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  1. Sutur has raised his sword, Baldar has perished Loki has escaped the snake and allied with the Frost giants. This is the death of the Gods. It is an unending cycle but perhaps this time warriors both mortal and new god shall change it. The apples of idun have spilt into the mortal realm offering immortality from age or disease, thus making mortal Gods. The runes no longer offer divination but instead offer protection or enhanced abilities to weapons or feats of strength. The gods can not be played but interacted with as Npc yes your character can become a god. Keep this as real (Norse based with the exceptions of the liberties taken) what will your place be at the end? Will you side with Loki and try to repeat the cycle, or will you fight as a mortal gain god hood and break the Ragnarok?

    Name pollakr
    weapon rune hammer can only be wielded by him made from uru metal and stone returns on command can be thrown with enough force to break a steel door warrior beserker
    his tribe was killed by evil elf scouts, yet discovering his ability to beserkgang he survived in the snowy lands of the north. Realizing it is the foretold Ragnarok he tries to find a way to aid the Gods against Loki

  2. Name: Beinan ("Guts" or "Brains") Ulfhund
    Age: 29
    Gender: male
    likes: Mead, feasting and family
    Personality: loyal to his clan of Ulfhund he is a fierce fighter. Though he is not one of the elder's sons he is treated with much respect.
    History: Abandoned by his true parents (assumed to be from another clan) he was found by the Ulfhund tribe. A woman named Ballisnaer raised him as her own despite the wishes of her husband.

    Over time he had to prove himself over and over again in combat, and the hunt for their people's ancestors. Being successful he eventually claimed acceptance into the tribe of Ulfhund and showed that he was as capable as any of them. When he came of age he traveled with his clan until another who disliked him framed him for killing the woman he loved. For this, he was given a choice to either be bannished or fed to the wolves. The former being more honourable. He chose to be banished and was sent away from his tribe in this way. Now he only wishes to prove himself to the gods, that he is not the murderer some claim him to be.

    Weapons: An axe with a razor's edge that can split nearly any shield. A wolf claw totem. And something that may be given to him later by the gods.