Raising Your Self-Esteem!

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  1. Raising Your Self-Esteem! Learning how to raise your self-esteem can lead to a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. Self-esteem and by extension, your own self confidence, is the key to meeting your goals and realizing self-worth and potential, and if you go and experience life with a low opinion of yourself, you'll never reach that potential. Taking steps to raise your self-esteem is important to your growth, and will help lead you to be the best person you can be.

    Low self-esteem impacts so many things in your life, from your relationships, career potential, even your personal health. By taking these steps towards realizing the value of your self, you can make improvements in all these areas, and then some! You'll actually see general, genuine, tangible improvement.

    Now, here are some ways to go about raising your esteem!

    Exercise! Make the decision to become active and improve your health, then get out there and actually do it! Challenge yourself and go out of the box if necessary, or start simple and just go for bike rides or walks around the neighborhood. Get involved in a gym if you have the means and aren't too gun-shy. You'll really feel better doing this, not just physically, but you'll feel your success-- one workout at a time.

    Offer compliments to your peers! Make the choice to a pay a different compliment to three different people, every day-- including yourself! See just how much their spirit is lifted by the small compliments and encouragements you give them. And remember to congratulate yourself for your own successes as well. You vacuum today? Awesome, you did something today! Don't get bogged down in failures or not meeting your goals. Remember: You made the effort. Congratulate yourself for that.

    Practice positive thinking! Like above, pay yourself a compliment. It isn't easy if you feel down about yourself, but that's why it's called "practice." Always try to encourage yourself, and when you have negative thoughts or feelings, replace them with positive ones. Don't let yourself become your worst critic!

    Give love back to those who love you! Be affectionate with your close ones. Your parents, friends, pets, even children for you older folk. Remind yourself why you love them, and why they're important to you.

    Laugh! Depression can really start to take a toll on your self-esteem, so try to fight it with laughter. Find reasons to laugh! Watch TV or movies you found hilarious, or go down a YouTube rabbit hole for those clips that made you howl (Who's on First, anyone?) Don't take things so seriously, and just laugh at or with life!

    How are you unique? Take time and think about what makes you stand out. We're all different, and we all offer something different. We all have unique skills, and talents; we each have that one little thing we're good at. What is it? What will your friends and family remember when you leave, what's your legacy? Realize something as well: you contribute to this world, however sizable it may be. You mean something to someone.

    You're special. Find out how! Learn who you are, and travel that road to raising your self-esteem. Celebrate life, and celebrate being exactly who you are.
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