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  1. RAINBOW Band Society.

    • Plot •
    A hospital full of teenagers who try their best to live life to the fullest, despite their conditions.

    • Rules •
    -Don't post on the RP unless accepted.
    -No fighting in the OOC, please. Take it to PM.
    -Give others the chance to post!
    -You can have as many characters as you'd like.
    -This is an 'anything-goes' RP! You can make up rooms and doctors and such!
    -Have fun!!!

    • Character Sheet •
    Bio [optional]:
    Illness: [You can be a nurse and/or a doctor as well so this would be blank.]

    ***This is the foundation of the character sheet. You are allowed to add more to it.

    • Characters •
    -Dylan Rose Bryant • 17 • Insomnia
    -Andre Hays ~ 16 ~ Adjustment Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Monophobia, Ochlophobia
    -Fionna von Schultz ~ 18 ~ Eating Disorder

    • Each Band Meaning •
    Red - Surgery
    Orange - Diagnosed
    Yellow - Had a close call
    Green - Been at the hospital a while
    Blue - Lost a loved one
    Indigo - More than one illness
    Purple - Experience
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  2. Dylan Rose Bryant (open)



    Character Name:Dylan Rose Bryant
    Name Meaning:Sea
    Alias:Dyl, Rose
    B-Day:February 22, 1997
    Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
    Place of Birth:Wales, Great Britian
    Current Residence:Emma Rose Hospital
    School/Grade:Thomas Henderson High School/Junior
    Family:Dad - Ethan Bryant


    Hair:Dark brown
    Eyes: Light brown
    Distinguishing Marks:Dimples when she smiles.
    Strengths:Very flexible and agile
    Weaknesses:Has no brute strength


    Allies:To be determined
    Enemies:To be determined
    Current Goal/Purpose:Live life to the fullest
    Aspirations:Become a writer
    Hobbies:Writing and singing
    Likes:Books, sweets, beanies, being alone, music, movies, TV shows, anime/manga, tea, sour candy
    Dislikes:Spicy food, sushi, soggy cereal, sudden loud noises, scary movies, animal abuse, abuse in general, being restricted
    Talents:Writing and archery
    Inabilities:Cooking, shooting games, knitting, sweeping
    General Personality:Outgoing, Reserved, Shy, Likes people, Likes to be alone, Quiet, Smile-y, Giddy, Cheerful, Mischievous, Honest, Curious, Kind-Hearted, Strong, Sarcastic
    Inner Personality:Sensitive, Broken, Hopeless, Silent, Sad, Insecure, Lonely, Frown-y
    Fondest Memory:Gaining all of the bands.
    Biggest Regret:Waiting until now to live life to the fullest
    Secret:Is pansexual.


    Special Items:A necklace with a butterfly on it.


    General History:Dylan always thought that she was weird for not being able to sleep at naptime like other kids. She thought she was a freak. Other kids called her a vampire and would stay far away from her. When she told her parents, they tried to get her to sleep before giving up and taking her to the hospital. She's been here ever since.

    Present Life:The hospital is basically Dylan's home and everyone there is her family. She goes to school in the hospital and causes havoc. The nurses and doctors have come to love her with all their heart. She's come to do the same. She's the 'Leader' of the Rainbow Band Society, being there the longest and having all of the bands.

    Special Historic Notes:Losing her Mom, Moving to America, Gaining her first band, Her first birthday at the hospital, Her first Christmas, Her first Thanksgiving, Her first Halloween, Her first Easter, Her first New Year's, Her first Valentine's, Her first boyfriend, Her first day at school at the hospital.


    Illness:Insomnia, Thanatophobia, bit of Anxiety
    Bands:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple
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  3. Reserved~ I'll post my sheet up later today
  4. Character Name: Fionna Von Shultz
    Name Meaning: Fair
    Alias: None
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Birthday: December 24
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Blood Type: AB-
    Place Of Birth: Staten Island, New York
    Current Residence: Emma Rose Hospital
    Occupation: None
    School/Grade: Senior
    Family: Brother named Thomas Von Shultz
    Gemstone: Tanzanite

    Height: 5' 11'
    Hair: Black and purple dyed in Crown Braid
    Eyes: Hazel
    Distinguishing Marks: Freckles, nose ring
    Strengths: Smart, good memory
    Weaknesses: Can't run fast, no brute strength, thin
    More: None

    Allies: None yet
    Enemies: None yet
    Current Goal/Purpose: To live
    Aspirations: To get out of the hospital so she can go on a trip around the world
    Hobbies: Art, and listening to heavy metal music such as Black Veil Brides
    Likes: Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, art, Manga
    Dislikes: Pink, malls, girly girls, cheerleaders, sports
    Talents: Playing electric guitar
    Inabilities: Running, sports, eating a lot, cooking, knitting, weaving, sweeping
    Fears: Dying, being buried alive
    General Personality: A bit rebellious, smart, rule breaking, competitive, lonely
    Inner Personality: Annoyed, quiet, curious
    Fondest Memory: Coming out to (now dead) parents about her being a lesbian
    Biggest Regret: Missing out on the chance to tell her friend about her sexuality before she was taken here
    More: None

    Special Items: Skull bracelet, laptop, and notebook

    General History: She was born in Staten Island, New York. She attended school there until she was 11 (in 6th grade). She wasn't eating much, and felt sick a lot. She found out she had an eating disorder (a really bad one) and she wouldn't eat for days. She was admitted here. Two years later, she found out her parents died in a car crash.
    Present Life: Fionna just stays around in her room, most of the time doing things that get her trouble like painting on the walls. Sometimes she draws. She doesn't go out of her room much since how thin and skinny she is (from not eating) her bone structure can not handle too much. She has been through a couple of surgeries to see if maybe the doctors could do anything about it. She normally eats about a serving of food worth a week (just so you can get an idea).
    Special Historic Notes: Losing her parents, having her brother see her a bit

    Bands: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
    Illness: Eating Disorder (not saying which one)
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  5. Accepted!

    Welcome to the Rainbow Band Society!
  6. [​IMG]
    Basic information:
    Name: Andre Hayes

    Nicknames/Alias's: N/A

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male


    Birthdate: September 14

    Zodiac sign: Virgo

    Sexuality: Straight (can be changed)

    General Personality: Distant, kind, quiet, timid, shy

    Inner Personality: Afraid, lonely, unsure of what his purpose is, angry (only sometimes), misses his childhood days

    Blood type: O

    Notable physical features: 7 relatively even spaced cuts on his left wrist (these were bandaged and stutched shut but will leave scars)

    Special Item: A picture of his childhood self

    Place of residence: Emma Rose Hospital

    School grade: Junior

    Allies: None right now

    Enemies: None right now

    Current Goal/Purpose: Didn't find one yet.

    Aspirations: Uncertain

    Hobbies: Not found yet

    Likes: Undiscovered

    Dislikes: Loud places, himself (only when depressed),

    Talents: Singing (if he can ever work up the courage)

    Inabilities: Talking loudly, too much physical work, socializing alot

    Fears: Being alone, being around big crowds

    Fondest Memory: His happier childhood days

    Biggest Regret: Having revealed his inner problems by accident

    History: As a child Andre was happily living his life with his parents, oblivious to the pain and wonders the world he entered had to offer... That was of course until school started, gradually over the years he became an outcast amongst his peers, too afraid to go out and try to make friends himself he just hung out on his own being a constant target for bullies. All the time he had to himself allowed for him to brood and eventually develop a sense of self loathing, a loss of hope, and eventually even a fear of crowds and ironically enough being alone. What eventually caused these problems to surface was a failed suicide attempt in which he was found by a teacher and brought over to the local ER, since he wasn't exactly in the best mental state having realized his attempt failed, he admitted enough about himself to be diagnosed with 4 seperate mental illnesses leading him to be sent to Emma Rose hospital to both recover from his self inflicted injuries and to recieve the neccesary treatments for his mental Illnesses.


    Illnesses: Adjustment disorder, Major deppressive disorder, Monophobia, Ochlophobia

    Bands: Yellow Orange Indigo

    Other: N/A
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  7. Accepted!

    Welcome to the Rainbow Band Society!

    I believe I will get the RP up tomorrow! :3
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  8. Yay! :3 I shall wait with lots of eagerness till then!
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  9. Tumblr.jpg
    Maddison Emerald Summers

    As long as it meets requirement, you can decide. Preferably 16?

    Horoscope :



    Shy, doesn't socialize much.
    She isn't much of an optimist.
    Being in the same situation for so long, you wouldn't be either.
    She is really bubbly, but the bubbles have stopped bubbling after she was admitted into the hospital.

    Bio [optional]:
    Raised by a single mother, she had never gotten as much attention, luxuries, and praise the other kids around her seemed to have.
    Her mother, always at work, or out trying to find another father, never paid much attention to her.
    Sure, the basic necessities were provided, but deep down, she barely knew anything about Maddie.

    Illness: [You can be a nurse and/or a doctor as well so this would be blank.]
    Social Anxiety
    SLIGHT separation anxiety


    Not really at the moment! :)
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  10. Accepted, your character made me so sad. :(

    Welcome to the Rainbow Band Society!

    No, not really. I'm the only one who has posted.
  11. Im so excited ~
    Are we going to directly start on this thread? <I dunno what to call it

    ( Slightly new and figuring out how to comment properly ;-;)
  12. There's a separate thread to roleplay in. You can post in it now, if you want. It's the post before your CS.
  13. I posted o.o sorry for the delay, I was kinda tired yesterday X.X
  14. I want to reserve a spot and which type of picture do you prefer: anime or real?
  15. Okie dokie and either is fine!
  16. Is anyone else replying? o.o
  17. untitled.png

    Name: Luce Erler

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: She is very slow and run down than a normal person due to her narcolepsy. It takes time for her to process things said and done. Luce is also mean on the outside because she doesn't want people to know how slow she really is. After a while, she will start being kinder to you but she still says cruel things out of habit.

    Bio: She was a regular kid. She had her friends, made As and Bs, and lived with her two parents and her younger sister. At age 15, her symptoms of narcolepsy started to kick in. At first it was an acute case but then she had to be hospitalized because it became so severe.

    Illness: Narcolepsy (Severe case with hallucinations, sleep paralysis, cataplexy and the common excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS.)

    Bands: Orange, Yellow, Green,

    Other: Not really
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  18. (If this is still open, I'd love to join !! I've caught a couple episodes of Red Band Society and love it and if this is a
    spin-off I'm both intrigued and excited !!)

    Lily Amiee Carson
    Miles Colin Jenkins



    +Humorous, Lovable, Persistent; -Impulsive at times, Sensitive, Sarcastic

    When Miles was 8, his mother was quickly fading from her Stage IV Lung Cancer. He was by her beside day in and day out, leaving her side for school only when his father forced him to go. After 4 months of stress and fighting, she passed. Miles blamed himself for not keeping her positive enough, not making his dad get the best doctors. He hated going to sleep because sleep meant his nightmares which usually consisted of his dying mom telling him it was his fault over and over until it was too much and Miles woke up, usually screaming or crying. Sometimes, it would be Miles's mother lying in her hospital bed, and beckoning Miles to her. He would approach, but as he did, she would only get farther and farther away, slipping away into the surrounding nothingness. At the age of 14, he could no longer participate in gym as well, which stunned his teachers and family because he was a VIP, a top player. They took him to the doctors to find out that he had Osteosarcoma. Over the months it got worse, and his father took him out of school, sending him to hospitals everywhere, afraid of losing his son as fast as he lost his wife. Miles was slim, pale and ghostly looking, bags under his eyes because his insomnia had come back and he could no longer sleep. He would tell his father he would try to sleep tonight, and instead sit by the window, counting the stars although he could never get very far without losing his place. When he turned 16 a couple weeks ago, Miles's father got him into this hospital, with the phrase 'you'll be okay, son.'

    Osteosarcoma and Insomnia


    Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo

    He's the new guy, but hey, he'll make it just fine, right?
  19. Both of you are accepted!
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