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  1. Hey guys! Chat with me! I got nothing else to do!
  2. YO. How is your day going?
  3. Hello person I've just welcomed to! I am also bored, let us chat until we bore of that too. :3
  4. Why not join us in the chat room?
  5. Chat.

    You know, using the Chat Box.
  6. ConstructPylons: Not too bad! How's your's?? :)
    Azune_night: Agreed! We shall! :D
    Ochalla: I would love that!!! :3
    Grumpy NotaIrish: And agreed! Haha, isn't that what you do when you get bored? :)
  7. Seeing as this thread aeems to be nothng more then spam it is going to be locked. For random chichat we have the chat box, as well as Visitor Message & once you have reached full membership the Private Message. General is for more topic based thread. If you want real randomness the Asylum forum will be unlocked when you reach full membership status as well.

    Go forth and have fun, this topic though is locked.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.