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  1. Dylan Rose Bryant

    A brunette, whose hair was flowing in the wind, pushed herself on her scooter as she rode through the halls of Emma Rose Hospital. Nurses and doctors alike ordered her to stop. She only glanced at them, flashed them a semi-apologetic smile, and went on her way. They were obviously new. Anyone here knew that Dylan riding various things through the hall was a normal for her. It's when she wasn't doing that, that everyone should be worried.

    Stopping in front of one the nurses that's been with her for as long as she could remember, she beamed. The nurse took notice of her presence and smiled at her, saying, "Hello, Dylan. Chose to ride a scooter today, I see."

    "Hello, Mrs. Reed." Dylan had to take out the lollipop she was sucking on to respond to Mrs. Reed's greeting. "What's today's agenda?" She continued, popping her lolly back into her mouth.

    "Nothing special. Just the usual."

    Dylan groaned at that statement. It seemed she was going to have to have fun by herself. And that meant causing mischief. "Alrighty, then. Well, I'm off." With a two-fingered salute, Dylan got situated on her scooter before pushing off, leaving a smiling Mrs. Reed behind. The teenage girl wondered what they had in the café. The thought now embedded in her mind, she took a left and started making her way to the café.

    [Everyone is basically doing their own thing. It's the afternoon. :3]
  2. Maddison Emerald Summers

    Maddie opened her eyes slowly, pausing to take in her surroundings. She sighed, of course she was still in this hospital.
    What had she expected? For the past two years, she has been here. She sat up and stretched slowly, 'it should be around the afternoon now,' she thought silently. Oftentimes, she slept through the morning. It made her hungry, and hungry was never good.

    "Good morning, or should I say afternoon, young lady?" The usual nurse chirped, flashing Maddison a bright smile.

    Maddie simply nodded in response before looking out the window, away from the nurse.

    "Would you like something to eat?" The nurse asked, walking toward the bed.

    Maddison got up, shook her head, and started walking down the hallway. She knew if she stayed any longer, the nurse
    would have convinced her to eat. Maddison had been bulimic for a while, but the doctors say she had been recovering. Sure
    she had recovered slightly from being bulimic, but now she's leaped into the arms of Anorexia.

    Walking down the hallways barefoot, Maddie pulled her hoodie over her head and avoided conversation. She really needed to be alone, and she knew the perfect alone spot. In the garden of crowded patients, there was one spot behind some bushes and beneath a small oak tree that no one seemed to wander into. She smiled and closed her eyes, the untrimmed grass was perfect for laying down.

  3. Andre Hayes
    Andre groaned and stretched, clenching his teeth as pain shot up his left arm reminding him of his worst failure yet... He'd rather not dwell on it right now, his life in the hospital wasn't so bad, but he was still an outcast, nothing would be changing that anytime soon, or at least not in his opinion anyways. Making sure not to move his left arm too much, he put on his blue and grey hoodie as per usual preferring not to get attention drawn to himself, this hospital lacked bullies but he knew the few that wandered around would see him as an immediate target. He started walking down the halls looking for a place, any place where he could spend his time for the rest of the day, it was better than laying in that hospital bed like a fool constantly being pestered by nurses and other such people, by now they've grown accustomed to him just getting up and leaving. It wasn't really a problem unless he left the hospital grounds themselves of course which wasn't about to happen any time soon, his eyes continued to wander around the place until they landed upon the door outside, the garden was a little less crowded than the hospital was, but not by much. However, even in the largest of crowds, there should be a spot where the crowds weren't so thick, an isolated place of solitude where he could safely pass time in, and sure enough he finally spotted it. There were some bushes which seemed to leave a good space between itself and the walls, and upon closer inspection, it seemed no-one was there, that was a lucky find, even though these were his first few days at the hospital where he was walking around, he'd found that there was rarely a place that was isolated quite like this. Starting to walk towards the spot taking note of the small oak tree just barely poking out above the bushes he eventually found a small opening which he got to what he had thought was a "safe zone" from the crowds at first glance. He didn't noticed the girl laying on the ground at first until he looked around one more time, and when he did, he felt himself freeze over... Andre wasn't accustomed to seeing someone in what seemed like a safe zone, much less was he taking this particularly well. There was an uncertainty of what to do, and as much as he wanted to say something, his words simply caught in his throat, this situation wasn't going to be avoided by just walking away either; the garden was already packed with people... Too many for him to handle right now.​
  4. Maddison Emerald Summers

    Maddison enjoyed the slight breeze that blew against her back. All around she heard footsteps, voices, and laughter. ​
    She sighed, how were they so.. so happy? She can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled out of pure joy.​

    Actually, she could. ​

    It was the day she was admitted into the hospital. Not exactly the best day of her life, but it was a good day. One of the ​
    better days. Her mother had came to sign paperwork, and as she was leaving, she handed Maddie a small, white, fluffy ​
    teddy bear. It was the last thing she ever got from her. In fact, it was the last she's seen of her. Maddie's mom didn't even ​
    stay long enough for the surgery. ​

    She shook her head again, turning on her side. She suddenly realized she wasn't the only one in her secret little spot. ​
    Sitting up almost immediately, she looked up, meeting the eyes of the boy. She couldn't form words, she just looked up​
    silently. She looked back down, nodding her head softly in acknowledgment. ​

  5. Andre Hayes
    The girl in front of Andre suddenly turned towards him making him just a little... As his eyes met with hers briefly before he averted his own gaze in fear of being judged, he looked back, not making eye contact and noticed she just nodded a little in acknowledgement. He was relieved that she wasn't going to bully him or anything, and he desperately wanted to ask her why she came here, but of course he was still afraid of speaking, he lacked the courage to and would prefer not to for the time being, so instead he approached carefully and lay down a good distance away from her. There wasn't too much room around, but there was enough for him to have a little time to himself, he stiffled a slight grunt as he felt pain from his left arm again, he wasn't quite used to only using his right arm again. After he was properly settled down, he just closed his eyes letting out a small sigh himself, it was a little more peacefull here, even with unexpected company, and to be honest, he didn't mind it too much for now at least.​
  6. Maddison Emerald Summers

    Maddie wasn't too startled when he decided to sit down since he approached her slowly. She looked at him curiously, he seemed to be uncomfortable with his right arm. Quickly realizing she had been staring, she looked back down at the grass, laying down and staring up into the tree tops.
    The tree provided nice shade, and the sunlight shining through the leaves made the spots in the shadow look so pretty. She was glad she had found this place, but how had he? Technically, no one was allowed anywhere where they couldn't be supervised. Out in the Garden with the flowers and such, there were always doctors keeping a close eye.
    Maddie reached her hands up, trying to catch one of the leaves that we're falling off the tree. One hit her smack in the face, causing her to laugh a little. She quickly closed her mouth and turned to the side, her hand over her mouth. Embarrassed, she twirled the leaf around in the fingers, trying to distract herself.
  7. Fionna Von Shultz
    Fionna sat alone in her hospital room, not with the energy to get up. She relaxed a little, and grabbed the notebook she always had to her left. On the table was the notebook, two pencils, a pen, a glass of water, and three lone toothpicks. Her hand reached for the pen, but ended up grabbing the pencil because she wasn't paying too much attention. "Good enough," she muttered to herself. She started drawing a basic outline of a willow tree, and started making a soft outline of a small pond off to the side. She drew faint ripples over the small pond drawing, and ended up drawing some birds in the sky which turned out just to be V's.

    Becoming dehydrated, which she normally was, she grabbed the glass to her side, and took a long sip of the water. She put it back down, and found herself drawing once again. The drawing was getting more details by the minute. She already added a small tombstone in the distance, and a faintly outlined girl standing before it, rose in hand.
  8. Andre Hayes
    Andre was starting to daydream with the environment around him being rather serene, fitting his tastes... It was cool, but not too cold for it to be a problem here, the perfect temperature for him, but then all of a sudden he was startled out of his little "trance" by the girl not too far from him laughing. Opening eyes and looking towards her, he found that she was playing with a leaf, rather embarassed with herself for some reason, to that he simply cocked his head a little in curiousity before resuming daydreaming with a small smile. For some reason, he was actually enjoying the company of another, she didn't seem to be all that hositle and hadn't tried picking on him or anything, so perhaps things may turn out just fine this time around, though he couldn't be too carefull about it. With a small sigh, he started to reminisce on his childhood, trying to imagine he was young again laying in his backyard with nothing better to do, back then, the problems he had now never existed, nor would have existed if things didn't play out the way they did later on.​
  9. Maddison Emerald Summers

    Maddison couldn't help but feel nervous. Beside the usual nurses and doctors, she hadn't really interacted with many people. She also couldn't help but stare at him. She wondered what kind of story he had. Staring longer she meant to, she finally looked away, sat up, and stared down at the grass. A slight breeze passed, blowing the hair into her face. It was nice. The nurse was right, fresh air was good. Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she closed her eyes and smiled, taking a deep breath. It smelled like flowers. Not like hospital disinfectant, like real, pollen producing flowers. Oh, how she loved her secret little place. Looking at the boy, she realized that it wasn't as secretive as she had thought. A thought came across her mind. She hadn't even gotten his name yet!

    "Maddison.." She murmured, saying it so softly that it was barely legible. As soon as the words left her mouth, she immediately regretted it. What of he got scared off? What if he thought she was weird? What if he didn't understand why she said her name? WHAT IF HE DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS HER NAME AND HE THOUGHT SHE WAS SAYING A RANDOM NAME? WHAT IF HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HER NAME?

    Maddie's thought's were racing, and so was her heart beat.
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  11. Luce Erler
    Luce was in her hospital bed waking up. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. "I feel asleep again. Good thing I didn't experience sleep paralysis this time around." Luce thought. She turned her head to looked out the window to discover it's the afternoon. Seems like she missed lunch today. Luce left her bed and started to walk down to the cafeteria. Since she is here just in case she passes out ,which happens frequently, the nurses didn't care about getting her food and attending to her needs since she can do it herself. While roaming the hallways down to the cafeteria she would give every person who passed by an evil glare. She isn't a morning person. Maybe waking up person is a more appropriate way to say it.

    Luce walked into the cafeteria and waited in the line. Seems like many people are getting an afternoon snack. When it was her turn, she already planned what she was going to order. "One iced coffee and two chocolate chips cookies." The lunch lady punched in her items and gave her a look before going into the back to prepare what she ordered. It sounded unhealthy but she needed to keep herself awake. Sugar and caffeine is the way to do it. The lunch lady came back and had her items on the counter. "Your name and room number." The lady demanded before Luce can leave. There was a small silence before Luce said "You know my name and number." in a rude tone before snatching her items from the counter and going out to the garden to eat. She has been here for two years so that lunch lady knows her.

    Luce was sitting down on a bench with her items in the garden. There were lots of patients there with their families. It reminded her of how her family use to come everyday when she was first admitted but now come only once a every other month. It's not a bad thing since all she would do is say rude things while she received looks of pity. Soon enough, her food was done and all of what was left were the containers. Luce wanted to close her eyes and feel the warmth of the sun since she was in the garden but that may cause the nurses to bother her thinking she fell asleep all of the sudden again. Instead, she just sat there and listened in on the conversations.
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  12. Andre Hayes
    Andre seemed a little nervous himself when Maddison looked at him, his eyes darted around never completely making eye contact as they sat there not saying anything for a while. Then, after a while, the girl spoke telling him what he could only presume to be her name, Maddison. It wasn't such a bad name, certainly better than Andre, this was the first time someone around his age had given him their name in a while though, so it only felt right to return the favor "Andre... I-I'm Andre." he said quietly, he sat there awkwardly in silence again for a moment before speaking again. "I-It's nice to meet you.... Maddison." He added after a while, breaking the brief moment of silence, he wondered what someone like her was doing here, she seemed almost normal, but of course that couldn't be true, he himself knew perfectly well that what someone seems like on the outside doesn't always reflect what's on the inside. Perhaps she had her own problems, her own reasons for being here, much like him, though he had to wonder why she too wanted to stay away from where all the people were like he did. However despite his curiousity, he knew it to be impolite to just ask her out of the blue, maybe he'd do it later, if he were to know her better by then that is...
  13. Maddison

    Maddie heard the boy speak. She was actually quite pleased with herself. Letting a rather bright smile leak through, she thought to herself, 'Wow.. He actually replied!' And the fact that she actually started the conversation made her unusually proud of herself. Her smile faded almost as quick and sudden as it came. She tried to open her mouth to say something else, but she felt too nervous again. Looking down into her lap, she twirled the leaf around in her fingers, murmuring softly, 'it's nice to meet you too, Andre.' This was the first time in a very, VERY long time that she had actually interacted with someone her own age. It seemed as if he was also shy himself. Unintentionally staring once more, she was curious as why he was admitted to this hospital. She didn't really know many people--actually, she didn't know any people except for the nurses.


    Maddison turned a bright shade of red, clutching her stomach. She hadn't realized how hungry she felt until her stomach decided to roar louder than a lion. Getting up, she ran back inside, without saying a word. She felt bad, but she couldn't turn back down, it was too late.
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