Rain Watch (Mutant apocalypse)

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    "Years ago is when the first storm hit. I think 2018. The rain didn't cause any readings to go off, it wasn't like officially acid rain, but burned like it. People died that were caught in the showers. Those that didn't die, leave the country when it was evacuated, or had access to gas mask were transformed into horrific monsters. Almost all hair was lost to the victim, skin grew over their eyes, genital locations, and muscles were enhanced and strengthened. Fingernails and toenails grew into claws and though their eye sight was lost, other senses enhanced greatly. They grew canines lining their mouths, and had a taste for human flesh. Working in packs, they tore through any normal person, eating them alive.
    Through the following years, bombs were dropped, governments fell, and the mutations spread through storms that never dissipated.
    The US government combated the mutants coming North from South and Central America and classified them before we were over ran.

    Class 1 (Omega): A lone mutant, usually left behind from the herd due to being weaker or injured. Slimmer, usually twisted bodies, weakest mutant but still stronger than normal person.
    Class 2 (Beta): A standard mutant, normally operation underneath an Alpha or Leviathan in packs of 4-8.
    Class 3 (Alpha): Usually larger mutant, large muscles, extra wide jaw, and spots of long black hair.
    Class 4 (Leviathan): Resembles an Alpha, but spine, ribs, and other bones resemble spikes sticking through the skin. Usually leading packs of 4-8 or hordes of 10-25
    Class 5 (Devil): Doesn't resemble a mutant nor man, but something out of hell. No one living has caught sight of a Devil Class mutant, and lived to tell about it.

    Now its 2024, and its time to fight back these monsters. If you found this, and whiling to help bring civilization back, join Rain Watch. Our headquarters are in Tunnel-"

    The letter you found looks dusty and torn, but it seems to be recent sense it survived the rain falls that come every few weeks. The bottom of it is torn off, either by accident or on purpose is unknown to you, but the option is there. Other people means survival, and in the wastelands of what was once America, its hard surviving alone.


    If you have any questions let me know! I've been trying to get a roleplay like this to get off the ground for a while now, and hoping this plot might work!​
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