Random Roleplay

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  1. Anything can happen in this Rp, children, love, marriage, and lot of other things. Even parties too!




    Name: Annie
    Age: 19
    Looks: Black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin
    Other: None
  2. Lol I should of. xD But I didn't think about it.
  3. Do you just want to start? And I'm a bit new here too. x3
  4. Its nice to see a new face, but you start. I post better when I know what to do ^^
  5. Kay. ^^ And should they be dating already? :3

    Annie was sitting on her couch, bored. She sighed and looked around, before she turned on the t.v.
  6. Dude. Is this still gonna happen? XD Cuz I'll join if it is... ^-^