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  1. A girl sat in the seat of a train, holding a small pad in her lap; more than likely the small computers most teenagers held nowadays. She was typing on it, writing up on a little blog she had. It was common to do such things; everyone now seemed to have a blog, or at least those who had the ability to write with proper words and not illiterate messes.

    "Blog Post 2375; User Supersensory15: What's my town like, you ask? Time and place, yes? The time is the year of 3100; the place is Hamilton, Illinois. The old river city is now a high-tech and fully functioning city. After the world had understood how successful the bullet trains were in Japan as means of transportation, America began to use it too. Now it's the main transport for every citizen who can afford it. The fee isn't much, about how much it would have been for a bus. The magnetic rails have sufficiently reduced the pollution in the air, and the climate's been steadied much more than it once was. No one drives, so these trains are usually quite packed nowadays. Of course this far ahead of the inconveniences of such thing has inducted a high amount of technological advances also.

    Architecture is highly developed, The many skyscrapers nearly touching the sky, as if reaching for the heavens themselves. The people living in the top floors probably can't even tell what's a car and what's a person from that high up. Even the rails of trains move so high up, twisting around buildings as if they were originally a roller coaster.

    People are living longer due to the sophistication of modern medication and equipment, not to mention they have discovered a way to preserve a dying life, and move it into an even healthier body, now called a False Body. Of course that only works with dying conditions such as sickness and severe injury; one dying from natural old-age usually can't be hooked up with a False Body. Of course the practice of prolonging a life is usually frowned upon by people who are high in religious belief. There is a high amount of controversy around the procedure, and many refuse the treatment for fear of ridicule and prosecution by the many fanatics of the present society. Though if someone is hurt severe enough while in a false body, the treatment is the same as if it were a real body. Medical procedures to fix a wounded brain or bone; no new body. No more do-overs. If you can't survive in the body, you'll die in it. A False Body isn't really a huge step-up from the average human, but due to the fact it is run by technology also, some more intelligent people have developed the ability to hack into certain things, even connect to another False Body's system through their own. Yet another reason why most are so afraid of using a False Body, and no one is allowed a False Body unless they are dying and it is the only option left.

    But those are just small irrelevant details to the story at hand; the statistics are that in such a large city only 1 of every 50,800 citizens own a false body. The point is that due to these things, these advances in medical technology, no one dies of natural causes anymore, and now the world is so overpopulated.

    People fight for their space, people are killed by each other more than anything else. People have developed a sense of paranoia when walking the streets, looking over their shoulders to make sure there was no one wanting to help out with lowering the population. Even killers can't always be sent to the jails because they're always filled to the brim with convicts and the like. Murderers may get off with a warning, thieves sent to some detention center for a few days, no punishment being served to protect all of the citizens. It's nearly impossible these days. Those killers who are convicted, are sometimes just killed right away to avoid too much overcrowding. Once a couple years ago, there was an order sent out to kill every convict in the local Penitentiary. What's a better way to control the population than killing off those not allowed to live in society anyways? Thought there was much protest, the order was carried out, and the population decreased by a good 6,960 criminals.

    Needless to say, the government is mediocre. People are controlled as much as an a wild bird would be. The government is no match for all of the anarchist roaming the city. The only ones they can control too much are people who work for them. Doctors, people running the Jails, Policemen, officials like that. There is constantly a police vehicle chasing someone, or an ambulance hurrying to rescue someone caught by a man with a knife, or something like that. It's chaos if you look too far into it, though most people try to enjoy their freedom. They go about their jobs, still, but they don't have much of a care in the world. Some people who see the disorder in their city protest, and fight against the anarchists. No one really knows what side to take, though. Anarchists trying to keep the freedom they already have, or the government trying to restore order.

    I think that's enough or a back story to our little town now, don't you?"

    It took a moment, but there was soon a reply by the one who had asked the question. He was only curious, but the girl always felt the need to overdo everything she wrote, so she did.

    Reply by User Andieroyals5: Oh, woah, that's.. a bit more than I expected. You take a lot of writing classes or what? o.o;
    Reply to Andieroyals5 by Supersensory15: Hey, you asked, I answered. Lengthily.

    She sat her little computer in her lap, waiting for some response if she got any. Technology takes over everyone's life nowadays. But it can't be helped, she thought as she looked down the isle of the train. It wasn't as busy as usual today; there were only maybe 10 or so in this train car. Of course the next one over probably has more close to 25, she noticed, looking through the door. Why don't they just come over here? Sure you bought a ticket for a specific car, but what's the point of getting a high-class car if it's crowded, anyways? Whatever, she liked the space.
    She pushed her dark bangs from her face, as she did so her glasses slid slightly from her face. She caught them placing them back where they were supposed to be. Such troublesome glasses, she was a small-framed, even small-faced girl, the glasses were almost too big for her to be wearing. Large round things; hardly something attractive. But she didn't strive for men to be on her heels anytime soon, anyways. She wore what looked to be a school uniform, with a purple theme, along with an unmatching scarf around her neck, which was a fiery orange color. Her hair seemed to be tucked into the scarf, as if she had just wrapped it around her in a hurry. No doubt, the uniform was from Lavender High. One of the many schools, a public school, plenty of locals went there. it wasn't uncommon to see someone in their uniform at this time. Just after school, 3:45 was the time.

    (A.N: Hamilton, Illinois is a real city, currently it is an extremely small town. It's right next to a major dam in the Mississippi River, surprisingly enough it is not -really- a town of hillbillies and such. People are as civilized as you could be in a small town. I've lived there for several years, which is why I chose to use it, so I know somewhat how it would be set up. Sort of. That far into a future, it's best to just go for the imagination.)