PROMPT Random Unscheduled Challenge: Write this Picture

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  1. Rules are simple:
    1. Look at the picture.
    2. Write what it brings to mind.
    3. It can be a character, a scene, a full plot, or even just a description of what you're seeing.
    I don't care what you do, but have fun with it. If you include a link to an interesting picture in your post, I may use it for another of these!

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  3. I could feel myself dying.

    My very life's blood spilled from me, marking the ivory pavement, pouring out in sheets and dribbling streams. I choked as first the ability to breathe, then the ability to stand failed me. My mind began to liquify. My blood began to pool. All around me, the grime and horror of myself, of what I am, of what I've done. Pooling, trailing like a black and grey puddle, a sick form of livor mortis into which I began to melt.

    Help, help. Someone. Anyone. My face is gone. My self is missing.

    I stumble forward, unable to comprehend, questioning why this had to happen to me, why I had to die in such a way. I fall to my knees, crawling forth pathetically. The fragile skin of my cytoplasmic self ripples and wobbles, congealing and then flowing off in rivulets. I am going to die soon. I have no choice. I'll have to lyse. I'll have to burst, I will burst, there will be nothing left of me then. Nothing but slick grey plasma and filth.

    Perhaps I was not supposed to exist.
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  4. You ever have that feeling you're drowning from the inside out?

    Like all the sick masochistic thoughts you've been thinking are just gonna come pouring out?

    I have. Right now I feel like I'm gonna spill out of myself. I feel like the murky waters of sin that run deep inside me are overflowing. I can feel it's heat boiling inside my rib cage baptizing my heart. It is consuming me. I am afraid, but I think I'll let it run its course. I'm giving into this little embrace, this Black Death.
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  5. @Draugvan
    Ehehehe. Messes with you, doesn't it?

    Oh wow, that's really well done! Nice stuff!

    Nice, simple, and to the point. =D Also, that gif. Wow.


    Here's mine:

    Once a proud Hunter, Seela fled her post during the war, though it wasn't by choice. The lake from which she and the other water-based Hunters were to attack suddenly began to burn at their flesh. Those that breathed water began to choke, and float. Seela could only flee, her body covered in burns. Her eyes themselves were scarred. She could see nothing as she stumbled in agony away from the water before she collapsed.

    All senses were deafened save touch, and her skin felt alive with agony as she screamed with a scarred throat.

    Pressure wrapped around her arms and yanked at her, and consciousness fled.

    When Seela woke, she gasped and suddenly spread out within a salt water bath. The water soothed her burning, and she slowly reformed into her human appearance. Sight, sound, scent, sensation: all returned, and she could see strange men in pristine white coats gathered around her.

    The strangers kept her and treated her like their personal goldfish. They fed her, they watched her, they kept her confined in her tank. The filter, self-contained, allowed no escape even when she became water.

    Fat children came and shoved their faces against the glass and laughed at her, and the scientists sneered smugly at her.

    Seela woke from a nap with a start as she heard a voice screaming. She knew that voice. Lady Jade. She pounded at the walls of the tank. She screamed the name of her boss as she watched the people all around scramble about.

    Suddenly, a whole wall of the tank disappeared. Other things began to disappear, slowly and then in chunks. Seela looked around, then fled through the now-open wall of the aquarium. She ran as things behind her began to disappear. She watched a child bisected and jumped away in horror before she began to run harder, harder. Her lungs burned as her legs pumped. Behind, she heard the shearing of metal as it twisted and broke. A door appeared as she turned a corner, and she threw herself at it. The metal doors slammed open.

    Seela rolled and looked back in time to see the ground crumbling apart under the building. She couldn't stop. She had to run, but her body remained frozen.

    She watched as the formerly-round world gained an edge, and beyond it she saw only atmosphere and sky.

    The screaming continued as she saw more land rise up, some place frozen. She recognized the blue-skinned species present near the edge, huddled together in terror.

    This was the end. The Hunters lost the war. Seela hunched and covered her ears as Jade's screams came from every direction.

    A week passed, and suddenly Seela's eyes snapped open. The screaming was gone. Slowly, she rose and looked around, mind numb as she began to wander.

    "Found one!" The cry came from behind. Seela turned, and something slammed into her chest.

    She remained standing, even as pain began to blossom. The familiar burn of silver blossomed in her chest as she felt her blood begin to burn within her heart and veins. She looked down at her chest. The wound was all burned and scarred already. Her gaze lifted to stare at the teal-clad soldier who shot her.

    Wetness fell onto her chest, and she slowly lifted a hand, then stared at the seawater that clung to her hand. Sensation in her jaw faded, and she touched at where it had been with her other hand. Water seeped, and beneath her fingers, she felt her flesh dissolve into water.

    Her legs felt weak. Her body stumbled forward as her muscles turned to water within her, and the inhuman strength of a Hunter left her body rapidly. Willpower to hold her form faded, and she fell into the deep and growing puddle of water below. No, not water. The puddle was her. It wasn't water. It was her.

    Her dissolving hands reached, trying to pull herself together again, but her hand disappeared from sight as a strange urge to laugh rose. Fading, everything was fading. The senses went first, and then thought. Everything became strange, bemusing, alien. She couldn't remember what it was like not to melt apart like this anymore.

    She crawled forward, head hung uselessly, and lifted her head skyward.

    And then, a satisfying pop. She laid on the ground, but without body or form. Consciousness faded entirely as the earth below pulled her into its embrace.

    Standing over her, Natalie leaned down, then picked up the spent bullet. "That was an unusual reaction." She murmured as she looked down at the water soaking into the ground at her feet.
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  6. He felt weak and numb, slowly losing the control of his body that was supposed to be his own. The spell that was cast on him started to eat him from inside out, turning him into something that was no longer human. He could hear sounds of laughter ringing around him, his tears meeting with the liquid that started to pour from him. It was suffocating and he felt alone, trapped in this dungeon that will be his grave. He opened his mouth to scream but only more liquid spew out, making him choke. His body felt like sand slipping away from him, his physical body slowly filling up the space he was in. Rooted in place from the fear, he tried once more to scream but to no avail. He fell to his knees, his body rapidly flowing into a pool of what he used to be. He struggled but he could not stop what was happening, his instincts fading to black as he disappeared into the pool, leaving nothing but splashes behind.

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  7. I thought it was hidden, but there it is, my secret, in front of everyone to witness.

    No matter how hard I try, I cannot stop it from being seen. I am covered in ridicule, I can feel myself drowning in it.

    Maybe it's better this way.

    I let it consume me.
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