EXERCISE Random Unscheduled Challenge: Write this Picture 2

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  1. Rules are simple:
    1. Look at the picture.
    2. Write what it brings to mind.
    3. It can be a character, a scene, a full plot, or even just a description of what you're seeing.
    I don't care what you do, but have fun with it. If you include a link to an interesting picture in your post, I may use it for another of these!

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  2. Her parents adored her. Maiette was their precious treasure.

    She was a lucky girl. For the children of the Slithidor were born so hideous (only reaching the lower plateaus of attractiveness in their early 20's), that, sadly, many parents fostered their children out until they reached a tolerable level of appearance.

    “If not attractive, at least plain.” This was the motto of many adults, especially among higher society. Until then, their children would be hidden away.

    For now, Maiette had a hideous pelt of long dark animal hair springing from her scalp. (She had tried shaving it off and sobbed into her pillow for weeks when it started to grow back). Her meat-like physique was not only plump but miniscule. Her eyes, her mouth, her nose, the shape of her face – all these were so deformed as to frighten even the family pets, at least until they had got used to her.

    “Ohhh, my darling will have eyes like her Aunt Plowhshi!” her mother would shriek in adoration. "I just know it!"

    “I predict she will grow a gorgeous row of spiked horns like Grandma Jarkka, the envy of all the valley,” her father howled to anyone who would listen. “I think I can see the nubs starting now!”

    They encouraged Maiette to believe in her future career as a singing sensation and built her a studio in their basement, where she practiced daily, eagerly awaiting the day when her flimsy high-pitched voice would strengthen into a glorious screech and her piteous fluttering movements would be transformed by her new strong body.
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  3. @Ravenfrost
    Your mind is a beautiful place! It took me a few reads to realize just what was going on, but when I did, I laughed out loud. Well done!
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  4. Thank you so much for your kind comments! You've very generous. I am always happy when I can make someone smile! Or laugh. Part of my mission in life, truly.

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  5. Lush sable hair and soft pink lips, eyes portraying such innocence that even demons refused to tarnish her soul.

    But her soul was already black and bought. She, with her fair looks and gentle smile, led them on a leash, the master of all things twisted and evil.
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  6. Death is lovely, but sometimes it fails to teach the lesson that life is precious. The marble-pale skin of a corpse laid on the side of a road, speckles and splatters of rain beading on its motionless body. It was in pristine condition, the lush makeup barely smudged along its expressionless face, the hair shimmering with a coat of water. This was the body of woman, a gorgeous woman at that. In the Realm of the Dead, two entities stood upon the lifeless city laying in the earth.

    "Koh ra ethis vrahemun, gol alisha. Sieg vahrutor gmin, zro HAITHAKU!"

    They were made of simmering bone that flexed as muscle, the sockets of their morphing skulls glowing with the heat of damnation. They donned on the hide of some animal,leathery in texture and darkly tanned. Their voices rung through the air, grating against the lifeless corpse and soil and waters surrounding her. It was a repetition, their voice, repeating the same phrase in such a zealous continuity that their words began to sear against the corpse's cold, motionless heart.

    Then it began to beat.


    The pale, closed lids of her eyes suddenly open wide as lungs expanded, the wisp of air flowing through a small passage harshly and raspingly resonating her voice. She was alive.
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  7. I thought you wanted to play…” Those venom filled words would certainly be the last thing he hears. The only thing keeping her at bay from reaping away his soul was the slow, agonizing crawl away from her. Every step she took was, he grew more frightened. It wasn’t how it was supposed to end; this wasn’t what he had signed up for. The foolish choices that had brought him to this could never be taken back…

    The man eventually met a wall, only alarmed to the fact when his pauldron stopped abruptly against stone. A quick turn of his head towards it confirmed his new nightmare. With no weapons left, no energy to fight back against her, he could only face his fears. The woman kept walking in this leisurely pace, as if everything was fine, that she knew the final outcome of their encounter. It had started with a look of innocence, but he had seen passed it too late. Even now, she still held that girlish, naïve look, knowing nothing, being nothing but this defenceless woman. How many people had she tricked with that?

    Get up, sir! We aren’t done!” She cheerfully said, coming to a halt but a few feet before him. She glared down upon him like he was but a toy to her games. Worse yet, they were also watching him; the skulls of whatever horrid abomination that had come into this world. Those soulless eyes dug under his skin, seeking the ventures of his past, feeding off whatever sinful acts he had committed. He knew; some of those moments flashed before his eyes, clouding his vision. He flinched to some of the screams within his own mind…

    “Come on! I thought people of your type were sturdier! “A tooth filled smile grew on her face, offering a hand as a gesture to help. It was a tempting offer right now; it was the hand that would end his life, take him away from the horror. Yet, he could never accepted to be taken in such a manner. He had been through too much to just let her get away with him so easily. And so, the man spat his bloodied saliva into her palm, to which she responded with disgust and displeasure.

    Hey! Why would you do that?” She asked sadly, almost pouting. The abomination looked upon him more sadistically, awaiting its time to play with him.

    Just… kill me…” He barely whispered, leaning himself onto this stone wall for so much needed support. The moment still numbed the pain of his wounds. There was no way to tell if he would even live long enough to play with her. Those words he spoke… It changed her. There were no more innocent smiles, no naïve look on her face. No… the madness finally showed; the look of someone who had gone too far deep into something they shouldn’t have.

    She took a step forward, then lunged down at him, her hands grasping onto the edges of the breastplate. She pressed it into him, putting pressure onto some of his open wounds, which had him groan in pain.

    But I can’t! You’re so much fun to play with! You’re the most fun I’ve had in years!” Her face stood inches from his own. Their eyes locked, and there, the man could not only see how much had been lost to her, but how much pain she had to be going through. Whatever twisted desires she enjoyed, it was insatiable. Just as drugs; it was an addiction she just couldn’t beat.

    The man remained silent, still looking deep into her eyes, those dull, grey eyes. Resigned to his fate, he waited… The woman’s face inched away, not losing the displeasure it had previously held. He could feel her hands tremble unsteadily.

    Come on… Play… Fight back…” She shook him lightly, which was only answered with that resigned stare he was giving her. She did so again, more violently this time. The man responded in the same way. Frustration was making itself clear coming from the woman.

    Hey! I said I’m not done!” She pulled him off the wall and slammed him back into it, a sharp pain coursing through his shoulder and spine. He grimaced and moaned lightly to the discomfort, closing his eyes only briefly. Blood dripped off of his lips, onto the surface of his armour. His eyes opened, and she had returned to this saddened little girl look.

    Please…” She practically begged, hands resting softly on the base of his neck. “… Keep playing.

    I said… kill me.” Though he feared the outcome, he was ready to face death as it was. There was a moment of shared silence… Then anger. The woman dug her nails into his flesh. It had almost broken her; pushed her to fulfill his wish. She raised her hand, as did the creature behind her. The man closed his eyes, doing a silent prayer for his soul.

    Seconds passed… And nothing happened. Oddly, he couldn’t feel her touch anymore, or her weight upon him. No breathing but his own. Was it over? Carefully, he looked out from the darkness of his eye lids and faced… nothing. She had vanished, as the thing behind her did. It was quiet. Unsure, he looked around the room he was in, inspecting his surroundings. Again; empty. Was it… Done?

    Pushing himself up to his feet, he could more vividly feel the wounds upon his body. He had taken a beating, but it wasn’t anything he could not survive. Still using the wall for leverage, he looked around once more, but still faced the emptiness of the room. Was it as simple as walking away? The door was just straight ahead… And he could hear voices and the clattering of metal upon metal. Guards… Those who had failed to see the woman come in, were finally coming?

    A brink of hope rose; he was going to live. However, as soon as that thought came to mind, a laughter echoed within the confines of his mind, followed by the girlish voice speaking.

    I’ll be back to play again. I promise!
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  8. What happens when a person dies? They rot. Worms and more unpleasantness emerge from the dead flesh that taints black everything it touches. They fill the corpse and consume it until it pops. The cells deprived from oxygen, suffocate and become acid that slowly burns the corpse from the inside out. Blood turns into black and red crystals that block the veins. Though these are consumed too. The liver and the brain are the first to turn to ash. The muscles become rigid. The joints are locked in place. Bacteria grows. Their reproduction multiplies. They feast. Tissue becomes liquid and salts and gases

    Everything is consumed.

    The bones may endure the torture. But ultimately they too are consumed.

    By time.

    Then what is left?



    Perhaps that 'essence' of life. That which religions across the world address to save. That which is held dear in the depths of the of our consciousnesses. That we believe makes us 'human.' Does the soul remain? Or does it rot too? If it does, how? How does the soul rot? Or is it already rotten by the time we begin to gasp our final breaths of air?

    I believe so.

    Deep in the inside. We are aware of it. We begin to rot the moment we are born. And when we don't cleanse that filth and acid and worms and bacteria that are held deep in our sense of humanity?

    It all turns black. And from life comes death.

    And from death comes life.
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