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    Yeah, enjoy that image mofos.

    What's the weirdest/most random thing your GM has ever thrown at you in an RP? What's the strangest thing you've ever thrown at your players?

    Possibly my personal favourite was the old-tech robot I threw at my players in a post-apocalypse game. Due to decades of wear and tear, the poor thing (a robotic traffic-warden before the bombs fell) was quite insane, to the point that it followed around any passer-by it saw and rattled off past parking violations and fines at them, convinced that they were the ones it was supposed to fine.

    It basically went something like this:
    Robot: "25.04.34 FINE OF $100. PAY NOW OR FACE CONSEQUENCES."
    Party: "Fuck off."

    Robot: "13.07.47 FINE OF $2500. PAY NOW OR FACE CONSEQUENCES."
    Party: "FUCK OFF!"

    And so on.

    Of course, it slowly became more and more irate with the characters when it found them, and eventually, due to being completely batshit insane, attacked them. It being old technology, it was packing some fairly dangerous weaponry, meaning that what was originally just an irritating inconvenience suddenly became a serious threat.
  2. Blood thirsty attack ducks at a local park. I had them attack one of Maggie's characters because she kept trying to kill herself, so I figured I might as well make it entertaining. XD

    And then there was a sewing thimble with a thousand tiny legs that got up and ran away. :D That inspired a story saga.
  3. As a GM, I tossed out a creepy 8 year old girl who carried a glowing crystal ball. I forgot why I tossed out this creepy little girl, but she had no story relevance and was just kind of there. The party being who they were and also rather knowledgeable about my penchant for creepery, came to the immediate conclusion that this was a miniboss of great evil and killed her. Then, when they realized the little girl was a 1-hit point wonder and not an actual threat/monster, they quickly buried the evidence.

    Under a playground.

    It was hilarious.
  4. Player-Character logic if ever I've heard it.