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  1. Alrighty, so, first of all, little explanation. I love being a GM. I love it more than actual roleplaying, for a lot of reasons. It's like writing a book, but with interesting changes to how you originally envisioned it. You're basically roleplaying, but you can have waaaay more characters than someone participating in the form of NPCs. And, of course, there's a certain level of power that, obviously, feels pretty great.

    Thing is, I love being a GM, but I can never dedicate myself to it. I make a world up, make a buncha interesting characters, make a half-story that I'll always plan to flesh out during the RP, post a signup, accept characters, the whole shabang, then it starts, my mind goes blank, and the roleplay dies. Hasn't happened on this site, 'cause I haven't tried anything, but I believe it will.

    I know it's not like, something that could be fixed simply, I know it's probably something to do with me, or my ideas, or whatever, but does anyone have any tips for staying interested, and continuing to post updates and such?

    (I made the title plural because I intend to come back to this thread in case I have any other problems.)
  2. I think this is a super common problem. O__O Sometimes I have it too for forum rps.

    I actually have no idea what can be done to fix it or what the real source of the problem is. O__O Maybe we just have more fun creating the idea than we do playing it out? Or maybe it just takes so long to actually get the roleplay started, that by the time we do, we've lost interest in the idea? You might also just be a Creator Person and not a GMing person. (In that case you would want to find a partner you trust to do the running of the game without compromising your ideas!)
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  3. I kind of have the same problem, though it is more akin to trying to write fun flashbacks to give a character(s) a richer and detailed history, but I figured that the following 'could' provide a solution. I place emphasis on could as I think it is a more personal orientated problem. That and I am forced to be nice atm, so I will be nice to you now!

    • Let somebody read your work. I find it motivating to hear when somebody or more are interested in what I write or think off. And motivation leads to continue work. And continue your work could lead to more motivation! Let the circle begin!
    • Try to take a bit of a break now and then. I also get hyped by an idea, wanting to write about it for hours and only to then halfway get irked. Or thinking that I should edit it and 'improve' it. Try to write a bit for it and prolong the hype for what you want.
    • Take up criticism. Ask people WHY they liked it or what they didn't like. It may sound more like as asking to where you could improve, but I generally find it fun to improve myself on fields. I've several RP'ers that correct me (through skype as it might sound patronizing and bad for my street rep) if I get corrected all the time in public.
    • Much as Diana stated, perhaps you're just a Creator Person (I'm sooo going to use this term now. Sounds kinda neat. .___. ) and then you need to hook up somebody who can help running the game with you.
    Sorry if this wasted your time, but I do hope that my bit of ranting is going to be useful for you. (^_^)""
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  4. If you're burning out with ideas too quickly and you really want to create a lasting roleplay, then maybe you should let an idea sit for a few days before you try to turn it into something. If you can weed out the ideas that only stay interesting for a short while before you get bored and move on to other things, then the ideas you'll be left with are the really good ones that you can turn into something that lasts a good long while.
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  5. I think everyone has a valid point on here. I like the different ways of maybe overcoming it (I'm a big believer in "taking a rest" or "letting it sit") sometimes I think I write something really interesting and well thought out, but once I go back and look at it a couple days later I'm like, "what the heck was I thinking?" Also, taking breaks are important (I think) during many activities, whether it be studying, cleaning, working out, etc... Because they allow you a moment to absorb the information you have gathered, give your brain and body a fresh start, and relax you when you are stressed (physically, mentally, or emotionally). Stress brings me to what I would like to add to this discussion.

    It could be (I know it has been for me though not for being a GM) that there is more pressure being felt once you actually become the GM and have others relying on you to a point, so you get those moments where you just can't think of anything and the harder you try the worse it is, until you eventually lose interest in it for the reason of not being able to get over the block. That is only my thought on it though... but you would probably know if you felt pressured too lol so I don't know for sure..
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  6. Thanks, guys! Sorry I couldn't reply a little faster.
    Totally gonna try something later-ish now, just gotta think over ideas and such.
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