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  1. I've looked around this site several times, to get a glimpse of how things are as far as roleplaying. I still haven't gotten used to the tagging to explain what may or may not be in the thread lol. Hopefully I will have garnered interest in my first request thread so thank you for taking the time to read, respond maybe. Anything you need from me send a PM or catch me here.

    Without further delay...

    About me, Ragnar. Well this will not be my first time engaging in roleplays. I've been at it quite a while, growing in my writing, learning what works from what doesn’t. The Roleplay Resume tool sums up pretty much everything about me, take a look.


    I am looking for a partner, yes one for now, to pitch a Medieval idea with. A female character for preference. It matters not whether you the writer are male or female, if you have no issues writing as a female character please read on. I only ask for one partner because at the moment I want to focus on one thread without the risk of having too many going at once leaving my attention to fail on any of them. Another reason is outside the wonderful Iwaku, I have a demanding job during the latter part of the year so there will be days when I'm not here. It does not mean I won't be able to pull out replies, I just can't do the rapid fire ones but then again I believe some of the best replies are done slowly.

    I was only able to pick one selection from the Posting Expectations-Intermediate. Anything above it is great, I am not picky. Now with that said this doesn't mean you must write novel like responses BUT if you want to I'm all game to respond to such. I like reading detailed posts as much as writing my own thought out entries. The only thing I have a hard time writing to are one liners. If you feel you cannot write more than that talk to me, we can throw ideas at one another to help.

    I'm looking for a partner to help create a world for what thread we may do. We'll both have the responsibility to leading the story, build character relationships. This means while at some point I plot the direction of the story, you will as well.

    Anything mentioned below is open for change if it's not to your liking. My idea is Medieval though I don't mind adding in Fantasy elements.


    The Zusammentreffen, a gathering of fighters both male and female from across the Kingdom of Verborgen, not only is a contest to test one's strength but soul. King Martig Mikkelsen, kind and adored ruler, has used this contest to pick out his greatest warriors over the years. Those whom have aided him in battle. It is this year when you, his beloved daughter(her personality, background, etc is up to you to do as you will) has been allowed to be at his and your mother's side to view the brutal yet defining contest of Champions where only the strongest prevail. The calm day is like no other with cerulean skies overlooking the arena, where the Zusammentreffen takes place, fighters prepared to go against one another. One particular participant, seemingly not of Verborgen, is rather boisterous in his claims to defeat all other contestants. In what appears to be a drunk stupor, this unknown male goes as far as to insult the royal family, including you.

    Instead of having him thrown in the dungeon, the king decides to let him continue on believing the male will eventually become defeated.

    As the contest goes under way, quite suddenly and without warning, one guard near your family attacks your father. It would seem that with the cloud of the contest occurring, assassins were able to sneak in being among the guard and some participants. With chaos ensuing, the drunkard from earlier, rather than run away like a coward slices his way towards you, your mother, and injured father. Is he too a part of this dangerous web or something more?

    That is where I end it. Interested? Send me a message here or in a PM so we can brainstorm.

    Oh, here's a picture of my character the drunk. If I feel like it I'll make a profile for him.

    On a final note there will be violence, language, and possible sexual situations involved. Now for the latter, I prefer more plot than mindless mature scenes and if our characters do come along these lines of intimacy I would rather it not be a love at first sight thing leading directly to it. I like romance, reasons why two people fall in love so if you're looking for smut we're not going to work out in the writing department.
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  2. I would be interested.
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