Rains of W.A.S.

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  1. "What do you mean, I can't leave? You let me come down here, you shit! Out of my way or I'll... I'll...!"

    Memories the beginning of the most recent 12 years in hell resurfaced as K stumbled along the upper ring. In hell, you never became thirsty or hungry, and you never aged, and you never hurt, but you also never healed, and if you got hurt in hell, the next morning would find you in one of the cells, where demons picked you apart bit by bit in whatever torment they pleased.

    He'd been friendly with a few before he began his escape. They helped him come deeper, but turned on him when he started his way out.

    One was rather pretty, for a demon.​

    Like all demons, she had no hair anywhere on her body, and her figure looked like someone exaggerated a fertility goddess. Wide hips, a narrow waist, and large breasts, with the daintiest hands and feet, and long legs. K found their texture fascinating, and the nonspeaking demoness always purred when he stroked those long, long legs, and then pouted at him when he stopped. She always asked about his sex, too, and K always told her it didn't really matter, which disappointed her, but yet she stayed beside him and led the way, and stroked his hair when he emerged from the Big Boss's office with the terrible news that he made the journey for nothing.

    And then she nearly sliced him apart with her whip, tears in her featureless black eyes when he told her he should go home to his mother and his cats.

    His mind returned to the present, and he yawned and rolled onto his side, tired.


    He looked back to see one of the upper-ring demons, a short, black creature with reflective eyes and a matte pitch body. Its long tail, with its wicked barbed tip were stuck in the ground where K had been moments ago.

    "Oh." He stared, then shoved his arm at the thing and began to run, only to trip moments later on...

    That's where he left it! He grabbed his 20-year abandoned backpack and began to run. If those other wanderers were around, he could get his bearings in relative safety and find the exit again!


    K's head jerked, and he skidded to a stop, beat-up converse sliding along the dusty red stone. He looked around, and a figure approached.

    "Oh shit, it is you! K!" The figure jogged forward, then wrapped arms around K. "Listen, I'm... I'm gonna..." He pulled away and gripped the grimacing androgyne's shoulders tightly. "Listen, I'm..." He groaned. "One got me. The others, they sent me away. But you! You don't care, right? Stay with me during the night? Please? One got me. One got me!"

    K stared up at the man, unease growing as the man continued to rant, and K pulled his eyes away from the man's face as the texture of skin moving with each word began to grate on his own face, more sensation than actual. touch.

    His eyes landed on the man's chest, and there, standing out, a hole he could see clearly through.

    "I..." K started. "Sorry." He was bad with words, and this guy was dead unless he got out and somehow survived long enough to get to hospital care, but chances were low he'd survive long outside of hell, and he'd end up tortured inside hell. K's mind fought, and he didn't notice the shift in light, but the grip on his shoulders tightened.

    K looked up. "Ow!" He shouted, and the man let go.

    "Sorry, sorry." The man laughed. "Sorry." He laughed again. "I'm getting tired, I... Oh god, don't let me sleep, K!" He grabbed K again and shook the weird kid. "Don't let them get me!"

    K stepped away and swallowed, and his throat didn't accept it. He looked away and spat. "Don't know." He managed after a few moments. He looked back, and the man's body was fading into dark particles.

    The androgyne shouted and scrambled away.

    "Wait! Wait, don't let them-" The man's mouth disappeared mid-word.

    K stared, whole body shaking. "Sorry." He managed in a small, high voice before he clambered to his feet as he turned, then ran.

    He ran until the light shifted, and then whimpered as he heard the screams of his former companion caught up to him, screaming his name. He covered his ears and ran harder, but sound traveled when it knew it hurt most to hear, though it was impossible. K had observed it and experimented and found it true.

    And then suddenly, an exit appeared in front of him and his legs didn't stop, couldn't stop, before he barreled through, tripped on his first step of freedom. Lip split and nose bloody, his stomach snarled as he laid there, planted face-first on the ground.​

    Vordan Dawarum
    George "Hades" Kruspe
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  2. The sounds of helicopter rotors overcame the crowd of people who had just been freshly evacuated from a quarantined area. Most looked up to the skies in hopes this was the supposed SWAT that was said to come in and take care of whatever they had been evacuated for. The police and Special Forces there had been able to give little to no information about the current situation. It was said that only their superiors were aware of what was happening inside the 10 kilometer perimeter. People were panicking, for the most part, as to what would happen to those left in there, or their material possessions. The police had done their best to calm the population... But they didn’t have much more time before they’d ask more forcefully for what is happening.

    Three helicopters had come into sight of the crowd, coming from the northeast. All three began their decent a little bit passed the barricades where some of the Special Forces Officers were discussing. Decorated on the side of the choppers was the acronym U.M.G.I., which stood for what is known as the United Military for Global Intervention. It was a world renown, independently controlled military made to intervene in situations of Global Crisis or other major events that required firepower and men. This immediately had most of the crowd extremely concerned for their lives; some starting to leave already.
    They came down and landed near a few armored vehicles and some men waiting for their arrival.

    Once the helicopters touched ground, the side doors of the flying vehicle slid open and mean started pouring out. There were about thirty of them, all equipped from head to toe with tactical gear. Most didn’t wear a helmet, though all of them had their lower face covered by something, rather it be a scarf or a ski mask and so on and so forth. One of them jogged over to the Special Forces Officers, lowering his face mask. Reaching into one of his vest pockets, he revealed to them a Badge, ID and Second ID for their subdivision; the W.A.S. “Vordan Dawarum, reporting in. I’m the Commanding officer for this squad.” The salute from both Vordan and the officers was done rather flawlessly before one of them spoke.

    - Captain Geoffrey McMiller. I’ve been put in charge of evacuating the perimeter and making sure no one goes back in.
    - Good, I see you’ve got a lot of people out. How many are left in there? The captain was surprised that he’d know they’d be anyone one left that they would know of.
    - Maybe a dozen, all in the same sector. They refused to get out and they seemed to be highly intoxicated or under the influence. We were told to just get those out that were cooperating and to not try and force people out. Vordan nodded back to the man.
    - It was probably best you did. I know you haven’t been fully briefed on what is happening, but I can tell you, it shouldn’t took long for us to take care of whatever is happening. Great job though, that was a quick evacuation.
    - I aim to do my job right, sir. Vordan came and gave a pat on the man on his shoulders.
    - I’m proud to hear it. We’ll get to it. You can have the police officers announce that the trouble is being dealt with. We’ll take the info on where the rest of the civilians are and we’ll be on our way.
    - Yes sir!

    The coordinates were given to Vordan on the remaining people, which he read while he walked back towards the men who had been making sure their equipment was functional and ready. The details were simple; it was four buildings in the same intersection. It meant that whatever occult activities had been picked up were coming from that area.

    Alright everyone, listen up! We have picked up occult activities in this area said to be major enough to section off a ten kilometer perimeter. It means we’re going in hot. Hades, I’ll need you and your five men to set up watch on surrounding buildings from that intersection. I need eyes before we go in. Cross, I’ll need you and your ten men to patrol the area and make sure nothing tries to jump us from the outside or run out. The rest of us will clear the buildings accordingly. Be careful out there; we are to believe we are dealing with demonic presences and maybe angelic too. We can’t confirm until we approach and engage. Make sure your radios are on the primary frequency until we are positioned.”

    Vordan looked over the people gathered with a smile. “Alright, move out!” The thirty odd men we all making their way towards the instructed intersection.

    It would take a few moments for the units to set up, and during those times, one of the soldiers that was with Vordan spoke up in a very monotone voice. “I can feel the presence of Hell and the Abyss...” Vordan had a feeling that it would be something that had to do with one or the other, though to what degree was still a mystery.
    He turned his head to look the man who spoke.

    Nothing else that you can tell me?” He asked, and received but a shake of the head was the only answer. He placed a finger to his ear, activating the communicator. “Alright team. Remember, we are going in hot. No safety. Something threatens you, you shoot. Hades, you and your men a clear to take down whatever might be considered dangerous from fleeing or engaging us.” The man confirmed

    All the units went into position without much of a fuss, but when Vordan arrived on the scene of the intersection, it was clear that the evacuation was something those occult members had taken advantage of; in the middle of the intersection, there was a pentagram with symbols only related to the Devil and the world of Hell. The simple presence of it started to make some of the men uncomfortable. This discovery just made everything simpler to understand, but harder to deal with; this was a summoning of some kind, something major for what Vordan could tell. Something was planned and something needed to happen for it to trigger. The question would be when and how would it trigger.

    They need a lot of blood, or the blood of an angel.” The black haired man spoke from beside Vordan, to which he nodded. Vordan nodded and looked to his men.

    Keep clear of the pentagram.” Vordan ordered them as they marched forth to the first building. He turned and waved his hand to the sky. Someone spoke from their communicators.

    Building clear from the windows.” Vordan put his thumbs up and hand the men split up on the ground, covering all three exits. Once all were into place, then he signaled for his unit to go.

    Six of you stay at the entrances; the rest of us will search the building.” The front entrance door was kicked open to this apartment building and the unit began going up the floors. They searched every unit, and in some of them, they were able to apprehend possibly possessed beings.

    Vordan and one of the soldiers just knocked the door open, just as Vordan’s companion spoke. “... I smell Hell... But the entity isn’t demonic... Bedroom down the hall.” Vordan nodded and followed through with the directions. The two set themselves up, and with a signal from Vordan, the other man kicked the door in and Vordan quickly went in... And found someone, though not in the same condition as the others. Vordan had his rifle pointed towards him, though had his finger away from the trigger. What the two of them found wasn’t anyone that Vordan remembered to be in the list of people... Worse yet, she was battered and bruised, to say the least. “Orders?” The man with the dark hair asked, rifle still pointed towards the man on the floor.

    Non-Identified individual, conscious, injured, non-hostile. We talk.” Vordan lowered his weapon and came by the person, placing a hand on him. “You ok there, sir?”
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  3. K looked up at the armed and armored strangers, blue eyes wide. His clothes clashed and he was covered in the dust of his world's Hell, which, though it was Hell and demonic, it was not the same as the Hell that these military people knew of. It was another, and K looked around, eyes wide. "What." That was the only thing he could manage as he felt like the strangers were crowding in, pushing too close. He'd been so long being apart from society that sudden people alarmed him.

    He backed away and curled up tight, knees to his chest and arms over his head. Though it felt even more stifling and suffocating.

    One hand gripped his backpack tightly, and he waved an arm, clearly far enough away to not hit any of them. "Too close!" Terror painted his face. He only knew he walked out of the wall, similarly to how he'd walked into a wall to enter Hell. His footprint started halfway through the wall from which he had emerged, and if anyone stuck their hand against it right now, they would fall through with ease, to find a flat, dusty waste interrupted by stones and spires until their wandering led them to the entrance to the next level.

    K hoped nobody would go through the wall.
  4. Well, the answer that Vordan received wasn’t exactly satisfactory, though it was nothing hostile or violent. Whoever he was backed off and curled into a ball, and truly, that’s where Vordan saw the pure terror he displayed, and the commanding officer turned to his comrade.

    Possible possession case, though no hostility, simply reluctance to have someone close... Are you listening to me, Axal?” Vordan was staring right at the soldier, wondering what the hell he was doing.

    Axal was staring straight at the portal, as if he could see it. His eyes narrowed and then turned to the person who came out, which he could clearly identify as human. The being had to ask himself how a human being was able to just walk out of Hell like that. “There’s a portal beyond the wall. We need to shut it.” Axal explained to Vordan.

    The Commanding Officer looked to the wall, then to the footprint on the ground. “Alright, we’ll set a Dismantler up, get him out and the others. T-“ His word was cut off by the sound of a high powered rifle going off outside the building. Vordan immediately got to his feet and walked to the window of the room to see... Nothing could be discern from this angle. He put a finger to his ear before he spoke again. “What happened.” George took over the communication frequency.

    Someone tried to run for the pentagram. Unknown target, ritual dagger in his hand. Might have wanted to start whatever ritual they were trying to complete.” That sounded highly unusual, but it would be a great warning for the lot of them. Vordan took over.

    - Alright, Cross, bring your units in. I want nothing entering that pentagram.
    - Yes sir, moving in now.

    Vordan looked to Axal and tossed him a cylindrical object. “Set it up and place it on the bed. Let’s get out of the building and work on the next one.” The dark haired soldier nodded and began fiddling with the device while Vordan came and stood a respectable distance from the man... woman... He actually wasn’t sure, now that he looked a little more closely. “Sir, we have to get out. If you don’t comply, we’ll have to take you out by force. this place is unsafe for anyone to be in.”
  5. K stared, eyes wide, as the group talked and moved about, barely seeming to notice him until one stood in front of him, a short distance away. "Safe?" He stared for several long moments, and then...

    A loud growl came from his abdomen. He groaned and gripped his stomach. It felt like it was eating itself! It probably was, given how long it had been since he last ate... twenty years, a month, two weeks, and a day, if his note-taking was to be trusted. He stared, then slowly unfolded himself and stood, swaying. The heat stroke that had left when he entered Hell was returning with a vengeance. He toppled forward, then, as his body continued adapting to no longer being in a weird sort of freeze, he vomited some stomach acid onto the floor, then looked up, tears in his eyes, but expression neutral. "Food?" He croaked. His lip split. He seemed to be growing more and more pale, and red appeared along his flesh as the sunburn returned also, and then the dehydration. "Water!"

    He might have jerky or someting half-rotten or wholly rotten in his bag, but in his shaking state, he could barely move.
  6. There was little response to work with here, as whoever this person was on the floor, they didn’t seem to be all there. These symptoms resembled a few possible answers to her state; he freshly came out of a possession, which would leave him confused and lost, even terrified. Maybe, if he had come from the portal, he was experiment Displacement Sickness, which had a whole other set of possibilities. Regardless, she wasn’t in her right mind.

    Yes, it is-“ Vordan was cut off by the loud growling and the man, or boy, clutching his stomach in pain. He simply watched the man for a moment, still wondering if he should be pulling him to his feet and out yet. He looked to his partner as he... or she... damn, he really had a hard time with whoever they were. Two comrades exchanged a stare before they faced the young person again. The man toppled over, vomiting what the both of them could identify as bile...

    It’s Displacement Sickness.” Vordan said to his comrade, who only nodded back to him. The poor bastard was going to have a few hard couple of days if she wasn’t acclimated to this new world. Vordan decided it was best he came closer, even if it didn’t please the man. There was a demand for food at first, but then immediately to water. Both of them noticed the sudden change in paleness and the sunburns. Yup, it couldn’t be anything else than Displacement Sickness. He reached to his belt and gently pushed him over to his back. “We’re gonna get you out, ok?” He reached for his canteen on his belt and help the young man drink. “Axal, go help the others. I’ll try to get this one out when I can.”

    A single nod came from the soldier who lowered his weapon and walked off out of view. Vordan made sure he wasn’t going to drown on drinking the water.
  7. K drank, sipping at first, and then greedily. To his parched throat, it felt like a drink of heaven itself. In his mind, he saw it sparkling vivid clear as it poured into his mouth and down his face as some spilled, his mouth too clumsy to properly catch all of it.


    He drank until there was no more, and then yanked away and covered his mouth. His stomach felt bloated, but he didn't care. He wanted the water right where it was, for his body to absorb and use.

    He pulled back to gulp air, coughing and whimpering with new-found discomfort that only brought partial relief to his symptoms. He panted, looking around, and then stared at the canteen. He pointed. "You used?" The very idea made his skin crawl. He'd just... touched someone. Ew!
  8. The entire canteen was gone in seconds, which really didn’t surprise the Commander at all. Truly, if he was suffering from Displacement Sickness, then he would be suffering from so many other varieties of pains and sufferings. He had to go through the same process when he mysteriously appeared in this world.

    The young man backed away with his canteen, to which Vordan would let him do. She probably came from somewhere that wasn’t exactly like this one. Vordan just watched him for a moment, knowing it would take a while if this continued like so, and he didn’t have the time. He’d have to paralyze him and get him out the rough way.

    To the question, he nodded. “Clean it every day, but I have used it in the past... Not today though.” He said rather calmly. “Look, I hate to speed this up, but we need to get out of here. You don’t want to be in this room when my device goes off.” He pointed to the odd cylindrical thing that’s on the bed. “And it’s just not safe in general. I can help you get around.”
  9. K stared at the man, then slowly rose on shaking feet. "Lead." He managed, the word coming out as a croak. He gripped Vordan's arm, though his skin never touched Vordan's. His tremors were obvious, but he made no attempt to ask for help moving, even though his legs tried and tried again to give out underneath him.

    He had no objections to leaving, and the man was hygienic enough not to offer his slobber with the water. He also offered the water at all, so K felt compelled to go along with the stranger, even if he wasn't sure how well he could trust him.

    K's eyes closed. "Bright." He muttered absently as he held on and took a step forward, toward the door.
  10. Well, at least that was enough for them to get out. Vordan had wanted to wrap an arm around the young man... Or young woman. He really couldn’t figure it out, but he looked so confusingly like either sex. Regardless, he made sure that he wasn’t moving too fast, as to not stress him out too much.

    With a finger to his ear, he spoke out to the entire unit. “We have a displaced Civilian. We’ll need to evac him back to base. However, our priority remains’s making sure this area is clear of occult activities.” This was all being said as the two moved forward through the apartment. He looked over to the young man. “What’s your name, Sir?” Just as this was being asked, Axal came to the comms.

    A gate has been opened. Coming from the east.” Certainly, this was bad news; the opening of a gate mostly meant a horde of demons had been summoned. Vordan cursed in a language that who god knows was, almost sounded ethereal in nature, ghostly even.

    Units on the ground, set up defenses on the eastern roads. I want eyes on their arrival.” This was going to be one Hell of a day, wasn’t it? Vordan looked to the young man again. “We’ll take the elevator down.”
  11. "K." He answered, and nothing more as he followed along, concentrating more on moving than on giving a 'satisfactory' answer or looking at the man's face. With his shaking and how leaden his legs felt, each step was a mile for the androgyne.

    At offer of an elevator, K nodded. His expression remained placid and empty, save the occasional grimace and furrowed brows. His eyes locked on the elevator. Where he came from, they were much the same. He didn't hear Axal because he wasn't really listening, but he could hear Vordan's side. Defenses, units... Had he stepped out into a war zone? He'd never heard of a 'door' existing outside the Hagwood. It wasn't a thing. There was only one entrance, and that meant one exit, in theory.

    "No sense. One door." K muttered to himself, the words spaced as he thought the full sentences, but only said aloud a couple words from each.
  12. K? What did he mean, like ok? Or just K? Vordan couldn’t come to make sense of this... person, and it seems like it wouldn’t come to be like that until he recovers from his Displacement Sickness. Their arrival at the elevator was met with a series of words Vordan simply wouldn’t come to understand again. Instead, he called the elevator with a button and waited.

    I wouldn’t imagine you would know where you came from, would you?” If he had to go with what he’s seen, it would be Hell, but humans couldn’t live through its oppression, right? Axal had spoken many moments were the death of travelers happened... In pretty gruesome ways.

    The elevator arrived rather quickly, and he got the both of them inside, starting their descent.
  13. K wasn't surprised by the fact his 'hero' could call the elevator. K wouldn't have been able to, though. He knew that much for sure now. His visit to hell was worse than useless, in that he learned only that the doctors had been right. It was...

    The question yanked him from his thoughts, and he answered fairly quickly. The worst of his pain was easing into discomfort, and he was beginning to ignore it as he forced his legs steadier."Hell." K answered. "Seattle before." He watched as the elevator arrived, then stepped in with the soldier and leaned against the railing. His eyes closed, and he let himself slide down to sit, legs unsteady underneath him. The cool wall felt nice against his cheek, and he tried to ignore the shudder of disgust over how many people had put their feet against it.
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  14. So his presumption of the dimension he came from was true. Though, the bigger surprise was the fact she said Seattle… So she was from an alternative Earth? Was that even possible? Vordan watched the young man just slide to the ground, crossing his arms. “Seattle? We’re in San Fran right now…” So maybe he was just lost for X time in Hell and came back? Vordan couldn’t know unless he asked.

    Well, welcome back to Earth.” He said with the best of intentions. They arrived on the ground floor, with the other units reporting the building to be clear… Except for one communication.

    We have a runner coming down the stairs from the second floor! Heading to the front entrance with a knife in hand!” Oh great… Vordan was about to offer K to stand back up when the elevator opened up… With a madwoman running in, heading straight for the young man on the ground.

    Something fired off, a bullet ripping through the skull of the individual, then through the elevator shaft, above K’s head. Blood, skull fragments and grey matter scattered throughout the elevator. Vordan caught the body before it fell forward onto K and pushed it right out…

    You alright there?” Vordan asked in the most casual tone, seemingly unbothered with the blood and brain pieces on him.
  15. K grunted quietly, though it wasn't dismissive, merely quiet, wordless acknowledgement. The elevator descended further, and stopped at the first floor. K readied to rise, only to blink as a woman with a knife charged toward him—not the soldier, but toward him.

    He stared as her head exploded, and closed his eyes as she splattered. It didn't seem real.

    He lifted both hands and wiped the gore from his face. "Disgusting." He spat, though none had entered his mouth. "Damn... Gross." He didn't seem to care about the death he'd just witnessed, but seemed more concerned with the gore that covered him. Bits of bone and nerves, and then the flesh and the blood.

    At the question of whether or not he was alright, he dared to open his eyes and look at the man, then grunted. "Bath."
  16. From the lack of emotional response, Vordan was going to imagine that he was fine and not too disturbed from the gore. Luckily enough for them, someone had been able to shoot her dead before she did any damage. The commander took the time to step out and look around; two soldiers rapidly came over, facing their superior.

    Are you ok, Sir?” The soldiers watched him in concern, then looked beyond, into the elevator. “Is that the Displaced Civie?” The soldiers waited for the answer from Vordan.

    Yeah. He’s going to get evac’ed and we’ll see what we do from there…” Vordan turned and looked at K. “No bathes for now. You’re gonna have to wait until we’re done here. Come on.” Again, he waited until he would get up to help him.

    Meanwhile, the men outside had set up a ling of vehicles to barricade the easy access to the pentagram. Cross’s men and been set there to prepare the line of gunfire, all while the men on top of the buildings were scanning around, in case something unnatural occurred.
  17. K's nose wrinkled, and he rose, leaning on the railing of the elevator until he was on his feet before he leaned against Vordan, though the sensation of the gore on clothes and hands repulsed him. "Bath." He grunted as he wobbled forward, eager to be somewhere he COULD bathe. He felt gross, though he hadn't when it was just the red, ferrous dust of hell.

    Mid step, He closed his eyes, and his body sagged before he pushed down with one leg to force himself back upright. "Gross." He drew back his lips as he forced himself forward, ready to go wherever they planned to take him, if it meant a chance to bathe, eat, drink, and feel as human as someone like him COULD, having to rely on others for even something as simple as adjusting water temperature in a shower.
  18. This was going to take a while if she wanted to get out of there efficiently. The troubles would be coming soon and he didn’t want to keep a displaced civie around, especially since it could cause major consequences if what she had was incompatible with this reality. One never knew when the strange laws that make up one reality doesn’t fit the other. There’s been many incicdents in which caused many, many lives to be taken without justification.

    We’ll get you cleaned up once we are out of here.” There was little more he could do for him right now, except get her out of the building. All of the soldiers inside came out rather rapidly, with Cross coming over to Vordan and K.

    Sir, the horde is larger than we presumed. We won’t be able to hold the line long enough to search the other buildings... What are your orders?” The man remained there, rifle at hand and ready to do anything Vordan would tell him to do. Vordan gave a quick look around at the place, and truly, there was not much to do.

    Alright, then we are nuking the place...” He brought his finger up to his ear. “... Listen up, we are retreating and nuking. It will be a one kilometer bio-disintegration module. Do not linger back. Move out now.” Vordan looked to Cross and motioned him to come closer. “I’ll need you to bring him to the helicopters fast.”

    Yes sir.” It was the only reply he would give before Vordan turned to K and spoke.

    This is Cross; comrade and good friend of mine. He’ll get you out as quickly as possible.” With what, Vordan made sure K was stable enough before he would run off to join his men.

    Cross, for his part, came over and turn his back to him before kneeling down. “Come on, I’ll carry you back there.”
  19. K nodded briefly to the man who'd helped him thus far, then watched as Cross knelt, back to him. His first instinct was to pull the man's hair, but he stopped himself and instead clambered onto the offered back. He felt unbearably warm, and the contact was unwelcome, but 'nuking' and 'bio-disintegration' both sounded remarkably unenjoyable. He closed his eyes, then grunted to alert the man that he was ready.

    After a moment, he spat out the word. "Ready." He really didn't know what else to do but go with these soldiers. They didn't shoot on sight, which to K meant either their policies for dealing with mysterious people or their soldiers themselves were not sociopathic.

    However, he still worried. They were people, and people... people could not be understood or comprehended. He decided to ask something as he let his arms hang loosely about Cross's neck. "Where?" He wanted to know where he was, what kind of place it was, but he couldn't put together the full sentence. His nerves were too frayed, being in an unknown situation and around unknown people.
  20. Once the grunt had been heard, Cross got to his feet and immediately started jogging off, his arms holding onto her legs to make sure she wasn’t going to just fall off. The man was rather tall, now that one would take a look at him, and also probably an older gentleman than Vordan. Already, there was some grey hair in that black, short hair. His foots step were fast, without being exhaustingly fast. He was bringing her through the streets which were completely deserted...

    Behind them, the sound of gunfire started, though Cross did not slow down a second, knowing his mission was to bring this boy back safe. A displaced civie was always important to deal with, just like any other threat to this earth.

    The question asked was answered rather quickly, though it might not be what he wanted. “To the helicopter, then we’re bringing you back to our base, to make sure you don’t suffer from Reality Backlash.” Another term that she probably wouldn’t understand for now. “Gonna make sure you live, kid.”
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