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    I am only looking for one consistent, long term, active partner for the time being!

    Hello, I'm Rainjay (Rain, Jay, Rainy, J, whatever). I've been on Iwaku for about a year now, although I took a giant hiatus a few months back out of the blue due to stress from school work and APs. However, it's May, and the school year ends in just over a month, so I though it would be a good time to get back into the swing of things.


    I'm in my Junior year of high school and I'm taking primarily AP and honors classes; and plan to continue to do so through Senior year. Most of my time is consumed with school work and on Saturday mornings, I have a job, which also limits my weekend activity (no late night posting sprees for me). As such, I can only guarantee a minimum of 2 posts a week; if I can't make a post within a few days time, I'll let you know.

    I live in the EST time zone.

    It's also worth noting that I'm an extreme introvert, and sometimes have trouble communicating. It's not you; it's me. But because of this I prefer partners who are direct with what they'd like to see/do, and expect the same from me.


    I only play female (main) characters, and prefer pairings to be FxF or MxF. So you get your pick of male or female (or agender, that'd be something cool to try). I do have a preference for FxF, however.

    I do expect my partner to be able and willing to play side characters as well as leads. I'll play any gender side character, of almost any age.

    All of the content ratings are possible themes for roleplay. They don't have to be involved in the roleplay we do; it's just what I feel okay with doing. Please do let me know if you have any triggers or content that you feel uncomfortable playing.

    I do not do liberteen roleplays. A little bit of build up is okay, but once things get heavy, I expect a fade to black and a time skip. And of course, with 18+ members, only a fade to black is acceptable. I don't mind characters being in relationships, and in fact encourage it (romance is fun!) but I'm more interested in the plot (however influenced by the romance it may be) than in libertine relations.

    Please double check your grammar/spelling and be able to post at least a two paragraph reply (five sentences make a paragraph!). I like introductions to be longer. I'd prefer if you had a writing sample in your roleplay resume (and if you could check out mine, too) before leaving a message.

    I like to do a CS for main characters and usually use face claims and a written description of character appearances. I don't mind putting speech in colored text or not, and I don't mind using images in the text, but I do ask that we post in third person, past tense.

    Please be able to post 1-2 times a week. As mentioned, I'm not the most active roleplayer either, and don't expect you to be (in fact, it'd probably be better if we were mutually slow-as-molasses posters) but please, please, please keep in contact with me! Whether we roleplay in PM or in a thread, I do expect OOC chatter. I won't get mad if you take four days to reply and are active on other threads, as long as you let me know what's up and keep up some chatter with me so I know you're still interested. Even conversation unrelated to the roleplay is appreciated! I'd love to talk with you.

    I'm welcome to your ideas, pairings, and themes as well as changes to mine own!

    I've bolded my preferred role, but it's open for change.

    Pairing ideas:
    - Princess x Lady knight
    - Deaf girl x musician
    - Blind girl x artist
    - Cancer bearing x healthy
    - Artist x musician
    - Royal lady x nomad

    - Apocalypse
    - Post-apocalypse
    - College
    - Medieval
    - Runaways
    - Magic

    - Beyond: Two Souls
    - The Last of Us (OCs, canon, I'm open to more plots than the two below)
    - Percy Jackson (OCs)


    > > > The Last of Us < < <

    It is a year after the canon of the game. A woman and her sibling/child are separated from each other when a quarantine zone is attacked and destroyed by an unknown hunter group; in the chaos, the woman ends up fleeing with the undercover Fireflies that were living in the zone, while her sibling/child is taken, presumably as a hostage, by the unknown group. The woman, desperate to reunite with her sibling/child, convinces the Fireflies that she knows the group that kidnapped her loved one and that they have a vaccine against the infection. The new leader of the Fireflies believes her. The roleplay follows the woman and a small group of Fireflies that are traveling to find the cultist group. Whether or not they actually find a vaccine, and the woman's loved one, is up in the air.

    Possible FxF romance (between the woman and Firefly leader), multiple characters per person, character death)

    This World of Mine

    Due to the rising energy crisis, and the looming threat of global warming, several world powers merged together their research forces to discover and implement a new energy source; luminem. Luminem is a material produced from solar energy (harvested directly from space using 4 massive space stations covered in solar panels) that is transformed into a liquid fuel form when combined with several other elements. The material can then be burned to provide energy and electricity, and is extremely cost efficient. This new fuel source allows for the clean-up of carbon emissions and the gradual end of global warming, and has left the world in a state of peace.

    However, several years after planet-wide implementation of luminem, protesters and vigilante groups began to pop up from the shadows. They claimed that luminem, despite its impressive use as a fuel source, is additionally a drug; when burned to provide fuel, it releases a dangerous drug-gas into the air that makes those who inhale it compliant and docile. Governments across the world have been hushing it up to anarchists, but there are many who wonder if it truly is a lie or not.

    The roleplay follows a growing rebel group that seeks to release the information across the world and take down all access to the four solar farms in space, thus ending the supply of luminem.

    For the most part, I am really digging a post-apocalypse roleplay right now.

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  2. I am interested in doing a Percy Jackson RP with you :)
  3. *cough's and raises hand*

    These piqued me interest. This dragon has been craving a fxf RP for some time now, and these pairings caught my eye:

    - Artist x musician
    - Royal lady x nomad

    Thought the deaf and blind girl pairings also sounded curious~
  4. I'm not entirely sure if our posting speeds are compatible. Also, do you have a posting sample?

    Any ideas on a plot for a Percy Jackson roleplay?

    Again, not entirely sure if the posting speeds are compatible; I don't want to be posting too slow for you.

    Do you have a preferred setting for any of those pairings? Your rp resume said fantasy; the royal lady x nomad could work well in a fantasy setting.
  5. Posting speed does not matter to me in the slightest! I understand completely that life can take over, and things happen. I do my best to reply as soon as I can, but my posting speed varies as well. I can do some days where it's almost instantly, but other times I will disappear for three days.

    If you were at all interested than I think fantasy would do very well with that pairing. Though for the artist x musician one, I believe that normal humdrum of everyday life would be better suited.
  6. I don't really mind how long it takes for you to reply :)
    I don't have a sample, but I can soon make one...

    I have a couple of ideas, please PM me and I will tell you :)
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