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[fieldbox="Information, indigo, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]-No one-liners. Please. (there may be occasional exceptions)
-Let me know if you have any triggers before we start! I enjoy a bit of violence in my roleplays, but if it'll make you uncomfortable I'm happy to let it go.
-Be open to romance (~♥˘◡˘♥)~
-Cussing is definitely okay, and I ask that you also be open to a few swears from me (I won't cuss too much if it really bothers you)
-I'm not too good with sci-fi/futuristic roleplays, but if you have an idea in that genre that really interests me I'm willing to try.
-I absolutely love horror mixed with romance. It's a tidge odd, I know, but if you'd enjoy that too please let me know!! ^-^
-I'm a fantasy/supernatural nerd. I'm open to nearly anything in this field.
-At least 5 sentences a post. I understand people get writer's block sometimes, but either take some more time to write or ask me to add more to my previous post. Sometimes it just takes a little more information on the surroundings and other character's actions to get you going (I may do this to you too, depending on the posts)
-I don't play male characters, and I can do FxF as well as MxF (looking more for MxF for now, but I'm open to either proposal!)
-Please don't be an asshat out-of-roleplay (characters that occasionally get pissy are fine) if you don't like something I do. Be mature.
-Just because something happens in a roleplay between our characters doesn't mean it's gonna happen to us! Say our characters fight. That doesn't mean I hate you! It moves the plot along and creates drama. Same with relationships; it's just in the roleplay.
-Chatting out-of-rp is fine; I love hearing how my roleplay partner is doing! Just please don't take super-duper long breaks from the actual roleplay.
-You should post at least once a week.
Okay, that was a lot! Now onto actual roleplay stuff! (If you don't think I'm a bitch now o3o) [/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Ideas/Pairings, aqua, dashed, 10, Tahoma"](Favorites are starred) Suggestions are appreciated!
-Supernatural x Supernatural
-Anthro x Anthro*
-Bodyguard x "Important person"
-Demon x Human
-Kemonomimi x Human
-Spirit x Human*
-Psycho x Psycho
-Good boy x Bad girl
-Good girl x Bad boy
-Good girl x Bad girl
-Mermaid x Human
1. Steampunkish/Victorian themes- After nearly being killed, [Character A], who is considered royalty (or is important for some reason), is assigned a guard. [Character B] is a former assassin, deciding to take jobs and trying to become a better person. They want to leave behind their bad memories. At first, [Character A] is very wary of [Character B], and still crotchety from needing a bodyguard in the first place. Over time though, after [Character B] must prove themselves a few times, [Character A] thaws and begins to like [Character B] a bit more. *Action/Romance*
2. [Character A] inherits a large Victorian house far from society after their uncle passes. [Character A] had always been a bit reclusive and odd, but no one knew exactly how far it went. [Character A] holds many secrets. Since the home is so large, [Character A] hires [Character B] to help take care of it. What [Character A] doesn't know and will soon find out is that [Character B] has many secrets themselves, and has much in common with [Character A]. *Gore/Violence/Romance/Fantasy-ish/Pyschotic/Horror*
3. Our characters are the embodiments of the moon and ocean, guardians of Earth. They have known each other for quite a while, considering they are forced to work together to create harmony and balance, but they aren't very good friends or anything like that- they barely know each other. When all hell breaks loose and chaos ensues, they must work closer to try to save the world. As they get to know each other more, they realize that their feelings are stronger than they originally thought...
(Definitely open for discussion, I just like the concept ^-^)
4. Basically a psycho x psycho... but I've been obsessing over Harley Quinn lately, and I think a roleplay where our characters would have a relationship like the Joker and Harley Quinn would be fun :3. It's not really a full-fledged plot, just a random thought that passed over me. Maybe (if you're willing to play another character as well as the "Joker-type" character... or I may play the Joker type ^-^) another character could come in and win the Harley-type character over? Do they protect her? (OKAY SO LIKE WHAT IF.... o3o uh... maybe the Joker-type would be a dude, and then a lady comes and "rescues" the Harley-type?? Does this plot actually make any fucking sense? Idk. Just obsessed with the relationship between Harley and Joker *and then I discovered Harleypool and got the "other character rescuing her" idea...*)
Honestly I'm lame so that's all I got for now, but let me know what you think of any of this! Thanks for readings all this! Toodles~[/fieldbox]
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I wouldn't mind doing the plot that you had listed above. :)
Alrighty, dear! I'll send you a message to discuss more. ^.^
I would like to do Bodyguard X Important Person
What are your ideas for horror mixed with romance? I'm a huge fan of that :)
Oh, it could go from psychotic lovers (yay, murder dates xD), demons, a stalker and their stalkee, cannibalistic stuff, witches, it's up to your gory imagination, really ^.^ (I'm about to go offline, so if you're interested in any of these just shoot me a message and I'll probably be able to reply Friday afternoon c:)
I'm interested in a bunch of your pairings the main ones that come to mind are, psycho x psycho, demon x human, or (just cause I'm a kenomimi nut)kenomimi xkenomimi
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I like the horror idea, I have never really rped that type but enjoy those kinds of stories and movies
If you're still open for a it and alright with me playing a female, I'd love to do the first plot with you! Or a demon x human roleplay!
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I would love to an anthroxanthro RP with you.
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I would do human x spirit with you, sort of like Tate and Violet in American Horror Story?
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If you're still open for a it and alright with me playing a female, I'd love to do the first plot with you! Or a demon x human roleplay!
I would love to an anthroxanthro RP with you.
I would do human x spirit with you, sort of like Tate and Violet in American Horror Story?
Thank you so much for replying! If any of you are still up for these roleplays, PM any questions/details/preferences you have ^.^
@❥Presence yes, that's exactly what I had in mind! I love AHS so damn much cx
(I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I got really busy and couldn't make much time to roleplay.)
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I'm interested in doing Psycho x Psycho. I love horror myself and I can see this having some great potential.
Definitely still searching!! (Especially since I came up with #4.... which is up for discussion and interpretations if you're interested!)
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