Kuiaratamemasu, is soiled. It is just a clan, not a family, never speak that word in this class as I am liars intolerant and having always been. Because if it truly is translated into repent, you and your clan have gone about that in the wrong way. Then again, the word clan is just another word for a business. And that is just what the Kuiaratamemasu is. They say great powers of the past shatter into grander gems, maybe it is rightfully time for the Kuiaratamemasu to repent. Because as far as I am aware, the words Rightfully, Atone and Prestige are just tools to you and the clan you represent. Nothing more and nothing less." She lectured her student, in return the only response simply stared at the ground in absolute silence. Though the student herself did not make eye contact with her most recent instructor, Kui, stared down at her and towered over her with daggers for eyes. An intense facial expression of discontent filled not only her face but also her eyes. Dark green for color, Ally Kuiaratamemasu was dismissed from the class and in replacement, Yashi Supai entered the class to see that Kui had been staring out the window for quite some time now.


    Unaware for how long, Yashi spoke up with the heavy weight of her green samurai like armor clapping upon the ground and closing the door. Ribbons of red strangled her limbs and chest of her armor, a ghost of a smile crepped her facial expression as she caught Kui's attention. Though Yashi already knew Kui was quite aware of her existence, she always was. "Yeah?" Yashi spoke up with her irish like accent, it was quite the clan signature that let those around the general area know who she was. She looked about the class, it wasn't too big nor too small. Simply a ramp of inclining table desks, about six rows fit for a class of twenty one. "What's up?" Kui asked, she turned around to show off with both of her hands on her hips. Cheerful somewhat with her tone of voice, she wore her usual outfit of rather lacking style of a black T-shirt and black shorts. The lack of Spira, or rather, signatured outfit was what made Kui strange around others. Her voice cracked, the voice of a tomboy though obviously shown that she was quite upset. "Posh weather, though Raina's moon is coming in these few short days." Yashi explained to Kui of something she was already aware of. Yashi was just trying to start small talk though, and it worked.

    "Then a lot of rain is going to happen." Kui mumbled idly, returning her gaze from the window and moving her body to plant it up against the window as well. Looking out into the court area of childrens social daily lives, students of the academy. Many stole glances of the new instructor, Kui, who was the talk of the year. She was absolutely strange compared to other instructors who did things properly, most of all, nobody contested the academy. However, Kui did, and that was something new to the students. Many didn't appreciate it, though the lot of foreign students did. The sun going down and slowly but surely, the orange of a dieing day created the most perfect view for Kui to enjoy. Even if she watched idly while in thought, it was still satisfying to watch. "I worry about you, Kui. I thought that you coming to Stellar would be good for us, I enjoyed it for a short while. But seeing you get so worked up so very often I sometimes think I am being greedy." Yashi stepped closer with her clanking armor and heavy footsteps. The heavily armored boots she worn could be heard even through the now closed door, hugging behind Kui. Yashi wrapped her arms around Kui's belly and intertwined with one another to rock back.

    "I don't like this place very much. Even my students are socially inept." Kui explained to Yashi of her frustrations, it was something that was incredibly strange for Kui. "Explain?" Yashi asked, she was quite taller than Kui. Her head just above Kui's and resting on top as if she was a cushion. The body contact always relaxed Kui, touching Yashi was very relaxing. "Well three quarters of my class have not had sex yet, all of my students are socially shy. When I taught at the GreenPatch academy, I only had two shy students. And they weren't even shy, it was just who they were. The boys in the class are scared of being diagnosed as gay or bisexual, which means they all refrain from certain social experiences and social languages. The entire class was scared to get naked with each other, I had to literally force the entire class to get undressed. When I say force, I mean that I had to take off three of the students clothes by force because they were so scared. There is something wrong with this academy, and I am going to fix it. Because people shouldn't be scared of performing social activities of anykind, and everybody should be able to look at a vagina or a dick . . . . . . . . . . . ."


    Woo! Took about an hour to write or so, it was pretty fun! Although I am currently writing my second book, this is a passage that this post inspired me to write for the third book. (Saving this in google drive for probably 1-2 years from now for my third book! :P) Anyways, the three words I choose:



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  4. I'm glad that this could help inspire you a bit! I enjoy using these prompts to flex my free writing and get some new thoughts flowing.

    If you would like to create your own post in this style for people to respond to, you are welcome to do so! You might get more attention that way, if you want.