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  1. "DAMMIT!!!" I pressed down as hard as I could on her neck to try and stop the bleeding. This was all my fault... I'm a selfish idiot... "SUKI!!! PLEASE!! JUST HANG ON!!!"

    With her last ounce of strength, Nayumi slowly lifted her right hand up, wrapping it gingerly around my left wrist.

    The look in her eyes was enough to make my heart shatter in my chest—despite it being crushed already. She knew she wasn't going to make it...

    And she was smiling about it...

    I gasped, letting the pieces of my heart fall from my eyes and down to her neck and chest.
    Nayumi fell limp, her hand falling back to the ground and that damned smile still on her face.

    "S-suki? Suki!! Nayumi!!! Say something!!! Please..." I completely lost control of my entire body, watching her in silence and disbelief. I couldn't believe it... She was gone... "Nayumi... You made a promise... You made a promise..." I was shaking all over, furious at her even though I didn't want to be. I peeled my blood-stained hands off of her, taking her into my arms and rocking back and forth. Wailing at the top of my lungs. My entire chest ached. "You made a promise that... We'd live together... Forever... That we'd have a happy little family..." I tried to smile, tried to change what already happened, tried to erase my memories of her but even to this day, that damn smile of her is burned into the forefront of my mind. Forever.
  2. Your post is simple. Simple does not mean it's bad tho, I liked where you were going with it and would love to see if fleshed out more. Good job!