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  1. We are doing a zombie apocalypse theme.

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    Name: Dean Lee
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Current Position: North Carolina, Raleigh, Quarantine Zone

    No. No. No. No.

    This wasn't supposed to happen. He had just arrived in the barricaded stadium, expecting a few days a rest before he traveled again. There were supposed to be enough man power to defend these walls, to keep out the infected. Alas, the unmistakable screams and moans sliced through the air. They, to put it simply, were coming to eat all of the survivor's brains out. Great. The young tall Asian glanced around, his exhausted eyes searching for the closest exit; none. The poundings and chaos grew exponentially. More gun fire and people armed with guns swarmed all over the place, desperate to drive out the intruders.

    He sighed, running his hands over his dirt-covered face. His blades and pack slung from his back, showing that Dean Lee was a capable man. He could protect himself from both infected and people alike. He knew how to scavenge and what plants were good to eat. He sighed, shifting uncomfortably, unsure what to do now. There was no way to get out now - He would have to wait out and see if the infected would barge in.
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    Name:Angelica Mathers



    "Damn." Angelica swore under her breath as she stood in the barricaded stadium,this was so wrong. She glanced around as she heard more and more screams that very obviously said that they were most likely going to be dead very soon. "This can't be happening." She groaned. She was supposed to meet up with her father here but he hadn't shown up,she was starting to get worried about him. He was her only family left since her mother and older brother had been infected.

    She sighed quietly and sat down on the ground,pulling out her two guns to clean them a little. While she was cleaning her two shotguns,she glanced up and noticed a young man who was standing near her. She thought that he looked worried. "Calm down,sugar. We'll be dead soon enough." She said with a wry smile and looked back down at her guns as she thought about the possibility of dying today,she didn't want to die but she wasn't going to fight fate.
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  4. A woman's voice shook him out of his fears. He glanced at the woman, young and unafraid - courageous. He smiled and nodded. "Someday, but not today," he replied, his lips pulled up into a smile. "So, since we're stuck here together, want to try and bust our way out?" He asked. Dean usually didn't mingle in groups. Too human humans attraction too many zombies. Smaller groups, even pairs had a better chance of survival. Besides, the young woman looked strong.
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  5. Angelica thought about this man's offer for a few minutes before standing up. "Sure,why not." She said and smiled,pulling her backpack on as she stood. "Looks like my dad isn't coming so yeah,I'd like to leave." She murmured under her breath before making sure her guns are loaded. "Shall we......?" She trailed off,waiting for his name with a slightly impatient stance in the stadium,she wanted out now.
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