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  1. Medieval fantasy plot:
    There's a kingdom, yadda yadda, beloved king. The king's senior advisor--a wizard and necromancer, although the king remains unaware of the latter-- instills a sickness in the king that eventually kills him. The king's son, a man in his early-to-mid twenties, becomes king, with the advisor counting on his idea that the young man will remain naive and impressionable. However, the son simply follows in his father's footsteps. As a result, the advisor uses necromancy to...'revive', in need of a better word, the father (the king), placing him in power once more, but under the advisor's control. The advisor has the son--the true king--and his sister, whom I'd love to take as one of my characters, put into the dungeon so that they don't interfere. Eventually, a rebel group breaks the true king and the sister out of the castle, taking them to the rebel stronghold to plan their next steps. Thoughts?

    WWII plot:
    Around the time of the start of the blitzkrieg, Hitler orders the sacking of the British embassy in Germany. Years earlier, Chamberlain had established a Jewish man as the Ambassador in an attempt to show unity or whatever in his usual stupid Chamberlain way, and this had just never been changed--heightened tensions gave Chamberlain, and later Churchill, 'more important things' to worry about. So, the embassy is sacked, and the Ambassador is taken as a political prisoner by the Germans. While this is going on, a diplomat--perhaps on orders from the Ambassador, or perhaps on his own accord--helps the ambassador's child(ren) escape, and takes the child (ren) to America to stay with an American family and wait out the end of the war, similarly to British children who were sent to the countryside. Thoughts?

    Dystopian future plot:
    I think we should do it in the not-too-distant future. We can figure out specific years later, but let's say that in, like, 2075, there's some sort of disaster that nearly decimates the human race. I don't really care what that disaster is. Over the next ten-fifteen years, those who remain work to bring mankind back to the population and control levels it had had before the disaster. One man really, really takes initiative here, and he's made the head of a provisional government that's set up. Eventually, this man seizes complete control over the government, becoming a dictator of an oligarchical/plutocratical/<wbr>fascistic society. Thoughts? I feel like this one is more like a backbone, but it might be interesting to go through the familial relationships of the Head of Government. I don't know. Just spitballing XD.

    I also have a plot for the writing sample in my RP resume, should anyone be interested in hearing that =D.
  2. I'd be interested in perhaps co-GMing/planning the fantasy plot with you :D
  3. I'm interested in the first one.