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  1. just a random rp
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  2. I darted in and out of people's peripheral vision, staying on the edge of the light. It was a full moon tonight. I was the tall figure of a human, except a three dimensional shadow with beady yellow eyes. There was a five year old running far ahead of his mother. I leapt into the light, making myself clearly visible. The child screamed and I darted away, chuckling. All I was capable of doing to pass the time was startle people.
  3. I stood atop a building watching ...waiting for the right moment to disappear... and continue running from the people tracking me down
  4. Whooosh

    A large blue police telephone box slowly appeared in the middle of the road, the whirling slowly faded to nothing as a young man stepped out, his hair is gray with cat ears, he was clad in a trench coat, brown trousers and a red tie as his tail curled and uncurled "My...where have you taken us, old girl?"
  5. as soon as the moon passes in front of the clouds i step off the building and land in an alley way silently i quickly look around to check and see if anybody saw me
  6. I step fully out of my time traveling booth and close the door, throwing caution to the wind I begin to walk down the alley.
  7. as soon as i see you i immediately put my hood up so it covers my neon green eyes...i lean against the wall praying you didnt see me jump down from the building into the ally
  8. I watched a catperson appear, and then someone else jumped down a building. I darkened myself so I stood out from the building's shadow, my glinting eyes brightening to a visible state.
  9. The black haired kitsune peers down from the rooftop of a building that shadows the alleyway. She is clad in a deep red body suit, with a white fur coat to keep her warm from the cold. Her nine flowing, white tails flutter alone with the wind, she hasn't even bothered to hide them tonight. Her wolf like eyes spot three figures in the darkness, and with a graceful hop, leaps off the building into the darkness.
  10. I saw another figure leap down a building and out of sight. Why are so many people appearing in this street? I wondered. I waited for my scariness to be noticed, brightening myself up to blend with the shadows, my eyes still showing, then darkening so I was black and stood out from the blue-gray. I did this several times, flickering in and out of sight.
  11. *I raise my nose up slightly noticing all the people* * I step out of the alley and into the street hoping that they aren't the people searching for me*
  12. I jumped out at one figure, into the glow of a streetlamp. I started whispering gibberish in icy, poisonous tones, giving the illusion that I was angry. This usually caused people to crap themselves.
  13. The kitsune wasn't happy that nothing was happening, she wanted to cause chaos, it was what she was born to do. Her ability to create swords from her body was useful here, she pulled a sword out from her tail and dashed forwards, intending to fight.
  14. A kitsune pulled a sword from her tail. I ran up and started whispering more nonsense in a really angry way.
  15. The kitsune's ears twitched as she swung her sword around at the whispering. It seemed to surround her, so there was no way for her to determine where the source was.
  16. I darkened to black so I stood out perfectly, but the sword had hit several times already. It went through me. Nothing could harm me, but I couldn't harm anything either, only scare it.
  17. The kitsune growled, creating a sword for each tail to hold, she spun like a top down the alleyway, hoping to at least cut someone up.
  18. I ran after the kitsune, making obscene noises as the sword went through me multiple times. I mimed an over dramatic death, pacing back and forth several times before dropping to the ground.
  19. I stand on a near by rooftop watching the events that are about to ocur below in the alley way, Holding the grip of samurai sword i take a knee and try to remain unseen by others, Thinking to my self friend or foe?
  20. She spun down the entire alleyway, but didn't hit anything solid. Pivoting around, she strained her ears to make sure she wasn't going crazy. Perhaps a type of shadow demon? Ghosts? During her travels the kitsune had come face to face with many demons and ghosts, but they always revealed themselves to her. If there was one here, this one was sly.
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