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  1. It was a rainy night and everything was cold. Charles was walking outside with his back pack slung over his shoulder. He just got kicked out of his house by his father, going to that party wasn't worth it.

    He had been hitchhiking with his thumb stuck in the wet air. Jumping up and down with his combat boots pounding the ground. His trench coat was soaked and didn't do any good keeping him warm.

    A car pulled over finally. He walked over to the window to see who was driving.

    " Could you drive me to the nearest hotel?"
  2. Rose, a British teen in the US from the UK, gave him a lax smile and said, "Hop in. I'm Rose. What's your name?"
  3. "...Charles." He said. " Thanks for the lift." he rested his backpack on his lap.
  4. "Mm," Rose gave a curt nod and stared ahead. "What on earth were you doing in the rain? Trying to catch a cold?"
  5. " I'm fine, I've been out on the road a lot." He said.
    " Do you ,by any chance, know any motels I could stay at?"
  6. "Yes," Rose turned up the heat. "There's one by my flat complex, actually. Warm enough?"
  7. " Yeah, sounds great." He says smiling.
  8. "Good," Rose sighed, turning on her radio. "You Americans and your pop music. Couldn't live without it."

    ((Funny fact. Rose is my alter ego I use in nearly everything.))
  9. " What side of England did you come from?" He says pulling out a t-shirt from his backpack.
  10. "London," she sighed. "As does almost everyone else from England you are going to meet."
  11. " Cool." He said smiling weakly. " Why did you pick up a hitchhiker like me? You can't trust anybody around here."
  12. "I can read people," she said, not too interested. "And you seemed sad. I could've made your day."
  13. "You did." He said digging through his back pack. He pulled out a note.
    " I need you to take me to this place." Charles said showing a wrinkly piece of paper with a address.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.