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  1. I have a friend on facebook whose status updates always make me smiiiiile. On Valentine's Day she bought several bunches of flowers and candies and gave them to the owners of the small mom n' pop shops on the street where she works. I thought that was wonderful!

    What are some random acts of kindness that have been done FOR YOU? What have you done FOR OTHERS? Do you have cool ideas for things people can do to spread a little happiness?
  2. Back when I lived in the city I used to pay for the order behind me most times I went through the Starbucks drivethru.
    Every so often I send anonymous messages to my friends, just telling them how I feel about them.

    Everytime I go shopping at Aldi someone gives me their cart :> I always return the favor. It's like a chain of cart giving kindness.
  3. I grew up in philadelphia, I was born and raised there until the age of 10.
    10 was a big year for me.
    My father is my step father but the only father I have known. well his father came over from mongolia during ww2 through germany and 15 years after he got here built a buddhist temple with his carpentry skills.

    The monks knew us and we knew them, and I was very young, My mother was christian trying to raise me christian, but I liked this colorful orange yellowish robes, the deepness in their voices and the smiles, genuine smiles they gave. the christian pastor did not smile this way. he yelled, he furrowed his brows, shook his fist in the air and scared me. I was afraid of hell once.

    The kindest most random act of kindness done to me was a few words from one of the monks at my former temple. I asked my monk with my grandsire standing by, that infamous childish question.

    "Will I go to hell too?"

    And he said.

    "where you are going just you can decide."

    and he smiled which made me smile and laugh, I was about 6 or 7. but I will never forget that moment, I felt like the world was put into my little hands. I suddenly had all the keys to all the doors. I embraced hell and didn't fear it anymore, I laughed at it actually. because I knew that if it did exist, it was up to me to stay out of that place.

    in just those few words I was renewed and replenished into a whole new way of thinking.

    My heart...I swear it, literally bleeds at times so, a while ago I joined a Superhero society for a year and dressed up anonymously, brought homeless some food and planted tree seeds just about everywhere I could. I have an autistic brother so I would go to his school in his classes and hang out with all the kids and play board games and watch movies with them and read them marvel and DC comic books. yes...anyone can join this society anywhere and dress up like a superhero of their own design and do good deeds. I believe there is also a villain's society but they also do good deeds, just in their dark and obscure
    ways. My favorite part was the kids, and I think thats why I did it for as long as I did, the kids would just light up you could see the happy in their faces and so much excitement. No matter what My brother always kept my secret though and he seemed to revel in the fact that his big sister was a super hero hanging out with his other handicapped classmates. Of course the principal and teachers knew who I was lol but it was really just community service done in a super hero outfit.

    here is where the site is now if you are curious, it is world wide. Don't try to look for me I never registered lol


    I would have loved to see a superhero just walking down the street mingling with the common folk or read me comics in school XD. I felt good for taking no credit by name just for the sake of proving I cared enough that way.

    and there are many less dramatic ways to be kind and spread happiness, just saying thank you, or holding someones hand. often it is the smallest moments that last in our memories forever and define us and sometimes we play small parts that could define others. When I saw kindness done to me, I had to return that very kindness.

    I'm a sap XD

    I don't always think everything out, I'm not perfect, but I try to keep in mind that my actions, words, and how I express myself will always effect something...somewhere down the line.


  4. I was hopelessly lost once when I was about eight years old. It was ten at night and i had lost my way on the bus, took the wrong stop. Going door to door, nobody would help me besides this elderly couple who took me in for the night. I didn't know my phone number, and I didn't know how to get back home. I was so scared, I thought that I'd never see my friends again, but the couple treated me like one of their grandchildren, and somehow I knew I was safe. They fed me, and in the morning after breakfast, we went to the police station and they returned me to the center. But that memory of those sweet people have always stayed with me.

    I often wondered why they didn't call the cops that night; they could have gotten in serious trouble but they let me stay to calm me down. But I think it was that moment that really kept me to remember that not all people are bad.
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