Raigan's Failure. [Reboot.]

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  1. [My apologies for the bad starter, this is old and BS'd. Don't be afraid to jump in nonetheless.]

    Aales watched the dancing crowds and sweating musicians play through the dark night. The stars decided to shine tonight, but only a few were given the permission to shine clearly through the crackling torches and glowing star bottles. The cleric held a small bottle of fresh star dust, seeing it's glow already starting to dim in his gloved hands.
    "Are you alright? You know what they say, Sir Aales, a bottle of star dust only dims early when it's occupant is scowling~"

    He squeezed the bottle in his hand, nodding at the younger woman and then turning away from the other. He gave a small dismissive wave, the loud, high pitched sparks of acrobats soaring through the air with glimmering confetti following close. Weaving through the crowd, bumping the middle aged screaming women and the young males frantically trying to keep up with the dressed up dancers, Aales noticed a few other warriors here. So he wasn't the only one.

    It wasn't a surprise, Aales was on a mission. It was clear that this blowing event is a target to unleash a wild orc attack. The possibility was prominent, orcs practically leaked form the forest and huddled around this part of the district. It didn't help that they were residing against the wall's thinnest corner, the monsters could give the stone a small knock and all of Raigan's southern wall was sure to come tumbling down... Aales sighed in the mossy heat ans it was a humid summer night and found himself clenching the grip on mace. Silently denying a few tipsy dancers, he decided to calm his nerves at the large open bar. He braced himself, ready for the loud slurring of the partying crowd, ready to escape at even the smallest sight of vomit.

    Aales sat down rather slowly, feeling awfully uncomfortable. He was given the pleasure of sitting on a low wooden box. Sadly, being six feet and four inches, it wasn't the most pleasant thing to sit on a wobbly crate that sunk under his weight. Trying to shift too much, he was given a large bottle of alcohol even before he could turn his attention to the volunteer bartender. Most likely an inn keeper, and a lucky one at that; Any inn keeper was hungry to get a gig at a southern spot for it's generous pay. Aales could only cringe at the thought of tending to these babbling alcoholics, before taking a small sip of the sour drink. He smacked his lips in distaste before pushing the bottle away, resting his shield next to him and keeping his mace in his right hand. Commoner spirits were high on humility, but low on honesty, he could feel the grains of cheap sugar run over his tongue in a futile manner to sweeten the liquid. He was High Paladin of Saint Glidon's wealthiest courts, he didn't belong here. Hell, even the guards were having their own bit of fun. If there's one thing Aales cannot stand about Raigan, it was their lack of faith in blood shed, lack of self-discipline.
    He was neck deep into his bitter thoughts about this god-forsaken event and ended up tapping his gift in a bottle against his padded knee in a fast pace.
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  2. A young woman walked through the bar, not wanting to talk to anyone. She sat down at the seat next to Aales. She was in her early twenties, yet dressed like she was older. She had a tight corset on and a lacy skirt bottom. She had long raven hair that fell to the middle of her back and a side bang that swept across her face. Her lips were a dark ruby color and she had pale blue eyes.

    "One shot." She raised a hand. She had many rings on, each one different, and a set of bangles on her left hand. The bangles jingled when she moved her hand. "Thanks." She smiled and took the shot quickly, putting the glass down silently. She turned to the man beside her, giving him a look. He had a shield laying on the bar and what looked to be some sort of sword.

    "Warrior?" She questioned, pointing at the shield. "Or just another drunk guy who accidentally bought a sword? Or maybe you want to kill someone but you are actually too shy to do it?" She leaned closer, holding her head in her hands. He was interesting. "You gonna talk? Or leave me here to talk to myself?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow and leaning back against the chair.
  3. Aales was too gone in his thoughts, thinking of how things would be so different if the king actually payed attention to the more humble or poor sections of this damned region. He wouldn't be going through the pits and fires of 'let's party until we're horribly broke' Raigan in the first place. He placed his padded elbow on his tights covered thigh, resting his head of antique white hair onto his gloved palm. He held the bottle of stardust tightly now, ignoring the voice of a young woman joining him in his thoughts. Aales shooed the outside noise away again. Too many loud people in one loud place. Let this be over so I can return to more useful duties, instead of running behind a blind deer.

    "Warrior?" The same feminine voice from earlier invaded his thoughts, and this time, kept them out forcefully so he could respond to her. He hesitated at first, turning his head and gazing at her through pale strands. Warrior? Hell no, he was a Paladin. Did she live in a gutter? There was a total difference between warriors and clerics. Before he could even open his mouth to answer, she continued. "Or just another drunk guy who accidentally bought a sword? Or maybe you want to kill someone but you are actually too shy to do it?" Aales opened his mouth this time, ready to correct the woman who leaned closer and seemed almost star stuck with his very presence. Yes, he interacted with royalty and maybe she could tell by his royal aura, so he dismissed it the second time. Before he could let words leave his mouth although, she continued once more. "You gonna talk? Or leave me here to talk to myself?"

    Aales sighed the third time she cut him of, and had raised a finger to politely tell her that he was a cleric, and this 'sword' is a very powerful mace. Powerful than any of the forces in this feeble area. Watching her lean back in her chair, bangles a'banglin' and hair sweeping back more elegantly than her manners, he paused to make sure she wasn't going to keep blabbering. "First, this is not a sword, it is a mace. Second, I am not a warrior, obviously, I am a cleric. And third, I am not drunk and I don't need to kill anything just yet. I'm here because m'lord is suspicious that the security in Raigan is weak, therefore, if they need manpower, I'll be here since an orc attack can occur anytime tonight." Aales said, haste in his voice to make sure to get all the words in. His hand came to rest on his chest gently, a bit of pride in his tone. Of course he wasn't the only one sent here, but he was first! He was High Paladin, was he not? "I suggest getting your drink and leaving immediately. There's a possibility that there won't be an attack taking place at all, but you can never take chances."
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  4. (Bangles A'bangling? xD)

    Her eyes widened as he talked and for a second the smile on her face slipped off. "What?" She questioned and began laughing. "Boy, you sure have had a lot to drink." She giggled and waved at the bartender for another shot. She took that one quickly and slammed the drink down. "You really don't know how to talk to people, huh? I mean you can't just go blabbering about orc attacks and then not think people are going to question you."

    She looked at him and when his face red serious her smile slowly faded and she rolled her eyes. "I know you are a cleric, I just wanted to see what you would say. I am not stupid like you assume I am." She pulled out a small piece of paper, sliding it over to table to him. His name was scrawled out on it and she smiled. "I was sent here to meet you. To tell you of the plans. Shall we go somewhere quiet? Perhaps..." She looked around the bar and noticed a small office to the side, the door slightly ajar.

    "Over there perhaps?" She raised an eyebrow, not sure if he would follow her. She got up, laid some money on the table and went to the office, turning around and meeting his gaze. The office was small, she had used it many times before to explain situations. Her innocence disappeared and the real business woman she was was beginning to show. She sat down at the desk, a couch laid next to the desk. It was a large, black couch that looked quite comfortable besides the wear and tear over the years.
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