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  1. Brief Idea that I once had (even did a rp before) that I wish to do again.

    A girl (my character) likes this one guy. Out of being tired of just being thrown out as a friend she goes to someone to have a potion or something made to make one fall for her. The girl somehow looses it in the hands of another who drinks it right in front of her. She thinks the love potion works (it really doesn't.) but goes through a lot with the individual. I really don't have much else to go on besides the individual knows what it's supposed to do and practically tricks her in thinking it does. Yes, they do end up falling in love or whatever but I would like there to be a lot of excitement, drama, and just other strange things happen. The individual can be a male of female. ^^ Either is fine. The individual doesn't even have to be friends with my character. The rest of the story like setting, time era, and even genre (besides romance, of course) is to be discussed with by who ever takes the other role. I don't want the whole plot worked out because that's meant for the role play to just create it as the story continues on.

    How much I write in a reply does depend on how much I have to reply to. This also means that if I have an idea off of your... say one paragraph, I could end up writing 3 paragraphs. All depends. I'm okay with anyone's writing style and length. Writer's block is understandable but if it's a constant one two sentence reply... Sorry that'd be a no-go.
    If you're interested, pm or post a reply. I'm open to any and all ideas; let's talk about them.