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  1. Plot:
    David was sitting in his comfy handmade chair next to the fireplace looking outside the window into the blue of rainy end of the day. He was listening to the rather quiet tunes of an old radio laying on the table next to him. Though the music and the sound of wood logs being consumed by the fire were the only sounds coming out of the cottage, David was focusing on the sound of the rain that was hitting the roof above him.
    It was calming, being in the forest and enjoying the warm and dimmed shivering light when outside was this mid-fall cold rainy weather. David had a hot steaming tea prepared next to the radio and a nice warm blanked wrapped around him.
    Suddenly out of nowhere a shadow of some person blocked the view behind the window for a second. David frowned when shortly after someone knocked on his door. *Who is it? What does he want? How did he get here? * ...

    # As you can guess you're the one that's behind the door. It's up to you who you are, what do you want or how did you disrupt/enjoy this calming feeling of the rainy autumn evening... Surprise me!
    If you are interested just PM me though note this few things first:

    * I am looking only for +18 because I am older too and I find it more comfortable.
    * You should be able to write at least 85% grammatically correct and at minimum of 2 paragraphs.
    * you should be able to forward the plot as much as I...
    * No werewolf/vampire/angel/demon any kind of twilight type s**t - I am not a little girl who's melting in an idea of sparkling wampire trying to rape me... And no fandom...
    * And at least one message /day should be minimum, though if you have something important to do just tell me :3 I can wait for a bit ;)

    Have a nice rainy evening from David :)
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  2. It was pouring outside and the weather was not getting any better. Naomi was driving from a horrible dinner date with her fiance. She had recently found out that he had been cheating on her their entire relationship. During the dinner, at a local French restaurant, their dinner had been interrupted by a brunette splashing water into her face.
    "What are you doing here with my husband!" the woman yelled as she charged towards Naomi. Avoiding the confrontation, she slowly picked up her clutch purse, Travis' keys and began walking towards the door without looking behind her. Naomi grabbed her black leather jacket and ran out the door to her fiances Audi. The screams of the unknown woamn and Travis were faint as she drove away quickly.

    Crying uncontrollably, Naomi had no idea where she was and the signs were blurry from the fogged windshield. She made a quick right turn and noticed that there weren't any signs or streetlights. Lost and afraid, she drove slowly through the darkened forest and kept her eyes open for anything. As she drove, she heard a loud pop on the car and it sounded as if the tire went out. She stopped the car and opened her door. The rain began to pour harder and louder as she exited the car. "Dammit.." she sighed as she noticed the left front tire was blown out. She reached for her cell and it was out of service. Afraid and cold, she locked the car and grabbed her things and began to walk to seek help.
    Crying and thinking over her ruined evening, she took of her black high heels and pulled her coat closer to her freezing ears. She walked through the trees barefoot and stared shivering. She noticed above her that there was smoke coming from nearby. She arrived in front of a dark cabin, drenched from the rain, and knocked on the door.. hoping someone could help. She looked at herself through the reflection of the window and saw that her long brown hair fell from their curls; her mascara was smeared, her tightly fitted little black dress was wet, and her overall appearance wasn't very attractive. She waited patiently and silently crying for the door to open.
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