Rainbow Saga

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  1. December 4th, 2044, Diary Entry #134
    "This is it..All my years of experiments and research has culminated to this final push. Since I was 14 years old, ive studied biological experimentation, genetics and the most advanced military technology, including artificial intelligence. Humans are so weak and I for one, refuse to be confined to a body that will only age and slow my progress down with time. Since 17, I entered college and by 19 I had a high paying job working in the genetics field. I was payed 3 figures and I saved my money smartly. I regret to say that it took me until now, at 39 years old, to finish my life's work. Im ready to transform myself, and transcend being human. The extracellular matrix will heal any wounds I receive..the Brain-Gate Neural Interface System (BGNIS) will unlock my mind's full potential and grant me kinetic prowess..and replacing my body with the most advanced cybernetics money can buy will ensure I stay youthful and grant me immortality. Daddy, this is for you. I finally made something of myself! I made lots of money and I put my intelligence to great use. I hope you're proud of me, and I hope you know that I love you, and I miss you more than I could ever explain..Well, here goes nothing. Let's see what's at the end of this rainbow of mine."

    Standing by her father's picture, the woman took a breathe and steadied her nerves. She was in her basement, which she gradually retrofitted into a laboratory over the years. With a calm pulse and a clear mind, the woman grabbed a sterile syringe and filled it to the brim with the extracellular matrix; a substance found in the early 2010's from pig stomachs that acted just the same as stem cells, but better and less morally taxing. Pulling up her long, striped sleeve, the woman held her breathe as she pushed the needle into her vein, and injected the full dose of the substance into her system. After bandaging up her arm, she then took a drink of her nearby water and continued her mission. It was now time for neural surgery.

    By her side was her android servant, whom she named Yuhi due to her being a Japanese model of android. Both parties in silence stood by as the woman got on to her makeshift surgical table and numbed herself as well as she could with anesthetics. Having gone over this procedure in practice a hundred times, the android named Yuhi was fully prepared to fulfill her mistress's last request as a human being. Once the woman gave the command, Yuhi took a scalpel and made her incision. Opening the back of the woman's head, she bit down hard on a rag drenched in chloroform. Passing out as planned, Yuhi then successfully integrated the BGNIS; a device created in the mid-to-late 2010's and finalized in the mid-to-late 2020's that took neurological signals from the brain and processed them into commands for the body so that a person could use up to 97% of their mind at once into her mistress's brain, and activated it. The extracellular matrix by then had taken effect over the woman's system, and healed the wound completely. Using smelling salts, Yuhi awoke her mistress to complete the final step.

    Taking another gulp of her water, the woman closed her eyes and concentrated all her thoughts on to the glass of water. Flicking her wrist, the glass was thrown against a wall and shattered, all without the woman having to physically touch it. Pleased that both experiments went off without a hitch, the woman was told by Yuhi that she was already 23 hours deep into her 48 hour schedule. Acknowledging her servants statement, the woman then moved towards the body she had created for herself, modeled after how she appeared at the start of her journey at 19 years of age. For the next full 24 hours, the woman entrusted Yuhi with finishing her dream. Yuhi replaced the woman's organs, muscles and bones with complete success. The only organ not replaced was her brain and skin.

    At the 47 hour mark on December 6th, 2044, the woman awoke and was greeted with a gleeful smile from Yuhi. Getting up, she could hear the gears inside her and feel the drastic change in her physical being, and the woman couldnt be any happier. Her life's work a complete success, her youth eternally restored and her body now no longer bound to the inferiority of human evolution, she stood for the first time on her new legs and kissed her servant Yuhi deeply. The woman then looked to the mirror in the laboratory, and was moved to tears to discover how gorgeous she now appeared. A human woman of 39 years of age, over the course of 30 years of dedicated research and experimentation, had successfully transformed herself in to something both peak human and beyond. The end of her rainbow was bathed in what one could only describe as humanity's closest yet form of divinity.

    December 11th, 2044, Diary Entry #141
    "'On December 11th, 2044, a renowned doctor by the name of Hayley Parks was found dead in her home in Seattle, Washington. The autopsy revealed that she was killed by an accidental overdose of her anti-psychotic medication. Her only remaining beneficiary is her daughter, Summer Parks who currently resides in London, England. Summer was present for the cremation, and scattered her mother's ashes in the ocean as she requested in her will. Dr. Parks was 39 years old.' Just heard that on the news and read it in the paper. Seems everything has fallen into place. Yuhi never fails to impress with her skill set. Managed to deceive the entire United States government on this one..Gotta say, im feeling a bit God-like. I knew from the start that I would have to find a way to make Dr. Parks have a daughter and disappear, otherwise i'd be locked in a padded cell for the rest of my life after my ambitions came to fruition. Either that, or they'd acknowledge me as a major threat to national security and have me killed on the spot, possibly by glassing the entirety of Seattle. Couldnt let all those people die because of me, could I? Of course not. Now with Dr. Parks gone and birth records prepared in advance to allow me to get my own money, I moved to London to start my new, immortal life. 30 years of medical expertise and military technology research well worth it in the end. Now I wont be facing the gallows, so to speak. Or the men-in-black, for that matter. I know you probably arent too happy about my methods daddy, but I still hope you're proud of me overall. I made my dreams come true! I made it to the end of my rainbow. I only wish you were here to see it..I love you daddy, and I miss you."

    After finishing her diary entry, 'Summer' prepared to go to the store with Yuhi closely by her side as always. Putting her diary away in a heavily secured, well hidden place, the girl left after locking her home down. On the television she forgot to turn off however, breaking news was being broadcast; the kind of news that would forever change the ambitious doctor's life.....

    "Breaking news coming in now from the United States. After continued investigation in to the death of Dr. Hayley Parks, the CIA has made a shocking discovery. Dr. Parks' death was indeed caused by an overdose of her medication but it was not, we repeat, NOT accidental. The CIA are saying that this was a murder, ladies and gentlemen. The evidence leading to this discovery was that of Dr. Parks' absence from her work a few weeks prior to her death. She gave notice that she would take time off, but she went over her vacation time by 2 days, prompting the police to look in to her being a missing person's case, seeing as how she gave no calls to her place of work that she was going to need more time off. After closer examination of her physical being in a number of post-death autopsies, geneticists came to find that Dr. Parks' DNA did not 100% match up to her previous DNA in blood tests she took at an earlier date. While the United States government is not sure how to proceed with the case just yet, they gave given a working title for the possible suspect. They are being called 'Jack the Ripper'. We'll be bringing you updates on this case as soon as we receive them."

    Once returning home, Summer received a call. On the line was a CIA agent by the name of Agent Tristan. The agent explained the current situation to Summer, and informed her that they would do everything in their power to bring her mother's disappearance case to a close and give her peace of mind and closure. After hanging up, Summer looked to Yuhi, whom heard everything. The race was now on to cover up all the evidence of her ambitions, and eliminate anyone who knew her before this all took place, as well as destroy her old home in Seattle before the CIA could find it hidden deep, deep underground. Were her ambitions worth all the trouble she had just stirred up? Is being human really so bad, that it would cause someone to change themselves completely to avoid being tied down to their humanity? How far gone was Dr. Parks' mental state before any of this happened, and could it have been prevented? What truly lies at the end of her rainbow saga?

    If any of that sounds interesting to you and you would like to participate, let me know in your response below! Im currently looking for a 1x1 roleplay, but if enough people are interested i'd certainly make this a group thing! So yeah, let me know in your response what you think of my idea and if you're interested in it!~
  2. I like this actually lol but i dont think im going to post as much as youd like. I tend to do one to two paragraphs...
  3. One or two paragraphs is fine by me, as long as they're detailed and made with proper grammar and spelling~
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