Rainy Day activities!

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  1. What do you do when your stuck inside on a rainy day?

    We live in the age of the internet, so maybe this is a stupid question? However, for those of us that take part in outdoor activities there is nothing more brutal than being stuck indoors under the blanket of a gray sky and pouring rain.

    So, what do you do to pass the time when you're stuck indoors?
  2. Play games.
    Read comics, or a good book.
    Draw a lot.
    Watch anime/ or a movie/ or shows to catch up on.
    Cuddle with someone! Rain is EXCELLENT cuddle weather. -nodnod.-
    MAKE HOT COCOA.<3<3<3
    Roll around in blankets.
    Or go on the internet.
  3. Get mopey and frustrated.
    If it's not cold... I'll go out in the rain,
    If it is cold... I'll read.
    And of course... internet.
  4. I like being wrapped up in blankets, turning out all the lights and watching movies!
  5. Well, Iwaku is sometimes the case.
    I also like to make myself a cup of tea and sit beneath the eaves of the house (to stay dry) so that I can watch the storm.
  6. Interwebs
  7. Well I start off the day "Gee it sure is rainy around here. I just wonder what the Iwaku's up to."
    Then my browser pops up and it's all like "Here is the internerts where would you like to go?"
    I click enter and we are all "Squadallah! We are off!"
    After checking things online for an hour or so "I'm so hungry I could eat an Octorok!"
    Then the shades get opened by the cat and I"m all "You dare bring light into my lair!"
    Then I finally realize it is rainy and go "Not into the pit it burnnns!"