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  1. I'm Kelli. Feel free to call me that.
    Just a few things.
    As of right now, mxm is what I'm all about. You've gotta talk me into a mxf, and you better have an awesome setup. Think outside of the box, be new, fresh, awesome. I want your character to be complex and have layers, levels to keep them interesting - just like real people. Your character doesn't always have to agree with mine, either. Your character can hate my character, be mad at him, get into a bitter argument. These things happen, because we don't live in a land of perfect. And having a disgustingly long, pathetic back story does not equal complexity.
    ALSO. The little x between any character options does not automatically mean they're fucking each other. Brothers can be brothers and friends can be friends, people. I'm a sucker for sexual tension, too.

    Bold genres are what I'm currently in the mood for. Keep in mind, we can mix and match things, pair things up, do more than one in a single roleplay. Go ahead and bring that up, whichever you'd like to pair, when you contact me. Suggestions are welcomed, too, because I might have forgotten something, or maybe I'll be interested in a plot of yours, or something I've never done before.

    X does not = 'is fucking'.

    *Mainly MxM pairings. You're gonna have to convince me to do a mxf.
    My Genres:
    Abusive Relationship - Give me something to mix this with if you wanna do it. Have an idea, a foundation or else this one is just boring.
    Abused x Abuser's best friend
    Apartment - Same goes for this. Most likely we'd pair this with something else.
    Ex x Ex - Two people who had previously been dating that are now split up. Not XXX, unless you're feeling raunchy I suppose. :| Semi-plot, more of an initial setup, really. Basically after a nasty break up our characters wake up in bed together following a night of passion and more booze than either of them can remember.
    Ex x Current
    Dealer x Addict
    addict x addict- if you've ever seen the movie Candy, it's kind of like what i want. addicts can be pissy bitches and totally hate each other. they fight, they're mean, ignorant, unthoughtful, greedy. but sometimes there's real fucking love there and great strung out sex thrown into the mix. I'm in the mood for something aggressive here.
    Bar - Sort of goes along with club.
    Strip club
    Straight edge x drug addict
    Mental Hospital
    Drug Rehab
    Rehab worker x addict
    Criminal x accomplice/criminal - murderers, thieves, both. On the run. ;D The criminal/accomplice is something I picture as someone on the level of drugs/murder paired up with an accomplice who's still on the pick-pocketing, stealing, conning, and shoplifting side of things. They could be on the run with maybe a big plan of breaking in and theft underway and maybe we could thrown in some kind of crush to make it interesting. Sexual tension. xDD This would be cool as a love/hate relationship thing, too.
    Disorder clinic - I did this once with a guy whose character had Tourette's syndrome. I don't remember what happened to our roleplay...I think I accidentally deleted him from my buddy list, but, god. I miss his character. xD
    Model x Photographer or model x model - Porn or regularfashion modeling. c:
    Model x Fashion designer
    Best friend x best friend
    Vampire x Mortal - I base all of my vampire knowledge off of Anne Rice's novels. [:
    Vampire x Vampire - a Louis x Lestat type relationship with original characters, maybe ;D
    Vampire club/hangout
    Imaginary friend x creator - Better than it sounds, promise. xD The creator would be someone in his teens/late teens/early 20's/ect who's obviously got some psychological problems going on for one reason or another which will be decided by the person who chooses to play him, I spose. He's created this imaginary being that's he's emotionally, maybe physically if you wanna throw that in, close with, and who he, in my idea of things, recognizes that no one else knows exists and chooses to keep it to himself, with things eventually leaking through and perhaps his life beginning to scatter apart. xD
    Sex addict x church goer/virgin
    Drug addict x church goer
    Ex addict x addict
    Band (Polygamy) - A band that consists of fuck buddies, basically. Obviously there'd be a little side-character doubling on both our ends, with our mains developing a little more than sexual feelings for each other ;D
    Nymphomaniac x therapist - hahahaha. i wanna be the nympho ;D

    Things I wont do include:
    Parent x child romance
    Harry Potter
    Anything with animals
    Books/Movies/Tv shows/ect.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact me. c:

    1. Roomate x Roomate - Our characters have just recently started diving into the seriousness of their relationship, taking the next step and actually moving in together. They met through character A's brother, who character B had actually been dating at the time. Things hadn't worked out between them, and the turn everything had taken has caused a little bit of an upset in the family. Drama between brothers/awkward family house warming dinner/tension/possible fight/ect. This would call for doubling, and a creative mind to throw in ideas/twists/ect. This is a set-up that's got room to flourish.

    3. Brothers, bad influence - Older brother has been out on his own for a few years, and is the type of guy that prefers casual sex over any kind of relationship. A mild drinker and an occasional drug user, he's seen a lot and fucked even more and doesn't give much of a shit about anyone - save for his younger brother. Protective of his younger sibling and indirectly compassionate towards the other, older brother is the first to realize when things begin to change with his younger sibling during a routine stay at his apartment while his parents are away on business. Younger brother is slowly crawling towards trouble, rebelling, meeting new people, taking and interest in the wrong kind - and the wrong kind has taken an interest in him. *Drug use, blahblahblah, questions? Just ask.

    4. best friend x best friend - Character A has suffered from bi-polar disorder since high school, doing his best to manage things by doing the worst - ignoring the condition out of sheer embarrassment and acting as though things are fine, when in reality he's been on a downward spiral for a while. When things really begin to fall apart, and character A loses it in what he believes was only a momentary screw-up, a very shaken, scared character A turns to the only person he feels he can, character B, the person he trusts the most. *Losing it can mean a full blown murder due to anything from a bad acid trip to nothing more than a bi-polar moment.

    4. Vampire x human - Anne Rice vampires, plz. I read this fic on AFF relating to a vampire picking up a whore and bringing him back to his OMGZRICHAWESOMEDECKEDOUT mansion and, rather than turning him, his plan was to keep the kid as a blood servant. I dig this idea. I'd probably be willing to play either character, human or vampire, so take your pick. We can work out little details as we set this up.

    5. (Partial idea) - I've got this little idea that has a platonic brother x brother relationship, with the older possibly being heavy into drugs, maybe being sent to some kind of rehab center and then pressuring his younger sibling into visiting him and smuggling something in. Pressure out of pure desperation sort of thing, seeing how the guy's probably detoxing and going through a total mind-fuck. We could get really heavy with the whole psychological aspect of it all, if you're smart. The flip side of this is the younger brother being the addict, so far into desperation that he's begging big brother to bring him his fix. There could be attributes of emancipation with the older brother taking over care of his younger sibling, a single parent or something being found unsuitable blahblah. Room for additions ;D
  2. Can I PLEASE do an RP with you? I've been craving something on the abusive lines and can't seem to find anyone into it. I REALLY like the imaginary friend idea. ERMIGERSH. <3 So much promise.
  3. Sounds awesome, I'm totally down. I would prefer playing the more dominant role with the abuse idea, already have a character in mind and whatnot. Hell, we could even find a way to incorporate the both of them into one haha
  4. Done. Done and done deal. ^.^
    That works out perfectly for me. YUSH. <3 An original idea AND abuse. <3 I couldn't ask for anything better.
    So, what type of submissives do you prefer?
    Obey your every command, weak and frail, or sassy with a bit of fight and rebellion in them?
  5. Well I like them to be a little feisty, not complete pushovers. To make things interesting. When I deal with abuse I like to sort of dive into a solid person getting eventually worn down, you know?
    But with the imaginary friend plot I have so many ideas going on haha I was thinking possibly I could be a mischievous imaginary friend coming to your character in a time of need, eventually becoming a darker influence. Sound cool?
  6. I completely understand, because what normal human being just snaps in half at the gentlest of pushing? Pfffft. I think I loved this idea because I'm a psychology major and the idea of it thrilled me.
    I think that sounds like an awesome idea! Like a rebellious teenager who doesn't know what they exactly want from life, and then here's this immaginary friend encouraging him to do bad things like drugs and skip school and gt into fights and such. ERGH. <3 So excited about this idea.
  7. Imaginary*** Spell check has failed me yet again I see. -____-
  8. I
    LOVE you okay?

    I saw Anne Rice and immediately thought Blackwood Farm when I saw the imaginary friend thing and just SLDFJSKPLFJWIOJWRIJWE

    Two number fours...which to choose D:

    So three of them caught my eye and I have no idea what to do with myself.
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