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  1. Hello. Okay, so uhm..this was my only plot that came to mind. ;-;. Just tell me if you would be willing to do it.. But I require some things.

      • You absolutely must have good grammar. Yes, I am indeed a grammar nazi. Mistakes and everything are fine, of course.

      • Please, please, if you're getting bored of an RP, and you would like to leave it, please tell me-- I understand. I will not get offended, it's alright. Don't leave without a trace, because that's what kind of pisses me off. This has been happening too much lately. Seriously.

      • Honestly, I don't really care about the length you post. I usually write up to about a paragraph or so, but if I begin to get a bit lazy, it will shorten a bit.


    Okay, well I got that crap out of the way, now's the time to write down my first, lame plot. ;-;~ :D

    This is a teacher x student pairing. It can be either male x male, female x female, or female x male, it's all up to my partner. My character is a new transfer student to the school, but has serious issues that s/he has never admitted to anyone about, and soon, it starts to really get to him/her, beginning to drive him/her a bit crazy. Your character begins to slowly acknowledge that something is strangely wrong, and steps in to help. My character just lets it all out, and tells about everything that's been happening lately, and why it's bothering him/her. Soon after that, your character considers my character as a friend, although my character is just a student, and they begin talking and hanging out like 'friends' would regularly do, but just finds themself slowly falling for him/her.

    I'm sorry, I know it's not well, when it comes to plots, I'm not good at it. But if you have any other plots that you've made up, we can try it. ;-; Because I just can't come up with plots too well. So, you can either comment here or message me..or whatever way you can contact me. ^^~
  2. I love teacher x student pairings!
  3. I've actually never tried it before. It seemed interesting.
  4. I am the teacher, correct? I have done these before! So are you willing to do this with me?
    And also, one quick thing, mature or not mature?
  5. Yes, yes you are. And of course I would.~ ^^

    >> Eh..I'm still a bit shaky about mature..so..erm..no mature for me, for now..
  6. Alright, got it!
    And no problems, just wanted to see how you were! So do you want to do profiles or just start it?
  7. Make one real fast so I know how much you want in it.
  8. I'll just make a short outline of it. Here it is.




    Physical appearance:

    I know, It's short, I needed to make it quick.
  9. Do you want me to play a boy or a girl? IS this straight?
  10. Eh..what the heck, just play a male. And yes, it's straight.
  11. Name: Gregory Rodriquez (Mr.Rodriguez)

    Age: 22

    Personality: a little somber at times, but is otherwise very helpful and tries to remain optimistic and cheerful.

    Physical Apperance: th_man.jpg
  12. Name: Shion Sonosaki.

    Age: 18

    Personality: Quiet and a bit timid, but has very bad anger issues. Otherwise, she is a nice person on the inside.

    Physical appearance:

    (( I guess I'll go ahead and make the thread? ))
  13. ((Yes then post the link here please))
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