Random Encounters

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  1. You know the one's right? Where something happens out of the blue and you have to pause and reflect on it?

    I just had one here at work cleaning my locker rooms when the pest control guy came in.

    So I've never met him, so I introduce myself, big tall burly black gentleman, super nice and friendly. Got my radio playing music from my phone on random, he asks me where needs to be sprayed, show him around, he gets to it. It goes from AC/DC to Def Leppard to Power Quest and then Masterplan, he's spraying I'm sweeping.

    Then this comes on:

    He spins around a corner and goes: "IS THAT PERSONA FO'?" in the squeakiest voice I've ever heard a large gentleman utter. Apparently black men love persona games, I took it for myth at most propagated by the internet.

    He talked about his favorite girl (Yukiko) and his main man, Yosuke for a while. It was entertaining to listen to to say the least.

    Go ahead and share!
  2. i met a random nurse once. then i met her again. then i started dating her.

    true story.

    usually i date friends who arent my besties.
  3. That's not really random or juicy... :c
  4. shrugs

    they cant all be gems

    will try to find more
  5. I fell in love while helping someone with a problem. I was doing research regarding their medical condition, and we joked about. I began to develope feelings for them, and before I really knew what hit me I was head over heels.

    Everything is just fitting into place so perfectly. It was really strange though as I just happened along during their call for help, and was blind sided @.@
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.