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I am looking for one active, long term partner that doesn't mind a slow posting speed

Hello. I'm Rain (Rainy, Rainjay, Jay, take your pick). I've been on Iwaku for about a year with varying levels of activity, as I'm still in school and have a job. But I am looking for one partner (and I've got criteria, unfortunately) that will last for at least a couple of months.


I'm in my senior year of high school, taking all honors and AP courses (I thought about not torturing myself but the process to change your courses was too annoying and difficult). I usually get a good deal of school work, and also spend my weekends working when I'm not with friends. So I'm a bit of a busy bee, and I'm tired quite often, but I'm still in a couple of roleplays and have time for one more. But I can only promise one post a week.

I live in the EST time zone and am most active between 3-9 PM.

It's also worth noting that I'm an extreme introvert, and sometimes have trouble communicating. It's not you; it's me. But because of this I prefer partners who are direct with what they'd like to see/do, and expect the same from me.


I prefer to play female (main) characters, and prefer pairings to be FxF or MxF. So you get your pick of male or female (or agender, that'd be something cool to try). I do have a preference for FxF, however.

I do expect my partner to be able and willing to play side characters as well as leads. I'll play any gender side character, of almost any age.

All of the content ratings are possible themes for roleplay. They don't have to be involved in the roleplay we do; it's just what I feel okay with doing. Please do let me know if you have any triggers or content that you feel uncomfortable playing. I do not mind gore and violence.

I do not do liberteen roleplays. A little bit of build up is okay, but once things get heavy, I expect a fade to black and a time skip. And of course, with 18+ members, only a fade to black is acceptable. I don't mind characters being in relationships, and in fact encourage it (romance is fun!) but I'm more interested in the plot (however influenced by the romance it may be) than in libertine relations. I have equal (if not more) interest in platonic relationships and friendships.

Please double check your grammar/spelling and be able to post at least a two paragraph reply (five sentences make a paragraph!). I like introductions to be longer. For the sake of making sure I pick a long term, compatible partner, you must have a writing sample in your roleplay resume.

I like to do a CS for main characters and usually use face claims and a written description of character appearances. I don't mind putting speech in colored text or not, and I don't mind using images in the text, but I do ask that we post in third person, past tense.

You must be able to maintain contact (OOC) with me. I don't expect you to post often (even one every two weeks is okay by me, considering my slow posting speed) but if you can't keep up a conversation and let me know what's up, then I'll have to drop the roleplay. I want a partner I can have casual and steady conversation with.

I also expect a partner that will plan and give ideas as much as I will. Please be adaptable and come with ideas.


I don't have any pairing ideas but I have some errant theme/settings (some based on fandoms)

- Apocalypse (either in the world of TLOU or of our own)
- Slice of life + mystery (Life is Strange-esque)
- Science fiction + space
- Fantasy world + adventure
- Beyond: Two Souls (preferably OCs)
- Androids (based The Talos Principle)
- Runaways + Slice of Life

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