Random chat sites (or: omg, a decent RP on Omegle?

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  1. tonight I'm procrastinating bedtime because I actually found a passable and intriguing chat Roleplay on omegle!

    Have you guys had any fun or positive experiences on random chat sites? Share!

    EDIT: they just DC'd. Here's the log, if you like. Dude was a total novice, but caught on quick!
    rp log (open)

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You both like writing.
    Stranger: hey!
    You: Hello :)
    Stranger: how are u?
    You: I am okay, looking about on Omegle for someone to do a quick rp with
    Stranger: ah what are the roles?
    You: Would you like me to make one for you, or would you like to create your own?
    You: To be clear; I'm talking about creative writing, not sexy stuff O.O
    Stranger: creative writing role play?
    You: yeah
    You: like where two or more people create characters, and write back and forth creating a story from those character's perspectives
    You: example:
    Me: Simon entered the garden, dazed and confused. He rubbed his sore head, wondering where he was and how his head had gotten injured
    You: Jade looked up as a stranger entered the garden. "Who are you?" she asked
    Me: Simon saw a girl and looked panicked "I'm sorry, I don't know where I am!"
    You: etc etc
    Stranger: ah I see
    You: would you be interested in writing a scene in this manner? :) If not we can just chat
    Stranger: write a line
    You: Simon raised a hand and rubbed his temple, looking about with blurry eyes; he seemed to be outdoors; there were trees nearby. he had no idea where he was, but he thought he must have hit his head on something. There seemed to be houses nearby, and he limped toward them.
    Stranger: his leg was bloody and jeans torn, he whimpered in pain with each step he took.
    You: Nearby, a woman was washing clothes in a well. Looking up she saw a wounded man approaching and dropped the washing "Are you all right?!" she called out
    Stranger: Simons throat tensed up in surprise, he fumbled over his words like he stumbled with a wounded leg..I'm not okay somehow escaped from his mouth
    You: The woman - whose name was Eleanor - rushed towards him, catching him around the shoulders as he stumbled. He was heavier than her, but she managed to support him. "We should go to the healer" she said, looking at his wounds
    Stranger: hm he thought, I need help but how can I trust her
    You: Eleanor gulped as some of the blood from his wounds got on the hem of her dress. "there isn't much time, you're bleeding a lot" she pointed out, struggling under his weight. "I promise I don't mean to harm you"
    Stranger: he knew that he needed help so he agreed..the woman picked him up and proceeded into the darkness of the village
    You: They went through a few streets - some passerby stared - and ducked into a simple building with a painting of an angel on it "this is the healer's" Eleanor said as they waited for a nurse. In a few minutes, the healer came in, and asked Simon to please lay down on a bunk nearby
    Stranger: Simon grunted in pain as he got onto the bed..blood trailing onto the floor. candles flickered in the breeze that blew through wooden slats. he groaned in pain again.
    You: "It looks like it's mostly flesh wounds" the healer said, carefully cutting the leg of his pants under the knee and removing that part of the fabric to stitch the wounds. "this will hurt, but you'll be fine with a potion and a nap"
    "Oh, that's good" Eleanor said in relief, although she looked away when the bloody wound was exposed. "Oh! By the way, I never asked your name; what is it?"
    Stranger: its Simon he whispered through clenched teeth...ugh it hurts so bad he screamed!
    You: "Almost finished" the healer said, tying off the stitches. "Nurse, an anesthetic potion, please."
    the nurse brought a bottle of blue liquid, and the healer handed it to Simon. "Drink up, it will ease the pain."
    Stranger: mm tastes sweet like candy...the room begins to swim and the lights blur
    You: "Oh dear" the healer sighed as Simon passed out "He'll be out for a while, but he should feel fine when he wakes up." He turned to Eleanor "Do you know this man?"
    Stranger: never seen him before! he called out to me when I was washing clothes
    You: "Hmm, I don't recognize him either" the cleric scratched his slightly balding head. "And I know everybody in this village. But I heard there's a merchant from out of town, maybe he came with that guy"
    Stranger: how should we go about finding out this mans identity they thought. let's search his pockets
    You: "Hmm, it's a bit unethical, but I suppose it's the only way" the healer agreed, reaching into the pockets of Simon's tunic. there were a few silver coins, and an oddly-shaped stone, and some papers on them. They read
    Name: Simon
    Born: 6th year ("That'd make him twenty-one" the healer mused)
    Born in: Leiliss village
    Occupation: Preist
    Stranger: leiliss village is so far from here, what would he be doing in our village?
    You: "Maybe we should ask him" the healer suggested "He seems to be waking up"
    Simon groaned as he re-entered consciousness. "What happened? Where am I?" he asked
    Stranger: the nurse gently ask him what he is doing in their village?
    You: "I... I don't know" Simon covered his eyes with one hand "I just remember waking up outside the village. I don't know where I am or where I come from; I just want my memories!"
    Stranger: we can't give them back to you the nurses said in unison! we stole them when you were asleep!
    You: Simon's jaw dropped "You... you stole my memories?" he asked, swinging his feet over the edge of the bunk and sitting up. "How- hey, my leg feels better!"
    Stranger: you can earn back your memories if you complete some tasks for us they said!
    You: Simon drew his attention back to the people around him. "What kind of tasks?" he asked, cautiously
    Stranger: difficult ones where you may die...but how important are ur memories?
    You: Simon looked around at the people, a horrified look was on his face. "Th-that's horrible!" he cried, but then he considered the question. Without his memories, he didn't even know who he was.. he might have family looking for him somewhere, he might have left someone important, or even BE someone important! "... I suppose I have no choice" he admitted "What's the first task?"
    Stranger: hm you have to go bring us beer from the tavern..ask for the special brew 92
    Stranger: you will get two mugs
    Stranger: one will have a air tight compartment on the bottom...drink the beer and read the scroll
    You: Simon nodded, standing up. 'that shouldn't be too hard' he thought to himself. "Okay, off I go." He walked out of the hut, wondering how his leg felt completely fine. Must have been the potion. He wandered the streets, looking for a place that might be a tavern, eventually he found one with a mug of beer painted on it, and went inside. He ordered the Special Brew 92 and followed the directions. Sure enough, in the bottom of one of the mugs was a scroll. It was difficult to get out of the bottle, but he managed, and opened it up to read
    Stranger: bring us back the mug with the circle drawn on the bottom and a tree branch in the center..more to follow
    You: "This is getting more complicated" worried Simon. he remembered there were some trees near where he had met Eleanor, and tried to find his way back there. There was one branch on the ground that looked like it would work, now he just needed something to draw with. He walked to a nearby villager who seemed to be selling shish kebabs "Excuse me sir, do you have a pen?"
    Stranger: ain't go no pen for strangers like you the man growled..only paying customers he snuffed
    You: Simon gulped and fished in his pockets; there were some silver coins in there. "Is this enough for one?" he asked, holding them out
    Stranger: I'll take her money lad
    Stranger: and Simon had a hot shish ka Bab thrown at him hurriedly
    Stranger: it smelled amazing and Simon gulped it down
    Stranger: its fire burning in his stomach and filling him full of energy
    You: "there, I bought something" he said, smacking his lips and feeling triumphant. "Now can I have a pen, please?"
    Stranger: hmm sure boy the man said
    You: Simon took the pen and drew the circle. He positioned the base of the tree branch so that it was in the centre, and looked up a bit sheepish. He hoped the shish kebab seller didn't think he was a luny. He started off down the street back towards the healers place for more instructions. He felt accomplished that he'd managed to perform the task so far as well as navigate a business deal
    Stranger: suddenly a horse drawn carriage careens around the corner and one of the horses hooves clocks Simon inthe head...his vision fades to black
    You: (poor simon, he's passed out three times now!)
    A small crowd surrounded the carriage as it came to a stop; everyone was wondering who the new strangers were
    Stranger: the carriage driver got out and gently tapped Simons face with his hand...get out the way a loud bellow is heard and a giant man pours a huge jug of water on Simon startling him awake
    You: "Augh!" Simon sputtered as he woke up, wet and sore and confused. He sure did seem to be falling down a lot today. "What happened?" he asked, looking up at the circle of strange faces around him. One man was holding an empty jug of water, Simon focused his attention on him.
    Stranger: I saved your life boy, now u owe me a favor.
    You: Distress took over Simon's face. He already owed an unknown amount of favours in exchange for his memories. "What kind of favour?" he asked, weakly
    Stranger: you have to have dinner with my wife and i , we don't get many visitors
    You: "I-" Simon stopped. He had been about to say he didn't know how to cook, but, well, he didn't know if he knew how to cook. He hadn't even known that he liked spicy shish kebabs until a minute ago. "I guess that's okay" he said, struggling to his feet "Where do you live?"
    Stranger: on the far side of the village where the ppl are scared to venture the man boomed
    You: simon gulped "And there's no way I can just be grateful instead?" he asked, already guessing the answer
    Stranger: is grateful gonna give my wife company?
    You: "No, sir" Simon admitted with a sigh. "But I was kind of on an errand, is it all right if I finish it first?"
    Stranger: come get dinner so u can have energy for ur petty chore
    You: "Yes sir" Simon agreed, climbing into the back of the carriage behind the intimidating man. He hoped the healer and nurses didn't mind waiting a little while. He held the empty jar with the circle and tree branch in his lap as they drove
    Stranger: the ride was bumpy and the sun sunk below the horizon...Simon felt chilled as the wind ruffled his hair
    You: He cringed as they approached the house, which was big, but run-down looking, with a rusted gate around the property which opened as they approached
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