Random Acts of Kindness

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  1. The other day a random stranger guided my mom into a really awkward parking spot between two giants trucks.

    Today I saw a random passerby help a woman carry some things the had fallen out of her over loaded shopping basket.

    What about you? Have you seen any or been on the receiving end of some random acts of kindness lately?
    Or maybe there was someone you were able to help?

    Share your stories here ^_^
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  2. Oooooo, today!

    I saw one of my choir buddies drop some papers he was supposed to throw away, and then another choir buddy helped him pick up the papers that he had dropped ^ ^

    I thought it was really sweet~ ^ ^
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  3. It's actually part of my moral code. I act kind to my neighbours and merciful to my enemies. Whether that's trying to help someone struggling with paranoia and emotional scars, or giving friends gifts for utterly zero reason. I've pulled all nighters to stay with the depressed, without expecting anything in return. When I lived in poverty, I shared lunches with others struggling to make end's meat. In particular...

    There's one time, back in high school, when I was going to split ten bucks with a classmate of mine who forgot to bring lunch. We'd both stayed late at school to help my guitar teacher set up the gymnasium into a performance area for the band. (I was part of the opening act, guitars, volunteered.) My teacher overheard and gave us twenty bucks. Why? No reason. He just wanted us both to eat well. It was such a small act, but I really liked it anyway. Managed to make that twenty bucks last all week for lunches, by the way.

    Kindness is to me, an invaluable asset. Do not lose your kindness, it's like a lantern for the heart, guiding you through life. Lose that light, and you will stumble in the dark, hurting yourself and others as you try to find your way without it.
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  4. The example I like best to date is when I was running to catch a bus, a man in the car in front of it slowed down to give me the time to make it to the bus stop.

    I like to think what you give has a way of coming back to you. Not so much magic or fate or whatever, but because we are a social species. For one, I have the habit of giving people advice if they struggle with something. Doesn't take more than a couple minutes, but when one day I had a flat tire, guess who drove back and forth to get the equipment to fix it? Guess who pulled some strings to get me past red tape when I needed documents filed? And when someone does something that helps you out, get them something as a thank you. An ex-housemate got me a crate of beer for helping her move, and by expressing that gratitude that strengthens relations. I've found that the reward for kindness often outweighs the effort you have to put in it. Even if you don't get anything back directly, if others notice their opinion of you will go up, potentially resulting in some indirect awards. It could be someone inviting you to a party cause you seem such a cool guy. If you stay late with a colleague to help them out, your boss might consider you for a promotion based on you taking responsibility for the team. etc.

    I think random acts of kindness are a good thing. It will improve life for both the people around you and for you yourself.
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  5. I don't talk about the acts of kindness I commit. But I can tell you a short story about one done to @Fluffy and I.

    A few days before Thanksgiving we were scrounging up what little money we had to get some stuff for dinner and thanksgiving later. Despite being careful, we still ran short .87 cents. We were ready to put back some things in order to afford what we could, when a stranger opted to pay it for us, I suppose out of the spirit of the season. We thanked her and went on our way. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's nice.
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  6. I've always been one to help people out when I feel that I can, which isn't often, but ah well.

    Actually, not too long ago I noticed some girl at my college drop her money on the ground without realizing it, and of course I did the only logical thing and gave it back to her. I don't know about anyone else, but I always enjoy it when I can help people out in little ways like that; because while it may not seem like much to those observing, it means a lot to have someone take time out of their day just to assist you. Can't say I've ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, though, not one that I can remember at any rate.
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  7. When I was a kid, my dad's car began to roll back in a parking lot while he was in the store (he'd be right back). Well, the car began to roll back after my sister threw me into the front seat (we were wrestling) and being the six year old tiny ass little bastard I was, I couldn't reach the pedals and my sisters were too scared.

    This guy just comes busting through the open window and pulls the emergency break and gets us out of the car, waiting for our father.

    I think that counts, doesn't it?
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  8. Whoa, actually a similar thing happened to me !

    My brother and I were in my dad's truck (I was like 4 or 5 I don't remember) , we were just sort of waiting for him to come out of the store when we noticed that we were moving.
    We sort of panicked and believed that we were going to die (dramatic I know ^ ^;;) then a man saw us and walked into the store and asked our dad if that was his truck, which ya know then all that jazz.

    But still it's little things like that which make me a little bit happier sometimes!~
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  9. We had a really bad snow storm, couple days ago about 2 feet and almost everyone in the neighborhood was trapped in it. So yesterday, everyone from the street had shovels out and was helping cars become unstuck and kids were shoveling too! My husband took the neighbor to work down the street because their car was stuck. I love seeing people work as a unity to help each other out!
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  10. I have one I can share because it continually makes me feel good. It was awhile ago.

    I had a long day at work and was exhausted. I decided stopping off at a restaurant to get a bite to eat would suffice. Upon entry to the far left was a grungy looking man who was dozing off and on at a booth. He was definitely homeless and the weather was extremely cold. My bet was he was trying to shake off the freeze and got a lot of attention from the other customers. Some were laughing, others were leery, and others neutral. As I sat, I took a spot where I could kind of scope out the situation and began to do a should I or shouldn't I kind of argument within.

    As I ate I couldn't help but feel bad for this guy. I don’t think anyone can fully grasp a homeless battle unless having been there themselves, but upon seeing it the feelings I had were stirred. Every couple of minutes he would visibly shudder and jolt as if trying to force himself awake and pay heed to his surroundings, and a couple minutes later would lose the war to fatigue and be asleep. The battle the man had pursued the whole time I was eating my dinner. After paying my tab I knew I wanted to act.

    I’m not here to play judge or tell someone that my action was right or wrong but deep within my being I just had to do something, or maybe I’m just a softie and that’s what I decided to roll with. I knew I didn't want to be seen by this guy as I pulled a twenty spot out of my wallet, but, I knew I wanted to get it to him. So, I formulated a plan to try an approach when he’d “doze” and try putting the twenty on the table right in front of him.

    I began to inch closer and it was a bit uncomfortable seeing all the other customers eyeing my every move, but I kept my mind on the task I was determined to do. My heart would beat all the way because I was running the chance of him waking up. Even getting closer it was visibly obvious he wasn't comfortable being in that place. I managed to rest the twenty on his table without him noticing. In a fast pace I took my exit and got in my car fired it up and left.
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  11. Well...I have a few close friends but one in particular came by when I had the flu and took care of me. It was pretty nice...I repaid the favor by doing the same for her, but I kinda messed up a few times. But its the thought that conte right? R-Right?
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  12. My story is kind of dorky but my younger brother made cookies for my Dad's work trip up north so he could take them if he so pleased. My brother doesn't usually do this... but he did something kind for our dad. He also vacuumed my room one day just for the heck of it... That was kind too. He's usually so against helping others... >>
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  13. Well, I dunno if things like giving advice to strangers (both on the internet and IRL) really counts, but that's probably the majority of nice things I do for random people.

    For more substantive things, I regularly give homeless folks a break. I have fairly common contact with them because I work security for an office building in downtown Portland, Oregon. Used to work weekend swing shift, but I recently got shifted to weekday graveyard shift, and both of those shifts cover time where it's common to find homeless people trying to sleep in the building's parking garage or other sheltered areas around the building. The way my employer says to handle them is to tell them to leave the property and nearby area (including the sheltered bus stops that are on the block the building occupies, despite them being public property), and if they refuse warn them that the police will be called on them for trespassing, then if they refuse again just fuck off and call the police non-emergency line to get them to come bounce the person off the property.

    I take a bit of a softer approach. When it's raining and such and I find homeless folks camping out at the bus stops I just leave them alone because it's really public property thus none of my business as private security. When it's raining and I find them in the parking area or in other areas around the building, I tell them they have to leave the property and tell them that if they move to the bus stop then they're fine as far as I'm concerned. I've also directed a lot of them to a parking structure a few blocks away that I know has zero security presence on nights and weekends, because as bad as it might be to encourage them to trespass it's also bad to just force them out into the rain and tell them to fuck off.

    Oh, I also sometimes give food to the homeless. Never when I'm working and find them trespassing or near the building, because I'd probably get into trouble for encouraging their presence instead of making them leave, but I pass by a lot of them on my way to my bus stop and sometimes I have food left over from whatever I brought with me for my lunch. On Wednesday this past week I had a couple packages of... apparently they're called sandwich crackers, which I didn't realize until I just looked at a one sitting on my desk to decide what to call them. Anyway, I had two of them left over and gave them to a dude who was sitting on the corner with a "homeless and hungry" sign. That's also a pretty regular occurrence for me.

    Honestly I don't know if I should really count these as random acts of kindness because they're more like regular acts of kindness, but hey, it kind of fits either way.
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  14. I am a post it note leaver. >> I leave them for servers at restaurants or random places. The waitress at our waffle house now brags about her postit every time we come in for breakfast, which makes me really happy. 8D It's the first time I got to hear how someone felt after getting one.
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