Raining Blood

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  1. Vincent stood on the roof of an abandoned apartment building, surveying the streets below. He was starting to grow tired of his male captive that he had dragged off a year ago. His blood had started to taste bitter and stale, and Vincent was finding that it was making his stomach churn. Better to kill the kid than to continue using him. But first, he had to find a new 'toy'.

    That's when he saw her. She was walking alone down the sidewalk, with this assertive gait that made her look confident. There was something about that girl that drew him towards her. Yes, she would do nicely. Vincent jumped down in to the alley, waiting for his prey to come closer. He was starting to feel impatient. He had to have her. Moments later, she walked by the alley, oblivious of what was about to happen to her.

    He swooped in behind her, his left arm wrapping around her waist while his right hand covered her mouth, stifling any attempts that she might make at screaming.

    "Hello, pretty. You're coming with me," he whispered in her ear. He dragged her back in to the alley, smiling at her attempts to break free of his grasp.
  2. Becca had taken a late night job at a 24/7 restaurant to pay the bills now that her brother was missing it was hard for her. Their parents had died a few years ago and they were the only ones left. It had been a year ago tonight that her brother went missing and the fact that the police told her that he was probably dead. No body was ever found. The whole time walking home she felt like someone or something was watching her. When she was grabbed around the waist she let out a little screech before having her mouth covered by someone's hand. The person who attacked her was inhumanely strong and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't break free. If this was the end of her life at least she would be able to be with her brother once again. Little did she know she would be seeing him very soon.
  3. Vincent really wanted to taste her blood. She was feisty, and he liked that in his victims. But he couldn't, not right now, not where somebody could see him. He covered her nose and mouth, constricting her air flow just enough so that she passed out. The whole time he was looking in to her eyes, enjoying her fear that stared back at him.

    Once she had fallen unconscious, he zip-tied her wrists together. Carefully lifting her over his shoulder, he made his way to his car, hidden near the end of the alley. He hated the things; they weren't his style, but people would notice a pale skinned man carrying a woman over his shoulder. That would bring unnecessary attention to himself and he just didn't want to deal with the mess it would case. He threw the girl in to the trunk before getting in to the driver's seat. Time for the long drive back to my mansion, he thought. At least he had something to look forward to tonight, he smiled and started the long drive home.
  4. When he cut off her air flow she started to panic her eyes went wide yes she could still breathe but not enough to wake up. Soon her head fell backwards and she fell unconscious her eyes slightly parted still looking at her attacker. Even though he knocked her out and didn't hurt her she spent the whole ride home unconscious probably because of nervousness. Her lips were pale now from lack of oxygen she was deprieved of earlier. Her shirt was torn just over the brests and she had the start of bruises along her waist and neck.
  5. As he drew nearer to his mansion, Vincent became more and more impatient. He wanted his snack. Finally his mansion came in to view. It was made out of red bricks, stood two stories tall, had an arch in the entranceway that was supported by several white pillars, and had a noticeable lack of windows. Vincent pulled up to the front of the house and quickly got out.

    When he opened the trunk, he noticed the girl was still unconscious. Good. He smiled when he saw that her shirt had been torn in her struggles to break free from his grasp. Perhaps picking her would have it's added benefits. He carefully slung her over his shoulder and carried her in to the mansion, and down in to the cellar, where the boy had been shackled for a year now.

    The sound of the front door opening was enough to wake Brian. He shifted nervously. Around his neck was a steel collar that held him in place on the wall. Breathing with the collar on was difficult, and there was no way of taking it off without the key. The footsteps were coming closer, and before long the cellar door was open, light faintly outlining Vincent. Brian looked up in horror; Vincent was carrying someone. In the year that he had been here there been no sign of life other than Vincent. It could mean only one thing, Vincent was going to kill him.
  6. Finally when they got to the house and stopped the car lurching made her body wake up. Her head was spinning and she was very groggy she had no idea where she was or what had happened. When he picked her up she had not noticed that she was awake and her body being pulled up hurt but she had no energy to moan or anything like that. Her body was slung over his shoulders and she again lost consciousness. Finally a soft moan came to her lips when the door was open and Brian saw the girl but didn't notice it was his sister. "Let me go." She whispered finally coming to her from her nightmare moments ago and she tried to hit him but managed only a small poke.
  7. Vincent laughed as the girl tried to hit him. "You won't be able to fight your way out of here, precious."

    Brian looked on, not sure where he knew that girls voice from. Slowly it dawned on him that it was his sister. He started struggling, trying to break free of the collar binding him to the wall. It was useless. Becca had been caught too and there was nothing that he could do to help her. He watched helplessly as Vincent ripped her already torn shirt off, pushed her over to one of the walls and handcuffed her to a pipe. "We'll have to find you something more...elegant to wear than that."

    "Let her go! I'll do anything, just please, leave her out of this!" Brian pleaded.

    "Now now Brian, you don't have anything to bargain with. Plus, I don't have a use for you any more now that I have her," Vincent walked over to Brian, ready to end his life. Brian spat in his face, which infuriated Vincent. Vincent smiled, he was going to torture the poor boy before finally killing him.

  8. When he pulled off her shirt she screamed still not realizing her brother was a few feet away from her. Her strength slowly growing as she tried to struggle free of the grip that inhumanely holding her back. Now she knew someone else was in the room with her but she couldn't make out who it was. No more twin telepathy since they had been to far apart for a long time. They used to be able to read each other's mind like if one of them was sick or hurt before the other knew about it. When she was handcuffed she continued to fight her way trying to break free but nothing helped. Tears formed in her eyes as she watched the vampire go over to Brian. When she heard his voice instantly she knew who it was. "Brian?" She called out trying to break free again when she realized who it was. Now the handcuffs had dug so deep in her skin it was starting to bleed. "Brian?" She screamed again.
  9. The girl's screams stopped Vincent in his tracks. How did she know who he was? Now that he thought about it, they did bear a striking resemblance to each other. "How does she know you?" he asked, grabbing Brian by the throat. Brian stayed quiet. A fist struck him out of nowhere, pain surging through his cheek. It hurt like hell, but Brian was determined to save his sister. He heard Vincent ask the question again, and then moments later another punch hit him, this time in the mouth. Blood started to flow down his throat, choking him slightly.

    "Well, if you won't talk, then perhaps she will," Vincent threatened, letting go of Brian's throat. That was enough to get him to talk.

    "She's my twin sister," Brian blurted out. That was enough to stop Vincent in his tracks. He turned around and looked at Brian, then at the girl. This changed things. He needed some time to think about what to do next.

    "I'll be back later, don't think of doing anything stupid," he said, walking upstairs and out of the cellar.

    As the door closed, Brian looked in his sister's direction.


  10. When he grabbed Brian by the throat she screamed. "Let him go." Where she was she could see everything that happened and she had to look away she couldn't look at him. Brian was alive and she somehow knew that he was but the police kept saying he was dead. Finally he was gone she wanted to go over there and hug him but she couldn't the lock was to strong. "Brian. Please tell me your ok." The twins parents thought they were going to be so close that they even had the same initials Brian and Becca. In the moonlight from a small window above their heads he could see that there were tears running down her cheeks.
  11. "I'm alright, all things considered. The one thing that kept me going was knowing that one day I would get out of here and see you again," Brian told his sister, happy that he got a chance to see her again, but worried that she was in the same bad situation as he was. Growing up, they had had a special bond and being torn away from her for so long had hurt him. He had always tried to keep her safe. Their parents dying had brought them a lot closer together, as they only had each other to rely on to get through tough times.

    "Becca, we need to get out of here. See if you can screw that pipe lose or something."
  12. "I don't know if I can reach it." Even if she could unscrew the pipe then chances are she couldn't get her brother free. The screws were high up if she stood on the bar that sat horizontal then maybe she would be able to do it. Slowly she got up hoping her brother would not make her get down and she did it. Soon she was standing a bit wobbly on the pipe and reaching up to unscrew the screws. "They're to tight." She whispered but she kept trying over and over again. Her nails broke now what would they do and her wrists were still bleeding.
  13. Brian had lost hope a long time ago, but seeing his sister struggling to free herself filled him with a newly found strength. He wasn't going to be able to break free of his collar, but at the very least he was going to find something that would help her loosen the screws. Careful to not make too much noise, he started to feel around with his hands and legs for something that could either unscrew the pipe, or bend it enough to get the handcuffs off. And that's when he found it. A screwdriver. He had forgotten about it entirely, but it was still there, nestled in it's hiding place.

    When he first got captured, Vincent liked playing mind games where he would leave weapons and tools lying around, giving Brian hope that he could escape. And he did, a couple of times. But that was what Vincent had wanted. He chased Brian mercilessly every time he got out, finding new ways to punish him each time he escaped. As soon as Brian had figured out the little game, he stopped trying to break free, which had infuriated Vincent. That was why Vincent had installed the collar around his neck; it let Brian know that hope could be taken away from him. It was quite lucky that Brian had managed to keep that screwdriver, and luckier still that he was able to hide it for so long from Vincent. That was nearly eleven months ago.

    "Becca, I found a screwdriver. I'm going to throw it over to you. Try not to make too much noise," he warned her before he threw the screwdriver over to her. He decided not to mention Vincent's little game to her, trying to keep up her hopes at escaping.
  14. Who would he find to help her with the screws and how would she help him get out of the collar? When she heard the noise of him rumaging around she looked at him. "What did you find?" She asked before he had the chance to try and tell her what happened and what he found. Maybe not telling her about the game would be bad because if she escaped then she would get hurt. It almost landed right near her with very little noise and she grabbed it with her foot. Bringing it over to her she knelt down and managed to grab it with her hands finally doing so. "I'll get you out after." She whispered climbing up onto the horizontal beam she slipped a bit and knocked her leg against it but very little noise was heard. "Ow." Wincing she got up again and this time she managed to start unscrewing the screws from their place at the top. About 10 minutes later she slid the handcuffs out and run over to her brother.
  15. Brian looked on as his sister managed to free herself from the pipe. She really was quite remarkable; when she set her mind to do something, she usually got it done. Moments later she ran up to him, and he greeted her with a tight hug. The feeling of a warm human body against him made him choke up a bit, since he thought he was never going to see another living person again.

    "Ok, listen. The only way to get me out of this collar is by opening it with a key. I don't know where they key is, Vincent might have it on him, or it might be somewhere in the house. You need to find that key."

    "Oh, and Becca? Whatever you do, don't give him the satisfaction of running away from him if he sees you. He loves chasing his...victims."
  16. When she wrapped her arms around him she hugged him tightly and tears came streaming down her face. "I missed you so much." She pulled away listening to what he had to say. "But if I go and find the key if he comes back and I am gone he might hurt you or worse come to me. What do you mean by chase?" She had so many questions and did not want to leave her brother's side right now she just got him back. Her hands went up to her face to brush away the tears that kept coming.
  17. "I missed you too." He smiled at her. There were so many things that he wanted to ask her about her life, but he didn't have the time. They needed to get out of here.

    "Vincent, he uh, liked to leave weapons and tools around here, letting me escape. Every time I got free, he would hunt me down. Some times he would simply tackle me, other times he would set up booby traps where I could get a leg caught, breaking my bone. The blood loss would usually make me pass out. This whole thing is a game to him. And he always feeds on me, it's disgusting. Becca, he's a vampire."

    Without warning, the cellar door burst open. Vincent walked down the stairs, carrying a red dress for Becca.

    "What do we have here? Are you trying to escape?" Vincent taunted at them, a hint of amusement in his voice. He threw the dress at Becca. "Put that on"
  18. "Then why did you try to get me to leave and go search for a key if I'm...." Her voice was cut off by Vincent coming back down the stairs and handing her a dress. "I just wanted to be closer to my brother." Now she forgot she was naked and because of the darkness they couldn't really see her naked body anymore. Sighing she looked at the dress and it wasn't half bad at least she would have some clothes on her for now. Grabbing the dress she noticed it was just her size she stepped into it and pulled it up it did fit perfectly. The dress was beautiful but she did not want to wear it.
  19. "That looks lovely on you," Vincent smirked. "Go on Brian, answer her question. Why did you want her to leave and find the key? You know what I'm capable of."

    "I was..." he sighed. "I was hoping that you would find the key with no trouble, so that you could free me. And once we started to run...I was going to let him catch me again, so that you could get away. Becca, I don't want you to go through what I had to go through."

    "How touching. But I can't let this go without some repercussions." Vincent moved in on Becca, walking gracefully towards her, his steps so light that he made almost no noise.

    "Don't you dare touch her," Brian threatened. That only made Vincent mad, and he turned to Brian. He grabbed him by the throat, cutting off his supply of air, and cutting off the blood flow to his brain. Brian was growing lightheaded, his head was swimming, his eyes going out of focus. When he was on the verge of unconsciousness, Vincent let go. Brian could only look on helplessly as the vampire grabbed Becca by her hair, pulling her head to the side and exposing her neck. Starting behind her left ear, Vincent gently ran a finger down her neck, his mouth moving closer and closer to her neck, his soft breath making the hairs on Becca's neck raise up. He opened his mouth, and sank his teeth in to her throbbing neck.

    Brian tried to raise his hand to stop the vampire, but he had no energy and his hand fell back down to his side. A single tear rolled down his face as the vampire fed on his dear sister.
  20. When he said those words she looked over to her brother and waited for an answer. The whole answer made her cringe so he was going to let her get out alive and he would probably be killed. When she saw out of the corner of her eye the movement of Vincent coming towards her she cringed and move closer to her brother. "Stop it." She screamed when she saw her brother get strangled to the point of almost unconsciousness. With all her might she lunged forward and tried to pull his arm away. When she was grabbed by her hair she put her hands to his hand and tried to get him to let go but nothing worked. Somehow she knew what was going to happen to her and she did not like it, her breathing became ragged and fast. Her eyes went wide open as she let out a blood curttling scream as the shiny white fangs dug into her neck. It stung and then started to hurt soon her hands dropped from her head and her body went completely limp.