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Which one?

  1. Dog

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  2. Cat

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  3. Chinchilla/Another Animal

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  1. Well, Hi~ This is my uh first post in General Chatting in forever so yeah. Some of y'all probably might not know me. x3 (I'm not sure whether a thread like this has existed before buut..)

    Essentially this thread is where I post a question daily for different Iwaku-citizens to answer. Mostly general questions. I've seen threads like this on a lot of different forums so I just eh, why not. I'll usually post a new question around 4:00 PM western time if this turns out to catch on so..uh here. lol

    Would you rather have a dog or a cat? (Or some other household animal?)
    Feel free to elaborate why on the comments down below~
  2. I'm totally a cat person. They're warm, fluffy, and full of attitude. What more do you need? XD
    Although mantises are a close second. They're so adorable. And vicious.
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  3. Cat - small enough to fit on the couch with me and cuddle, but it can handle being left at home while I'm at work and entertain himself.
    My cat doesn't yap every time a neighbor walks past either. And If I leave him alone for five minutes anything (even accidentally tripping on the tail) will be forgiven.
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  4. Cats! I connect with them better than I do with dogs. (Also, my allergies are worse around dogs.) Also, I love how independent they are. :3 Not gonna lie, I love it when they scratch the shit out of my arms during playtime. lol For some reason it's fun to rough house with them. Oh and their purring is so therapeutic. I've considered getting myself a therapy cat, actually. Petting them and hearing their purrs calms me down during anxiety attacks and my PTSD flashbacks.
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  5. I hate owning animals.
    I have allergies, no sense of responsibility, they cost too much for me to even consider it, nobody else in my house wants a pet anyway, training it'll probably be more trouble than it's worth, I'll never get used to any animal tearing my skin off at every opportunity, and that's not to mention what they'll do the moment I turn my back on them. Frankly, the only time I care about an animal is when it's dead, cooked, and on my plate with a side of rice.
  6. I have a turtle.
  7. I love most animals and I have a dog who's very cheerful and cute and lovely <3 But I've never been allowed to have cats in my house. I want a cat so badly >.<
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  8. I am a crazy cat lady at heart. I own two at the moment, but there was a time when we had four cats running around our house. While I like most animals, I'm not fond of having them around too much. Cats are the exception :3
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  9. Maybe a cat. Maybe a dog. Uhhh...I might go with a cat.

  10. You could always get a bug. No allergens. Forget about it for too long and it dies? It's cool, most people would have stepped on it anyway. It can easily be confined to a small terrarium or cage. No training, easy to find one with zero claws, stingers, or biting mouthparts, very rarely good at escaping or destroying things.
    ...not that you want a pet, but y'know, bugs are cool.
  11. I had a parrot when I was younger and he was super cute! I loved it when he danced to my favorite songs ♥
    My most recent pet -- the one I remember the most -- is my dog, adopted when I was in fifth grade. He is white with black spots and he is chubby. I love him! Ahhh it's so hard to choose but I'd have to go with dogs since I know them better (plus, I've never had a cat).
  12. I like cats, but I like pandas more OwO
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  13. Me too, I love cats. I owned a cute Siberian cat once but later I got an allergy and I had to send him away :(
  14. If all they do is sit there and look cool, then I don't see why I can't just spend the money I would have used on them on a nice poster instead. It'll last longer and looks better.
    Come to think of it, posters sound better than keeping a pet. Then again, a lot of things sound better than keeping a pet, for me.
    Like being hit in the face with a brick.

  15. pfft, money? Who pays for bugs? I got mine in my back yard. (Given, I'm in Texas which is known for being chock full of weird insect life...)
    Most posters don't move. And you can't watch posters devour each other. Mantises, for instance, are vicious predators and fun to watch- I get a daily smile catching a victim for Ferdinand.
    You could get a poster of someone getting hit in the face with a brick, though.
  16. I live in England. The most interesting insects we get are butterflies, and who keeps butterflies? You catch them, kill them, and then press them. Our insects are about as interesting as our weather - they aren't. They're dull, and miserable. And paying for one would cost me money.
    As I said, posters>pets.
  17. Definitely dogs ._. I find it easier to read their well-being than cats.
  18. I have a cat and two roaches.
  19. [MENTION=5309]LogicfromLogic[/MENTION] Ooh, roaches? What kind?
  20. Madagascar Hissing