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  1. So, that's probably too cryptic of a title and I apologize for that.
    I came here because another site I am on was flash-closed, literally a day from the warning although we were supposed to be given week, so I just scrambled to where a friend pointed me to.
    I am 21 years old, have been role playing for a decade now, on and off. My native language isn't English, so there is and will be mistakes, but I think I write decently. My other hobbies include photography, writing in general, reading, history, languages and learning about other cultures. Also psychology.
    I am absolutely in love with this site's resume option that shows in profile and, of course, I've already filled it out. Well, except for post example, because I really am adaptable and write from 400 to 2000 words a post, depending on mood, what I've been given and the situation in role play.
    I still have a final left, so, I will not jump into role playing right away (and few older RPs I still have to reply to), but I am looking forward to spending time here. As written in my bio, depending on life and studies I can go from even multiple posts a day to like once a month... So, I hope to find patient people that will understand my silence, as I always give explanations, and I will give the same courtesy to them.
    Aside from that, I also love love animals and music. Favorite animals are cats and caracals in particular, hence the icon. I'm also awkward? I also watch selective shows that I fan pretty hard about.

    EDIT: Currently confused how characters can be posted here and if there's place to post them in thread or something...
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  2. Usually you'll post them in the ooc thread of the role-play you would like to join. Some people tend to make their own character threads as well. You may also post characters here, which I have seen mostly for storing characters to later use for one x one rps (Hence the categories on the side). Though, I'm sure you may store characters there for whatever reason you'd like.

    If you have any further questions then don't be afraid to head to the help desk. There are bound to be a few helpful people around. But welcome to Iwaku, and enjoy your stay!
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  3. Welcome to iwaku Cryptic :)

    If you want to publicly save your characters and/or use them in multiple roleplays then you can post a character in the character section (if you have a picture for it). To do that you click add media and choose the appropriate site category you want it to be put in. Add a picture by linking the URL or take it from your computer. Once the picture is done loading, you can write a title and a short description for your character. Once you have saved your character you can go to your character and add more information by clicking edit tags and fields. Don't write in all the info on the short description part. You must save your character first and go edit it before continuing writing in all the info.

    If you don't have a picture, or you think the character section is a bit too complicated, confusing or just not your thing, you can always use your blog.

    If you only make characters to be used in only one roleplay and don't feel that you need to save them somewhere except for in the roleplay that character is supposed to be in, all you have to do is post your character in the out of character thread of the roleplay you want that character to be in and then wait for the GMs approval. Don't post character sheets or out of character posts in the in character thread if you're interested in joining, always put it in the out of character thread.

    That's the rules for the group section. For the jump in section (which lies in the group section) character sheets are rarely necessary, and when a GM requires them you are allowed to put them in the in character thread. Out of character talk is still not allowed in there though and has to be taken to either messages or an out of character thread. Even if the GM asks you to post a character sheet, you won't have to wait for them to accept the sheet, because in the jump in section you are always allowed to just jump in and start playing in the roleplay.

    Also, people usually don't require character sheets in the one x one area, but everyone are usually willing to give one if you ask them.

    I hope this helps to figure out the site a little bit o_o
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  4. Thank you very much for the welcome and response ! I checked the storage place, but it only had space for pictures as far as I saw, and I have tendency for long bios so it left me confused.
    Same to you @redblood !
    I am one with deep love for character sheets, so, I will definitely be perusing forums, so, thank you for the in-depth information and welcome. :3
  5. And I expanded on what you said so they wouldn't make the same mistake all people does when trying to make a character in that dreadful character section :D

    No problems. Hope you get used to everything on here soon ^^

    Oh and a tip. The group section is reeeaaally buggy, so be prepared if you feel like using it o__o (We're waiting for an update on it to be finished, but it's taking time.)
  6. Oh, I am not into group RPs, so, that probably won't be a problem. Loving the tagging system on threads, that's quite inventive.
  7. I didn't mean the group RP section. We have groups that can be used for anything. (RPs, hobbies, chatting, fandoms etc.) They can be found right beside the Character tab. Everything that is on the normal forum, (group rp section, 1x1 rp section, chat section etc.) is totally fine and free from bugs... We hope.
  8. Ohhh, those! Thank you for letting me know. Somehow, they are never perfectly running in any site I'm on, haha. But maybe it's not so bad. :3
  9. I'm a little late to the party, but a warm welcome to Iwaku, Sadrain! If you ever need any other help around here(I see Red and Expllo have already helped with the media question), don't be afraid to give me(or the awesome staffies and/or other CVs) a holler! ^^
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  10. Thank you! :)
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